Sunday, September 19, 2010

Battle of Ichi no Tani - 9/18/10 - Better Photos

As usual my buddy, Adrian, took far better pictures than I could. I've lifted them off of the Puyallup (War)gamers Yahoo Group and captioned them a bit.

The game was held yesterday at a first-ever game day at Fort Steilacoom. Several of our gaming buddies are part of the historical preservation society there and were kind enough to set it up. The building we played in was once the quarters for the commanding officer of the fort. This is the outside of building we played in:
Here's the commemorative plaque:
This is a shot taken from inside one of the rooms we were playing in - the view is looking towards Western State Hospital in the background - which shares the grounds with the fort. The smaller building in the foreground is Quarters Number 1.
Here's a shot of the main room were playing in. The wall in the back is the original hand-made brick used to construct these buildings.
Okay, on with more photos of the Ichi no Tani game. Hope you like them:


  1. Now I'm hoping my pictures come out half as good as yours and Adrian's!


  2. Great photos, and a great looking game, as usual Dean!!


  3. What a great effort to get this game up and running so quickly - impressive!

  4. Thanks again everyone for your continued interest.

    I have to say that until this scenario - which is basically 1:1 skirmish, I had trouble getting these figures on the table. They were used a couple of times in WAB games (in anticipation of the now dead-in-the-water Divine Wind supplement). However, they didn't translate well to larger-scale armies; like the later Sengoku type of armies. This period is more heroic style combat; So, I was very happy with the results.

    This concept has inspired me to develop a similar (in size) game using my Trojan War figures. I have the old WI issues with the modified WAB rules.

    Regards, Dean

  5. Just amazing!

    Could you tell me were do you found information about samurai hips?

    Nos vemos!

  6. Hetairoi:

    I knew what you meant ;) - Besides a few images on the internet, I used the Osprey "Fighting Ships of the Far East (2)" for reference. There are a lot of nice images on the internet if you search for sea battles like Dan no Ura. Hope you find it useful. Thanks again, Dean

  7. I've really enjoyed this battle, thank you for this excellent game.



  8. Helen:

    I am happy to hear you enjoyed the AAR; it was a fun game to run and see played out by different players. Regards, Dean

  9. It's been a great step by step report. Very interesting to see all the different products you used to bring it all together.