Wednesday, September 29, 2021

McFarlane Black Templar Space Marine - Abhor the Witch.

Sticking with the black armor with bluish-white highlighting like the earlier Order of Our Martyred Lady Sister of Battle, did up this Black Templar.

The edging does look a little too strong - and not the most realistic highlighting; probably should've lightened it up a bit.
The purity seal is another separate piece from ebay. It actually came as a freebie with a weapon order.
A fairly simple paint job, with the Maltese crosses on the pauldrons and helmet being the standouts.
This is likely the last Space Marine in this type of armor I'll paint up. However, I do have several pre-ordered figures in Phobos armor that are supposed to be released in December. I also ordered a couple of of Sisters of Battle Combat Patrol sets - couldn't pass up the discounted price on ebay and Amazon. Plan to paint them up in black armor too.
I'm running out of shelf space for these big figures, but they're kind of fun to paint up. Anyway, thanks again for stopping by and checking out the blog. Oh, and I am playtesting a Black Powder Austrian vs. Bavarian Napoleonic game my buddy James is hosting this Friday. Will post pictures when done. Until next time, best wishes to you all!

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Another McFarlane Sister of Battle - Order of the Sacred Rose

 Another McFarlane "action figure" that was given a detailing treatment, and a resin head.

The little stand that comes the figures is usually not needed for the bigger footed Space Marines, but the Sister figures are bit more dainty toed.
She may look like one, her name isn't Karen.
I saw blue used as shadowing for white on some GW 'eavy metal painted figures, so gave it a try.
I was initially going to paint this one up as an Argent Shroud Sister in silver, but thought the white was a nicer contrast to the silver edging and gold icons.
Well, thanks again for checking out the blog, and best wishes to you all.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

McFarlane Sister of Battle - Order of Our Martyred Lady

Here's another articulated McFarlane "action" figure; this time an Adepta Sororitas Sister of Battle. I added details over the basic pre-paint job.

Not very up on Sisters of Battle, but I think this one is belongs to the Order of Our Martyred Lady - which I ran twenty reds light in her honor. 
The figure comes apart for painting, but a little different than the Space Marine figures - which is no surprise as they aren't in power armor.
Added a 3D resin head I picked up from a separately ebay vendor.
Next to a 28mm Chaplain and the previously painted McFarlane Salamander.
Another size comparison with the two McFarlane figures. For the record, I pre-ordered their soon to be released Reiver Space Marine figures wearing Phobos armor. Yeah, I know I'm kind of making technical references way above my pay grade.

Anyway, just a quick update to blog to keep it moving along. Appreciate your stopping by and wishing you all the best in health and hobby pursuits!

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Citadel Warhammer 40K Imperial Sector

Managed to build three ruined building from the opened box of 40K Imperial Sector picked up at the recent Bring and Buy for $20.00. The box was missing a few sprues and didn't have instructions, so I used the box art to build these the best possible with the existing parts.
As with the great detailed sculpting on Citadel models, it was a fairly easy process of dry-brushing and washes.
Tried to keep the colors as muted and toned down as possible so these can be used for historical scenarios - like Bolt Action European stuff. Of course, the large skulls on one of them are going to have to be overlooked.
I used a method on YouTube posted by Sonic Sledgehammer Studio - a foundation of black and lighter coats of brown and gray. Here are the pieces prior to dry-brushing and washes. It's a quick down and dirty method to get terrain on the table in no time.
Thanks again for stopping by and wishing you all good health and happy gaming and painting.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Enfilade During The Second Wave

Making this post on Sunday while co-hosting the Imjin War naval game. Also co-hosted the Bolt Action Franco-Prussian War game on Saturday night night. I even played in an Arc of Fire Battle of Hue game and Lion Rampant game on Friday and Saturday. Busiest I've been at a convention in a long time. For the record, attendance was down by well over half the normal in previous years,  and masks were worn in the gaming hall per a recent statewide mandate for indoor gatherings. I think there were about 140 attendees this year; down from about 400 at our last convention in 2019. The bring and buy was actually pretty big, and I picked up a few unnecessary things. I've tried to caption the images of games below from what I think they are from the posted game schedule; wasn't sure of some. In fact, some may not be on the schedule - as there were many free tables and folks were encouraged to set up games on the fly.
The Imjin War naval game using "At The Height Of Battle" rules which I co-hosted. The Japanese ended up winning by destroying over half of one of the Korean's squadrons. There was a lot of shooting and boarding actions.
Early in the game with initial movements of squadrons.
Peloponnesian Rampant - great looking game with marvelous figures and triremes (1/72nd Zvezda models with modifications).
AQMF - War of World Armageddon.
Bug Hunt - not sure of the rules.
Peloponnesian Rampant prior to start of the game.
Saga - Viking Raid. The convention theme was raids.
Gnome Wars - again, not sure of the rules.

Sunday morning - during the annual meeting with NHMGS President Kevin Smyth at the podium. It wasn't all bad news! :)

Phalanx vs. Legion -  not sure of the rules.
Bolt Action - Franco Prussian War by your humble correspondent.
SYW - home brew rules by Wes Rogers.
Note - a lot of the games on the printed sheet were either cancelled or filled in with others. My fingers are pointing to the two games I hosted/co-hosted.

AK-47 Republic - Relief Mission to Central Africa.

Rebels and Patriots - Retreat from Concord

Lion Rampant - Crusader State Rules. I played in this game and ran an Arab-Mongol retinue.
Some of the Mongol troops from the Lion Rampant game. Fireforge figures, I think.
The start of the Lion Rampant game.

Cruel Seas: 1944 Baltic Sea

Black Seas: Fleet Action
WWIII Tank Battle
Space 1889: Sky Galleons of Mars
SYW game with homebrew rules.
Some of Wes Rogers' beautiful SYW figures - Front Rank?
SYW game.

Thrilla in Manila - a WW2 Pacific Theater game using homebrew rules by Bruce Meyer of Company B.
Phalanx vs. Legion: Magnesia
All Hell's Breaking Loose - Western themed game by Ron Palma. One of his games (might be this one) won Best of Show.
Battle of Hue game using Arc of Fire. I played in this game and ran a few NVA units. We ended up winning the game over the USMC troops - I think due to some of the USMC players being overly cautious; particularly with their M48 tank.
I think this might be Retreat from New York - a Rebels and Patriots game - although I could be mistaken.
Relief of an Afghan Fort - I think using Men Who Would Be Kings.
The normally packed main hall on Friday afternoon - the first period of the convention. Note everyone masked up unless eating or drink.
The registration desk and Bring and Buy on Friday afternoon. Folks were bringing loads and loads of stuff for the Bring and Buy.
A few toys I picked up at the Bring and Buy. Not really into 40K or WHFB, but couldn't pass up the prices.
The few books I picked up the first day - none over $5 each; in fact, the Ospreys were $1 each; and the Bolt Action 2nd Ed was $5! One man's trash...
I had to take a picture of this - guess the hotel staff have to keep their sense of humor. 
Battle of Valverde.
War of the World Armageddon
Battle of TincheBray 1106.
Rebels and Patriots: Cornered Highlander
Chris Craft's Rebels and Patriots game.
Another shot of Chris Craft's Rebels and Patriots game. Chris is great painter, but said these Front Rank figures were painted for him by someone in Scotland. He said he orders the figures to be delivered to the painter there and once done they're shipped to him here in Washington State.

At the annual meeting this morning we discussed the possibility of moving next year's Enfilade either back to the usual Memorial Day weekend or again during Labor Day weekend. The voting for the date was pretty much split - mainly based on the unpredictability of the future state of affairs. Sound like the board of directors are in for more tough decisions. Until next time, wishing you all the best in health and gaming!