Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Old Glory Order

Well, at least for this membership - ending in July. Here's what I received in the mail today (all 25/28mm):

OG Viking ship & crew.

OG 12th C. Infantry (from the Mongols in Europe range).

OG Teutonic Knights Command (mounted)

OG HYW Crecy/Poitiers English Personalities (very, very nice!)

OG Japanese Infantry (from the Boxer Rising range).

OG Japanese Cavalry (from the Boxer Rising range).

OG Japanese Artillery Crew (from the Boxer Rising range).

OG Mounted Turcopoles (First Crusades range).

OG 75mm Creusot Gun (Boer range).

Crusader Late Thracians w/Javelins & Spears.

Crusader Murmillo Gladiators.

Crusader Armored Norman Bowmen.

And I still have Victrix French, OG & 1st Corps Hoplites, Crusader Thracians, Great War Miniatures & OG WWI Germans, as well as various terrain projects still sitting in my cabinet! I should be very busy for the rest of the year - if not beyond.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Victrix French Line Infantry

I decided to work on the box of Victrix French Infantry. I thought it might be therapeutic - the gluing together of the parts, and all. They seemed to go together faster than the British set I worked on a few months before. Or, maybe it's that I now know what to expect.

I opted for using the bearskins for the grenadiers & the longer plumed shakos for the voltigeurs. As most know, Victrix sets have enough spare/extra heads & arms for swap outs.

From the several posts of completed figures by other folks, I had thought there would be a lot of marching poses - that is, arms for marching poses. As it turned out I had to purposefully remember to add a few marching poses to ensure I had a bit of variety. There are enough parts to make most of them in firing and advancing poses - which is what I wanted & why I chose Victrix for my Napoleonics. If I wanted purely marching poses, I would've just ordered Old Glory figures - they look nice enough on the website.

A couple of the figures were modified a little using a hot knife to alter leg & arms poses - just a couple of the officers. I used my Dremel to sand down the bases a bit - for a lower appearance on the 20mm (approx.) round washers.

Anyway, I next will give them a quick clean-up wash & add some caulking to blend in the bases. After that, an undercoat of while; and then on to painting. Not sure when I'll actually get around to that - as my mom will be visiting with us for a few weeks soon. Until then, Vive le Empereur!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

15th C. Knights

Finally picked up a brush yesterday after over a month & finished my six remaining Old Glory WotR dismounted knights. I used known 15th C. arms for the tabards. A couple from period illustrations & the rest from known historical folk. In the photo below, left to right: Anonymous from period illus.; German knight; anonymous from period illus.; Lord Gruthnyse; Sir Thomas Montgomery; & Sir John Say.
And just to show that I also attempted the arms on the backs of the tabards.
Please don't judge me too harshly - these are for wargaming.

I hope to use these guys in some Siege & Conquest scenarios. I now have to decide what my next project will be from the following list (in no particular order):

- Victix Napoleonic French
- OG WWI German Trench Fighters, OG A7V tank, & Great War Minis Jaegers
- OG & 1st Corps Greek Hoplites, & 1st Corps Oxybeles
- Crusader Thracian Javelinmen
- Sash & Saber Napoleonic 12-pounders
- Town ruins (including a large one-piece terrain I picked up at Enfilade on the cheap)
- VFM WW2 Waffen SS
- Redoubt Trojan War chariot riders
- Battle Honors Feudal Knights (only four)

Additionally, I need to place a largish final order to OG before my membership expires next month.