Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mycenaean/Trojan Army - WAB 2nd Ed. Rebasing

This is the first, and maybe the only existing WAB army that I will rebase per the new 2nd Ed. rules. Specifically, the new three ranks for max bonuses, versus the usual four ranks previously under WAB 1.5.

When this Mycenaean (and/or Trojan) army was first started several years ago, the Tereta spearmen were originally based in three ranks. Then, as now, I think they look better in three ranks. So, this change will only necessitate me getting new movement trays from them. Since they all are on Litko magnetic-bottom bases, I need to have the trays lined with either sheet metal, or steel paper. I'm still undecided to go with either Litko or RenInk. Both, good sources for what is needed.

For the Tereta with thrusting spears and large shields, I had to drop one integral archer - the unit was previously at 28 figures; now they are down to 27 - three ranks of 9. The ratio for integral archers is 1:3 spearmen. So, to be true to the rules, they now have 6 archers - even though the actual calculation is closer to 7 (6.75). They'll get more good skirmisher missile support in battle. The standards and musicians were moved to the second rank - not in the new rules, just for aesthetics.

Here is the unit of spearmen who've exchanged large shields and thrusting spears for light armor, shield and javelins. I'm thinking of modifying this to allow them to have throwing spears instead of the javelins for more balance against the other Tereta; maybe not, we'll see how it goes in playtests.
These are Cretans led by Idomeneus and Meriones, or they could alternatively be Lykians led by Sarpedon and Glaukos. These are listed as allies with light armor, shield, javelin and swords.
The last unit can be either Myrmidons led by the great(est) warrior Achilles and Patrokles, or a unit of Trojan allies such as Dardanians led by the equally famous Aeneas. This might be a good choice as both Achilles and Aeneas had a goddess as their mother. I think Achilles was the more spoiled though.
Incidentally, all of these units are subject to Warband psychology rules 1 & 2. More to follow.


  1. Great looking figures, will the chariots follow soon?

  2. Thank you Gentlemen.


    The chariots have also been done previously. These infantry guys were based before too - but in four ranks. I should take another picture of those chariots too and post it. Regards, Dean

  3. Nice work!

    Trojans seem quite popular as of late and I'm no exception as I just completed an army of them myself this year.


  4. These guys are actually the first WAB army I worked on - several years old. They are being rebased per WAB 2nd Ed. though. Just ordered some Litko stuff movement trays. Kind of expensive, but since I have them based on Litko magnetic bottomed bases, it was easier to just order from Ken again with flex steel inserts in the trays. Soon these will be in battle (against each other), along with chariots. Dean