Saturday, March 29, 2014

DBA Game Day at The Flying Heritage Collection in Everett, WA

Just got back from a great game day up in Everett, WA at the Flying Heritage Collection. Which as the name implies means it is more than a museum - as all of the planes and tanks at their museum can actually be flown and driven. Okay, maybe the V2 Rocket and buzz bombs don't, but there's probably a very good reason for this. In fact, the M4 Sherman will be taken out and driven this coming Memorial Day. Well, enough about the collection for now, and on with the game day which was hosted by Paul Hannah. He provided 6 paired DBA armies - all based on historical scenarios and all with great looking troops and terrain. We also have to thank Kevin Smyth, former NHMGS President, with arranging this venue.
The venue - under the shadow of a V-2 Rocket - about as cool as under the SR-71 at the Museum of Flight (photo courtesy of Rod Fleck).

Paul announcing the top three winners - prize support came from the Collection - a very hospitable and generous host to be sure.
As the tournament set up had players start their first two games on the same board - switching sides after the first game - I ended up playing against Pat L. on the Siege of Rhodes table. I first played the defending Rhodians, which I ended up winning. Pat had a probably as much to do with the win as I did - schooling me as we played along. After switching sides for the next game, I somehow won it for Demetrius.
I didn't fare as well in the next, and final two, games for the Battle of Marathon scenario. Still I had a wonderful time and learned a lot more about the different kinds of troop types. I'm also thinking of incorporating some of the rules into my Imjin War game - particularly the combat resolution.

As I mentioned, the collection includes a fair amount of impressively restored tanks - all of which are taken out and driven from time to time.
And aircraft which are flown occasionally too.
These probably could be flown, but probably best left just for display.
Finally, borrowing my buddy Rod's hat, I tried to reenact the Gran Sasso Raid.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Yamato Fortress: DBA Army Camp

Here it is with the two remaining Khurasan figures that were ordered for the Pre-Samurai (Yamato) DBA army. The white primered "wood" took a wash/stain of Vallejo inks very well; not requiring any further painting.
The shields are from the range by Khurasan and very nicely detailed.
The rear of the piece with what are stand-ins for psiloi. Yes, they have body armor and carry shields, but think of them as elite light infantry.
The sides of the battlement are filled earthenwork.
The completed army with mandatory army camp. Not bad considering they have a total footprint of a cigar box.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to Build a Yamato (Pre-Samurai) Fortress Gate

Used some left over plasticard to construct the "mandatory" camp for my Pre-Samurai DBA army. It is based upon a reconstruction of the Western Gate of Ki Castle.
Here is what the reconstructed fortress looks like. Note the distinctive Yamato style shields lining the upper portion of the gate house. I'm leaving off the roof so an element base can occupy the top platform.
Here are the main components for the fortress. The plasticard was scored with an engraving pen to simulate the wood grain as well as the separate planking. I placed measurements on the base prior to construction - thinking I'd use them. As it turned out the construction was on the fly and mostly eye-balled.
The structure with the upper platform off. It fits onto an 100mm X 60mm bases - which conforms to the 2.2 version of rules that camps must be sized to "fit into a rectangle the length plus width of which totals no more than 4 element base widths."

Friday, March 21, 2014

Choson Korean Multi-Barrelled Cannon

Wanting to add another artillery piece for the besieged Koreans at Haengju, I ended up using this RAFM Miniatures Organ Gun. Although the model is based upon a 15th Century European gun, it should be plausible enough for a 16th Century Choson Korean one.
The figures crewing the gun are Perrys previously painted. In the background are two more barricade stake works I also worked on. Having committed to hosting the Imjin War game at the local convention, Enfilade!, in May the terrain might as well be decent.
This RAFM model was chosen as the Grendel Dwarf Cannon which I wanted to use looked way too big. I received the Grendel model on Tuesday and ordered the RAFM on Wednesday off of ebay. Amazingly it arrived today, and was a quick project.
Here's a multi-barreled cannon from the Choson period in the War Memorial Museum in Seoul, South Korea.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Choson Korean Bell Shrine

Picked up this aquarium piece today from Petco for under $20. Repainted sections of the rafters as well as the roof to make it look more Korean. The Korean temples have really gaudy colors - aqua blues and oranges. It sizes up really well for 28mm - some Perry figures next to it for comparison.
As I've signed up to host a couple of games using the Siege of Haengju scenario at the local convention in May, I figured I might as well make the terrain look good.

It appears this resin model may be based upon Kiyomizu Shrine in Japan - below:
Korean temples and shrines usually have roofing on all four sides - as opposed to only two on most Japanese structures. But as my wife admonished me when I bewailed this fact, "It's close enough."

Here's a close up of typical painting on Korean temples and shrines.
Speaking of the Siege of Haengju game, I just ordered a Grendal Miniatures Dwarf Cannon - the one sculpted like a dragon - to support the Korean defenders.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Thracians (Crusader Minis) Based

So here is the command group recently painted along with javelin men painted several years ago - based on Litko 40mm squares.
They should survive a lot better in Hail Caesar than they did in WAB. To be fair there were only 8 of them, and in most of the games they went up against larger sized units of Velites.
Some of the shields (pelta) have LBMS transfers.
This is one of the last units of Ancients and Medievals, as well as Napoleonics, that were mounted as singles. I may move on to some Russo-Japanese War figures currently on washers, as I intend to use them with Black Powder. Although, they could still be used multi-based in a modified version of Bolt Action too. Lots of gaming talk from someone who hasn't really played a game in a long time.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thracian Command (Crusader Minis)

These will lead eight previously painted javelin men.
I really like the Ancients and Dark Ages ranges by Crusader Miniatures. One of my first WAB armies was built almost entirely from their Norman range - when I had an Old Glory Army membership and they carried Crusader figures. Anyway, the tunics and cloaks were painted in muted colors with  geometric patterns associated with Thracians.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thracian Command (Crusader Minis) - WIP +1

I used a hair dryer to speed up the Minwax drying time, and sprayed them with Testors Dullcote. Gave them a little bit of washes and highlighting to soften the Minwax stain.
Still need to add the geometric patterns to their clothing and shields.

Thracian Command (Crusader Minis) - WIP

Anxiously waiting for the Minwax stain to cure and dry completely. Waiting for the stain to dry is the longest part of the process. Once dried, the figures will be sprayed with Testors Dullcote. A bit a highlighting will be then be added, and finally the geometric patterns associated with Thracians will be painted on the garments and shields. The rhomphaias for the musician and helmeted leader are former naginata blades - the musician's a T.A.G. and the other one from Dixon - both left overs from a Samurai project.
The can of Minwax Tudor Satin stain is a few years old, and just about dried out save an ounce or so under a hardened film. I have to use some thinner to get it to flow properly, but determined to use it all up.
The figures blocked painted prior to the stain.
Once completed, this command will be based along with a group of javelinmen currently on washers.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Just Another Re-Basing Project - Missile Troops

Just tidying up some missile troops - all painted many moons ago, and formerly based on metal washers. Round plastic bases were used for the archers, and Litko 40mm squares for the handgunners. The archers are Crusader Normans, Warlord Games Romans, Curteys Medievals and Old Glory Cretans. The handgunners are also Old Glory - from their Hussite ranges.
They just seem more manageable now; for transporting, storage and gaming.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Yamato (Pre-Samurai) DBA Army

Well here is the army arrayed - less an element stand of Psiloi. They're on a nice display board my buddy Pat L. (Socal Warhammer) gave me a few weeks ago.
Still need to attach an appropriate flag to the standard bearer.
The bases were cut from some plasticard stands that I already had - they have magnetic sheet bottoms.
These were the first 15mm figures I've ever painted; and I found them not at all displeasing to paint up.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Yamato (Pre-Samurai) DBA Army - WIP +3

The Army General and Standard Bearer are done. Both are in lamellar armor and wearing the later style helmet which resembled a baseball cap. The General's armor has been gilded, as well as his war fan.
An appropriate banner needs to be found and added to the Standard Bearer.
The only figures needed to complete this army are two Psiloi.
Once they're all based, I'll take an Army group photo.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Yamato (Pre-Samurai) DBA Army - WIP +2

Here are the cavalry - which will be based 2X3Cv. The horses are every bit as nice as anything in 28mm IMO. Four of the six riders have separate upper torso and lower halves.
All of the riders are in keiko lamellar armor; unlike the foot figures which are all in tanko plate cuirass. Four of the riders have the later style bowl helmet, which evolved into what later samurai would wear.
I opted to dry-brush the lacing on the keiko armor - unlike the impressive way Steve Dean painted his on the Khurusan website. It looks like he individually picked out the lacing - something I can't fathom doing.
These take care of the main troops for the army - just the General and his entourage and two psiloi need to be completed. I don't have the psiloi figures yet, as Khurusan's aren't available yet. I'll peruse the figures at the local store to see if they have something appropriate.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Yamato (Pre-Samurai) DBA Army - WIP +1

Finished the Auxilia - the early list has them as 2X3Ax, but the later list has them as 1X4x. Since the pack came with 12 figures, I figured I'd have them four per element base - more the merrier. They will have shields, but the shields were out of stock when I placed my order. Hopefully they'll get restocked soon -  shields really give the Yamato and earlier Yayoi warriors that certain look.
The spears were cut down as they originally looked more like pikes. I have found that light base coats followed by washes, and finally some dry-brush highlighting is the way to go for painting 15mm. We'll see how it works with horses, as the cavalry are next.