Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wargames Factory Numidian Light Infantry

Since I'm committed to building a Carthaginian army, I couldn't pass up getting a box of these off of ebay at less than retail (including shipping). There are 7 sprues each of the two below:
I plan to build about 12 javelin skirmishers with these parts. There's also 7 standards, so all of the units needing them should be able to have one. According to their site, you can build the following options:
Up to 14 archers
Up to 28 swordmen
Up to 28 javelinmen
Up to 28 slingers
So it looks like there are four different bodies (torso & legs), eight versions of heads, and various arm combinations. The shields appear (eye-balling) to be the same size and shape as OG Hoplite ones. This is great as I can use these if I ever get additional Hoplites from other manufacturers.


  1. You really get great options, plastics are becoming one of the best thing in wargaming.

  2. I think so; it definitely got me into Napoleonics (Victrix & Perry). I plan to use the "dip" on these Numidians - hopefully they will be done quickly; quite drab clothing, etc. Regards, Dean

  3. Outstanding!

    I'm looking forward to seeing these completed! I'm sure they'll be great!


  4. The Numidian box is probably the best thing WGF ever made. Take time learning how all of the arms fit - each army is at a different angle.

    The extra parts come in handy for building other types of units - here I mixed the Roman mail bodies with Numidian arms to make Veterans.

  5. Thanks for the tip CTF - also checked out your Cartho-Veterans; nice work. I'm actually building a similar unit - although I sort of cheated by using Imiation Legion guys - granted they probably shouldn't be armed with pila - but they came with the figures (1st Corps) and looked too nice to leave off. I still need to add a few more figures to the unit, so your idea may be used to fill the ranks. Regards, Dean

  6. Plastic is definately the thing...I just love these multi part - pose figs...I look forward to you completing these

  7. How is the detail on these? Stuff I've bought from them in the past as samples, were really shallow on detail, not very crisp, lacking in undercut.

    I also have a love/hate relationship with the way they do hands.

    As Paul said, plastic is what I look for nowadays. It needs to be plastic.

  8. PC:

    Looking at them on their sprues still; they look pretty well-detailed and posed. The bodies look very well posed; not flat-looking at all. The separate weapons look very good too; the feathers on the arrows are well-defined/detailed; the faces on the heads look as good as Perry or Victrix, IMO. More to follow for sure. Regards, Dean