Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mycenaean/Trojan Army - WAB 2nd Ed. Rebasing

This is the first, and maybe the only existing WAB army that I will rebase per the new 2nd Ed. rules. Specifically, the new three ranks for max bonuses, versus the usual four ranks previously under WAB 1.5.

When this Mycenaean (and/or Trojan) army was first started several years ago, the Tereta spearmen were originally based in three ranks. Then, as now, I think they look better in three ranks. So, this change will only necessitate me getting new movement trays from them. Since they all are on Litko magnetic-bottom bases, I need to have the trays lined with either sheet metal, or steel paper. I'm still undecided to go with either Litko or RenInk. Both, good sources for what is needed.

For the Tereta with thrusting spears and large shields, I had to drop one integral archer - the unit was previously at 28 figures; now they are down to 27 - three ranks of 9. The ratio for integral archers is 1:3 spearmen. So, to be true to the rules, they now have 6 archers - even though the actual calculation is closer to 7 (6.75). They'll get more good skirmisher missile support in battle. The standards and musicians were moved to the second rank - not in the new rules, just for aesthetics.

Here is the unit of spearmen who've exchanged large shields and thrusting spears for light armor, shield and javelins. I'm thinking of modifying this to allow them to have throwing spears instead of the javelins for more balance against the other Tereta; maybe not, we'll see how it goes in playtests.
These are Cretans led by Idomeneus and Meriones, or they could alternatively be Lykians led by Sarpedon and Glaukos. These are listed as allies with light armor, shield, javelin and swords.
The last unit can be either Myrmidons led by the great(est) warrior Achilles and Patrokles, or a unit of Trojan allies such as Dardanians led by the equally famous Aeneas. This might be a good choice as both Achilles and Aeneas had a goddess as their mother. I think Achilles was the more spoiled though.
Incidentally, all of these units are subject to Warband psychology rules 1 & 2. More to follow.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Battle of Ichi no Tani - 9/18/10 - Better Photos

As usual my buddy, Adrian, took far better pictures than I could. I've lifted them off of the Puyallup (War)gamers Yahoo Group and captioned them a bit.

The game was held yesterday at a first-ever game day at Fort Steilacoom. Several of our gaming buddies are part of the historical preservation society there and were kind enough to set it up. The building we played in was once the quarters for the commanding officer of the fort. This is the outside of building we played in:
Here's the commemorative plaque:
This is a shot taken from inside one of the rooms we were playing in - the view is looking towards Western State Hospital in the background - which shares the grounds with the fort. The smaller building in the foreground is Quarters Number 1.
Here's a shot of the main room were playing in. The wall in the back is the original hand-made brick used to construct these buildings.
Okay, on with more photos of the Ichi no Tani game. Hope you like them:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Battle of Ichi no Tani - "Fix Bayonets!" Game Day 9/18/10

Played two, yes two, back-to-back games using the Ichi no Tani scenario today at Fort Steilacoom. This was a one-day gaming event that some of the Fort's historical society members hosted. They are avid gamers as well. It was held in Quarters Number 2 which housed the Fort's commander back in the mid-1800's.

The games went very well and only a couple of minor tweaks were added. Thanks mainly to our buddy Bruce D. who chose to do some heroic, if out of the normal box, tactics. In the first game he chose to stay inside the camp and locked in combat with Minamoto attackers. No attempt to flee to the ships was made and this first game ended rather quickly after most of the Taira were killed off inside the camp.

We all decided to play another round; this time tweaking the victory points a bit to give the Taira more of an incentive to flee out to sea, rather than stay put in their camp and be overwhelmed. The players, all regular gaming buddies, switched sides for the second game. Mark and Joe W. became the defenders and Bruce D. and Ted H. were now the Minamoto in attack mode.

Here are some photos - mostly from the second game.
As may be evident in the last several photos, the defenders wisely chose to head for their boats to put out to sea. However, the Minamoto, through aggressive tactics and lucky dice rolls, ended up commandeering two of the Taira boats before the Taira could reach them. The Minamoto used these boats to attack the larger Taira ship. The game ended with the Minamoto closely beating the Taira in victory points. The Taira managed to kill off most of the mounted Minamoto samurai, as well as their allied Sohei.

I was remiss to take photos of all of the other games going on during the first and second period. I only managed to snap a couple in the first period - Wes' and Dale's. In the second period, I played a WW2 skirmish game based on Ste Mere Eglise. This was hosted by two of the historical society members  - Damond C. and Lawrence B. I played some US paratroopers and managed to hold onto the church - which was my objective.
All in all it was a nice time spent with fellow gamers and in a nice setting. We hope to do this annually. We actually tried to get Lawrence to have night time game there and maybe a ghost walk. He had told us, after some prodding, that the place is haunted and had experienced some stuff there before. I believe him.

Photos of other games which were taken by my buddy Adrian (stolen off of the Puyallup (War)gamer's Yahoo Group:
There were several other games going on, and if photos appear of those, I'll try to post them here too.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Assault Group Followers w/Bow - Painted

The T.A.G. "Followers" with bow are painted; still need to flock the bases, but they're ready for next Saturday's game. It's been some time since I've painted Samurai, but these guys weren't too bad. No helmets or sode (shoulder armor) to paint. Plus the sculpting by Seth Nash is very good; a light dry-brush picked up most of the armor lacing. Besides not painting the eyes, I also only gave the lacing behind the shin guards a wash. As Chugen (or Followers), their bows only have minimal bindings - as the more binding was a sign of higher rank.
For the game scenario, these guys will start off manning the walls (on platforms) in the Taira camp. If they come off the platforms, they will need to form up with the nearest Taira unit. Also, as they will be facing out towards the sea at the start of the game, if they chose to fire at the Minamoto cavalry that enters the camp in the back, they will need to count a move to turn around and face inwards of the camp. This is significant because although they have the same range as Samurai with bows (24" max) - at 12"-24" they suffer a -1 to hit - and they hit at long on 6. Which means they aren't good enough to move and fire at long range targets.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Battle of Ichi no Tani - Playtest

Finally got a playtest in using some home-brew fast-play rules. My buddy Adrian & I refined the rules a bit, but agree it should be a great set for this scenario next week at a one-day gaming event at historic Fort Steilacoom. Our gaming buddy is a board member of the historical society there and this is the first year he's hosting a game-day.

Anyway, here are some photos from the playtest; please forgive the unpainted/primed Chugen bowmen who just arrived yesterday in the mail. I'm working on them right now.
The game went really smoothly, and we think the tweaks we came up with will make it even better. One of the tweaks is adding another wound save to the heroes/characters - only two per side anyway. I will post a copy of the rules (one-page) as soon as I revise them.