Sunday, May 28, 2017

Enfilade! 2017

Well, I spent the Memorial Day weekend at my 10th Enfilade! down in beautiful Olympia, Washington. This was a record-breaking Enfilade! of sorts. The official numbers: 350 Attendees; 135 Games; and 65 Game Masters.

I somehow managed to run (successfully I was told by non-biased folk -  like the players) not 1, not 2 or 3, but 4 Siege of Haengju games. I also managed to retain my voice - even though I was severely outnumbered 26:1 in players (cumulative over the four games) vs. game master (me). As I ran this game (again successful I was told) several years ago, I knew the rules and scenario were fine. Still, I hadn't hosted (or played) a game in months (maybe years). Anyway, I am actually looking forward to next year's con and considering what game to host again. Without further ado, here is a picture of one of the Haengju games.
Korean Elite cav and Ming Heavy cav coming on table at the bottom of Turn 6. They weren't a factor as the Japanese were never able to enter the top tier of the Korean defenders' hilltop - the former's victory condition. This was either the third or fourth game - I can't recall as I'm still nursing my wounds.
A few pictures of the plethora of games over the weekend. I actually left Sunday (today) morning, and there were still a lot more games being run. Captions taken from the official convention events listing.

Omaha Beach Presented by Greg Moore. Homebrew rules. "Omaha Beach Invasion in 10mm scale. All vehicles, landing craft, and some terrain features 3D printed. Original rule system designed for quick play. Players will all be on U.S. side and will consist of 4 pairs competing against the other pairs to accomplish the most by the end of the time limit."

Return to the Island of the Crocodile God Presented by Warren Bruhn. Pulp Alley. "A rugged volcanic island, well off the regular trade routes in the Indian Ocean, came to the attention of several national archaeology teams shortly before WW1. They were defeated by the Island. Now a few of them are back for another try. This game will be smaller than last year, with only 5 players. But it will be run 3 times to give more people a chance to try Pulp Alley."

Battle of Kalka River 1223 Presented by Mike Garcia. Lion Rampant. "The Kipchak Khan flees before a Mongol reconnaissance force. He petitions the Russians to help him fight this unknown adversary. The Russians eagerly accept. The Mongols feign flight deeper and deeper into the Steppes leading the tired Russians and Kipckaks into a trap at the Kalka River."

Test of Honor Demo Presented by Marky Erhardt. Test of Honor. "Come and learn to play Warlord games Test of Honor. This is a demo and will play multiple game over the time slot. Each game should last about 30-40 min. Test of Honor is a skirmish war game played with roughly 5-12 models on each side. Each game based around a Samurai Hero along with a variety of clan soldiers. Battles are swift and bloody as players' alternate acting with one of their warriors."

Hastings 1066 Presented by Gary Strombo. Lion Rampant. "Hastings 1066, William of Normandie makes his attempt to Invade and take England! Standing in his way is Harald Godwinson, his brothers, and 8000 battle hardened men. Who will succeed and rule this Island?! 400 miniatures on a custom table."

Battle of Lutzen Presented by Chris Leach & Rick Stevens. Armati 2. "1632, Battle of Lutzen, The Swedes and Imperialists fight it out in this classic pike and shot early modern battle of the 30 Years War. The Swedish King and warlord Gustavus Adolphus died during the battle but the Swedes held onto the battlefield to claim a pyrrhic victory."

The on game I actually was a player in -

The Search for the Holy Grail Presented by Scott S. Williams. In Her Majesty's Name. " The Holy Grail has been found- and lost again- in London's East Side! Four Companies compete to find the hidden Grail and get it off their side of the table, while keeping the others from beating them to it. Set in the peas-soup fog of Victorian London's East End docks, play as the Archaeologists, the Cultists, the Mudlarks, or the Toshers- each company has their own strengths and weaknesses."

Anyway, hope you liked my quarterly blog posting. :)