Monday, July 31, 2017

Perry WotR Cannon Completed + Henry VI and Entourage Rebased

This cannon and crew are the last of an order I placed a month or so ago. They are liveried in Murrey and Blue to represent the House of York - particularly Richard III. This metal set was a freebie included in an order of 3 boxes of WotR Infantry.
The Battle of First St Albans didn't have any cannon, or handguns, as far as I know. They will be used in the Bosworth game.
In addition to the artillery, the previously painted Henry VI and entourage were rebased. The capture of these figures will be a major victory in the First St Albans game.
On the king's left is the Duke of Buckingham; Queen Margaret flanks the king's right. I should add that these figures were a prize from a giveaway contest Anne O'Leary held a fews years ago on her blog.
With the cannon and crew set all of the WotR figures have been painted.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Perry WotR Mounted Men at Arms - Completed

Here are the 12 mounted Men at Arms with standards for Richard III and Henry Tudor, as well as a generic royal banner.
These will be used in 6-figure units for Lion Rampant.
As with the previous Light Cavalrymen, the right arms are attached with magnets. This allows the arms to swing up or down - to fit in a shallow storage case. The Richard III figure, with the crowned sallet from the Foot Knights set, can be swapped with a different head wearing a plain sallet. He also has two different arms holding a warhammer, as well as one arm holding a lance. His standard bearer also has an arm with a sword.
The center front stand with the swapped out head and arms.
The figures were sprayed with silver and then given a black ink wash, followed by highlighting with silver. The tabards are painted in generic livery colors to be used for different factions.
Lances lowered.
Lances upright.
Plate barding for the horses were probably used only by a very few, but they looked too cool not to add onto about half of the horses.
Note the figures on the far right - the crowned Richard III head has been swapped out for a plain sallet, as well as his warhammer being replaced by a lance. The standard bearer's arm switched out with one holding a sword.
All the boxes of plastics are now completed. There is a metal artillery and crew remaining - this was another freebie with the Army deal. Thank you for visiting the blog and best wishes to all!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Perry WotR Light Cavalry - Completed

The box actually is titled, "Light Cavalry 1450-1500," but they'll be used in Wars of the Roses games - particularly Bosworth. A bit of highlighting was added to the riders after a Minwax stain and shot of Testors Dullcote.
Once again, the lighting is a little too bright and the colors a bit washed out.
As noted in the previous post, I went a bit over the top and added magnets to the right arms. Not that I plan on swapping the arms out for crossbow or longbow arms, but wanted to ensure the figures fit in low profile drawers for storage and transport.
Lances in the upright position.
The horses would've benefited from some highlighting too, but I was too lazy.
Lances lowered.
Lances swung upright.
Next up are the Mounted Men at Arms - the horses are already painted. The riders themselves will require a little bit more work than the Light Cavalry guy as their hands are separate from the arms - allowing them to hold hand weapons or lances. Thank you all very much for following this project!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Minwax Stain: Not Just for People (in miniature), Horses Like It Too

Just a little update on the Wars of the Roses Project. Here are 24 horses - 12 each for the Light Cavalry and Mounted Men-at-Arms. The horses were given a basic block paint job, followed by Minwax Tudor Satin stain brushed on. They'll be sprayed with Testors Dullcote once completely dried.
Except for some of neck/head options, the horses from both boxes are the same. As the bodies come in several different halves, varied poses can be achieved.
The horses block painted, before the staining.
These are the Light Cavalry figures. They've been a bit "over-engineered" with removable/poseable right arms using magnets (arrows). The arms with lances could be swapped out for crossbow or longbow arms.
So much for now. Thanks again for checking out the blog.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Perry WotR Yorkist Command on Foot

These are the freebies from the "Yorkist Battle" Army deal (3 boxes of WotR Infantry). Even though Edward IV was not at First St Albans, and had died two years before Bosworth, he'll be on the gaming table for both scenarios. "Golden" armor is too cool not to paint him up as such. The guy holding his standard is in generic Yorkist blue and red livery. The guy with the warhammer to his right (front rank) has his tabard painted up as Sir John Say.
The images are a bit washed out, as I'm still trying to get the lighting right.

Except for Edward, who was sprayed with gold, the rest were undercoated with silver spray paint as the previously painted plastic men-at-arms.
I added flowers and grass tufts to these bases as I felt they needed a bit more bling being "character" sculpts in metal.
Next up are the cavalry - a box each of Mounted Men at Arms and Light Cavalry. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Perry WotR Infantry and Foot Knights Completed

After a couple of false starts and setbacks, here are the core foot troops for Wars of the Roses games. Intending to use Lion Rampant as the set of rules, there are 10 Foot Yeomen units (12 figures each). These can be used as separate bow and spear units, or they can be combined in Mixed weapons units. There are also 6 units of Foot Men at Arms (6 figures each); one more unit of Foot Men at Arms will be added using the free metal command figures that came with the Army deal.
Note the banners on brass rods on either side of the front ranks - these can replace the ones held as the standard bearer hands have been drilled out.
The delays mentioned above included my failed attempt at adding Citadel Six livery badge "decals" - and the non-arrival of Dom's Decals (which he kindly refunded my payment for). Also, part of the delay was the basing and re-basing of the figures themselves. This was due to me using a handful of existing 40mm Litko bases I had and then what I thought were more 40mm bases which I had ordered. It was only after basing the figures (using acrylic caulking) and painting the bases that I found out the new bases were actually 1.5 inch bases. Ken apologized for the mix up and quickly sent out the correctly sized 40mm bases. As far as not using livery badges, I think this actually works out better, as the figures can be used for different retinues more easily. For instance, the blue and white livery was used by many families, both York and Lancaster. To identify units, the flags supplied with the kits can be switched out as the hands of the standard bearers were drilled out. The flags themselves are attached to brass rods.
Yorkist troops; the banners of Lord Fauconberg, Edward IV and the Earl of Warwick with Foot Men at Arms in the foreground.
These red liveried troops can be used for the Earl of Warwick (currently represented by the large standard), or the Earl of Oxford. For the First St Albans game they will be with Warwick; for the Bosworth game, they will switch to Oxford's.
Henry Beaufort's standard lead these troops for now, but for the St Albans game they will be Henry VI's soldiers, and for the Bosworth game they will belong to the Stanleys.
The white and green livery is mostly associated with Henry Tudor, who was not even born when the Battle of First St Albans was fought. However, these troops will be used for that game, as well as for Bosworth, of course.
The remaining figures for this project in my possession are the 6 metal command figures, a box each of Mounted Men at Arms and Light Cavalry, and a cannon and crew (also included as a freebie with the Army deal). The Light Cavalry and cannon will be used for the Bosworth game. In fact, I may even get a box of European Mercenaries for the Bosworth game too. Heck, I still have an almost full can of Minwax stain. Until my next post, best wishes to you all!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Perry WotR Foot Knights - WIP +1

The box of Perry "Foot Knights 1450-1500" as well as the 12 fully-armored WotR Infantry guys are painted; just need to add livery badge decals to the guys wearing jupons or tabards.
Edit: I just noticed I still need to paint the feather plumes on several of the figures. :)
These were, dare I say, a joy to paint. I find fully armored figures easiest to paint - I first discovered this when I painted up a Norman army (for WAB) with most of the guys in chainmail. Just black undercoat and dry-brushed silver and very little exposed skin and clothing.
Besides the 3-step armor painting process (described in the previous post) and the jupons/tabards, the only parts painted were the few exposed faces, wooden staffs of weapons, leather boots and straps, and the hilts and pommels of the swords. The faces, wood and leather parts were given a wash of Vallejo Flesh Wash mixed with some Sepia.

With the completion of these figures, the core units for this project are done. Next up are the six Yorkists Foot Command figures which were included free with the Yorkists Battle (3 boxes of Infantry). They'll be an additional unit of Foot Men at Arms - per Lion Rampant. Thank you for visiting and checking out the blog!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Perry WotR Foot Knights - WIP

The box is actually titled "Foot Knights 1450-1500" - but, for this project they are WotR Foot Knights. Still awaiting the arrival of the livery badge decals, figured might as well start on the foot knights/men-at-arms box, and the remaining fully armored guys from the infantry boxes. Here they are with the armor painted. They still need their faces, leather straps and wooden staffs painted, as well as the jupons on some of them.
The armor was painted using a simple 3-step process. First, sprayed the figures with Rust-Oleum Metallic Aluminum - I wanted something darker than silver, like gun metal, and this was the closest I could find at the local hardware store.
Next, they were given a wash of Vallejo Black Ink to bring out the details and black line the armor plates, etc. Finally, they were dry-brushed with Vallejo Silver (the first image posted).
The guys with jupons will be given basic livery colors and then badge decals will be added. Thanks for stopping by and checking out this project.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Perry WotR Infantry - WIP +3

Added some highlighting after spraying them with Testor's Dulcote. They're pretty much done, except for the addition of the livery badge decals. Anyway, these will be the core figures for a couple of games I hope to host at next year's big local convention, Enfilade! Granted it's still a year away, but I like to have stuff ready early and then veg out for a while prior to the con.
As these are production line painted figures, the highlighting is haphazard and not really following the folds of cloth and such. I just added a few strokes of highlight here and there.
This rear view shows how nicely the stain worked to pop the rivets on the brigandines. Oh, and it's probably apparent, but I didn't add peripheral items like swords, bucklers and quivers. Just down and dirty gaming figs.
Next up in the paint queue are the Foot Knights which I plan to spray with silver as the base coat. More to follow!