Saturday, September 10, 2022

Chain of Command - Stalingrad

 Played my second Chain of Command game in over 3 years. Fun game, but definitely needed two experienced GM's to run it. I ran a German panzer unit, which did quite well. Played about 10 phases, which are similar to turns. It ended up being a close slugfest with me knocking out a KV-1 early in the game, as well as taking out an anti-tank rifle team. However, I lost a Panzer IV to another KV-1, and my buddy lost most of his infantry. The Russians did lose in overall command points (or whatever it's actually called). All in all a nice game, but as mentioned, mainly due to the experienced players running the game and doing the combat/shooting resolution. I can see the appeal for these rules over, say something more simple like Bolt Action (which is what I prefer), if you were to play these rules as a campaign. In fact, the two experienced buddies are planning a long-term campaign for Stalingrad - even working on a multi-level board with sewers, etc. I should also add that there were elements of other TFL rules - commanders' actions and die roll activations reminded me of Sharp Practice and What A Tanker, respectively.

Seems I've only been posting about once a month - mostly with games I've played in. Otherwise, things are going well enough - actually spending a lot of time with another hobby - playing guitar. Nothing serious, but I did pick up a couple of inexpensive "made in China" guitars which are more than sufficient for me. Until next time, wishing you all the best.