Friday, June 24, 2022

Bolt Action Western Desert/North Africa Game

Thanks to several of my gaming crew, got in a nice Bolt Action game using the recently completed Wargames Atlantic Italians and French Tirailleurs. The Perry Fallshirmjager and several tanks painted last year were also bloodied for the first time. We played 6 turns using a defender/attacker scenario. Unfortunately, the Allied British-Free French attackers were outgunned by the defending German-Italians. I tired to have this balanced by allowing only the British to have an opening artillery barrage, and also air support with a forward observer. These weren't enough to help the attack, however, as the Germans had a lot of hot die rolling with their more numerous automatic weapons. I failed to take enough pictures to capture all of the action, as I was running some of the Free-French forces before one of my buddies showed up. Hopefully, I captioned the images below accurately.

Grant tank taken out after numerous hits from a Panzer III.
Tirailleurs in the foreground and French Foreign Legion behind them with a Grant tank holding the Allied right. The lone figure in the center background is the British forward air observer. His one allowable airstrike only resulted in a single pin a  Panzer IV. The initial opening artillery bombardment only resulted in a few pins on the defending Germans. These pins were quickly Rallied off in subsequent turns.

DAK infantry squads and a Panzer II moving out of their defenses to take the action to the Allied army.

A Crusader and Matilda cautiously maneuvering into position on the Allied left.

DAK infantry and a Panzer II taking advantage of cover in a bombed out building.

An Sd.Kfz. 7 used to tow the Pak 38.

Tirailleurs and French Foreign Legion advancing into no-man's land.

Italian Bersaglieri in the center of the line with a Panzer IV in the distance.

The Axis right flank with a Panzer IV and Italian and German Paratroopers.

Fallshirmjager advancing to the top of a berm with a mortar team and spotter to their left.

Fierce fighting in the center of the battlefield. 

End of Turn 6. An Axis victory with the Allied army's Grant and Crusader tanks destroyed, and their infantry floundering in the attack.
It was a great refresher game for all of us. As the last time I played the rules was for a Franco-Prussian War scenario, I was particularly rusty with the use of tanks and mortars. Still, the rules are easy to pick up and flow well. All in all, a good time gaming and just shooting the breeze with folks I hadn't seen since a month ago at Enfilade. Thanks for stopping by and hope you're all doing well.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

TAG Ottoman Tüfekçi - WIP

Here's another group of TAG Ottomans, these guys are Tüfekçi. When I ordered them, I wasn't sure what kind of troops they actually were, but wanted figures that looked a bit different than the Janissaries - for variety's sake. According to what I've read, they were musketeers who were recruited from woodsmen/hunters, and were similar to light infantry skirmishers. Anyway, they have a very basic "uniform" and most illustrations of them show them in red coats and caps. Here they are with a Minwax stain.

So far, I've been very pleased with these TAG figures. They have enough details to make them interesting, but also simple to paint. They also seem very sturdy for gaming - muskets barrels aren't too thin and flimsy. Here they are picture below with the basic block paint job prior to staining.
Thank you all very much for stopping by, and wishing you all the best.

Monday, June 20, 2022

TAG Janissaries - WIP

Although these are actually from the Assault Group's Renaissance range, they'll be opposing the French invaders a few centuries later. Shouldn't be too much of a stretch as the Ottoman army was a bit behind in military technology - the Janissaires in particular.

As usual, they've been given a Minwax stain over a basic block paint job (pictured below). Need to pick up two more figures to have them in three 6-man units. Saw some nice command figures that were originally sold by Trent Miniatures.
Just a quick post on a new Federal holiday we have here in the States. Thanks for stopping by and wishing you all the best.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Perry French Egyptian-Syrian Campaign Infantry

Finished up the Perry French Egyptian Campaign foot. 2nd Light in green coats; 22nd Light in sky blue coats, 25th Line in "dusty" pink coats, 88th Line in purple coats, 9th Line grenadiers in red coats and Dromedaries in light blue dolmans.

The units are in multiples of 6, with the intention of using Rebels and Patriots. Mainly wanted to paint the various coats colors without building large forces. I may add some cavalry to the French - hussars or chasseurs.
The Ottomans are next in the paint queue, but still researching their "uniforms".
Thanks for stopping by and wishing you all the best.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Perry French Egyptian-Syrian Campaign Infantry - WIP Pt. 2

Next group of Perry French; this time 9th Demi-Brigade grenadiers (in red coats) and Dromedaries. 

Again, stained with Minwax Tudor Satin stain over basic block painting.
Next up are the Ottomans. Thanks again for stopping by and wishing you all good health and hobby pursuits.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Perry French Egyptian-Syrian Campaign Infantry - WIP

 A few skirmisher from various demi-brigades just given a wash of Minwax stain.

Here they are prior to the stain with a basic block paint job.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you're all doing well.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Wargames Atlantic Tirailleurs Hanging Around An Oasis

Finished these 12 figures from the Wargames Atlantic French Infantry box. Based them on Warlord Games plastic 25mm rounds from their Bolt Action range to match the rest of the Western Desert figures. 

Didn't highlight or touch them up, but did have to go over some areas that had frosting from the Krylon Flat spray I used. I was impatient and didn't shake the can enough and also sprayed them early in the morning with high humidity.
There should now be enough figures to oppose the DAK and Italians in a Bolt Action game in a couple of weeks. Next up are some Perry French Egyptian Campaign figures. Thanks for stopping by and wishing you all the best.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Still Around - Wargames Atlantic Tirailleurs And Other Stuff

Just a little post to show that I haven't left the planet yet. I'd like to say I was busy with work or something silly like that, but honestly I've just been a bit lazy. Probably something to do with taking a break after the convention a few weeks ago. I did, however, start on a project that's been in the back of my mind for awhile - at least since seeing the Perrys' Egyptian Campaign French in Kleber uniform. Those and always wanting to paint up some Janissaries. I had ordered some of those Perry figures and some Assault Group Ottomans before the convention and they arrived right around the time of the convention. Started painting up some of the French in various demi-brigade uniform colors. Before getting too far along with them I foolishly sent a shout out to some of my gaming buddies for a Western Desert Campaign Bolt Action game in a couple of weeks. Whilst doing a headcount of troops, it was discovered that the Axis troops outnumbered the British-Free French forces after painting up those Italian troops. Luckily I was able to pick up a another box of Wargames Atlantic French from my buddy yesterday and painted up a squad of Tirailleurs today. Here's a shot of them with the Minwax stain still wet - the Egyptian Campaign figures in the background.

Again, just a quick post to keep the blog in existence and let you know that I'm still in the game. Until next time, wishing you all the best and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Enfilade 2022

Just got home after attending our annual "big" convention, Enfilade. This was the first year we've gone back to the usual Memorial Day weekend time-frame since 2019 (pre-Covid). Our friends and allies from Canada showed up in force since border crossing requirements have eased up. Attendance was up from last September's ad hoc convention - there were about 300 attendees and around 120 games. A bit less than our record high in 2019 - around 400 attendees and 140 or so games. I was able to host four games: two Black Powder La Haye Sainte games and two Pike & Shotte Marston Moor games. There were 6 players for each Black Powder game and 8 players for each Marston Moor game. I managed to retain most of my voice through Sunday morning's game. Pints of Guinness Stout during and after games (except this morning) helped to fortify my resolve. Here are some pictures from the games I ran and also some of the great games others hosted. 

From the first La Haye Sainte Game. The KGL quickly moved into the farmhouse and stables and took pot shots at the approaching French. This allowed to French to return fire - the mechanics allowed them to shoot back once the KGL fired out of buildings.

French infantry and engineers approach the main gate of the complex. Hanoverians and 95th Rifles providing support to the beleaguered KGL inside. In both La Haye Sainte games, the players running the 95th and Hanoverians were both aggressive and had good die rolls. Unlike history, the 95th quickly moved out of the safety of the sandpit and advanced to engage the French. Providing devastating fire with their longer ranged rifles and Sharpshooter rerolls.

French infantry broken into smaller detachments shooting and fight around the barn. The scenario had units represented by two stands once they reach the outside of the farm complex.

The farmhouse and stables on fire. The GM (me) rolled a D6 at the start of each to see if the farmhouse, barn and stable would catch fire from off board artillery. On a 6 it would catch fire and then another D6 roll would determine it's "ferocity". The KGL inside could attempt to put out the fire with a higher roll than the "ferocity". It not put out in 3 turns, the structure would burn and not be able to be occupied by KGL. The KGL successfully put out the fire in some of the structures in both games. In both games, the French were not able to destroy the required number of KGL occupants in both games. They needed to destroy half of them.

One of the two Marston Moor Pike & Shotte games - view from the Royalist side with Rupert's Bluecoat regiment of foote to the left of Newcastle's regiment of foote. The Marston Moor games were held on Saturday night and Sunday morning. I was able to leave the table set up in the gaming hall overnight. It would've been painful to reset the game with the amount of figures used.

Royalist cavalry led by Prince Rupert on their right wing. A unit of Rupert's red coated commanded shot screening their advance.

A view of the Royalist left flank. Their cavalry facing the Parliamentarian cavalry led by Thomas Fairfax.

Center of the Allied army with regiments of Scottish foot holding the line.

Royalist cuirassiers supported by cavaliers charging into Parliamentarian commanded shot.
 Cromwell in the background with his Ironsides.
Royalist foot arrayed along the hedges and ditch running the center of the battlefield.

Dismounted dragoons from both sides engaged in the rough.

Parliamentarian right attempting to advance.

Cromwell with his remaining Ironsides. It was a close Royalist victory in both games.

Next up are pictures of the others games which I will endeavor to caption (hopefully correctly) once I go through the events listing.
Aspern-Essling - General du Corps

Ancients game hosted by White Rock Gamers from B.C. Canada.

Skirmish at the Walnut Grove Mill - AWI - Muskets & Tomahawks

Lena Lamont and the Jungle Fortress - Congo rules

Battle for Richmond, 1862, ACW, 28mm, White Rock Gamers

Chain of Command "Serafimovich 1942:Battle of the Sunflowers"

Alpine Fury -Tyrol 1809 - The Third Battle of Berg Isel - Black Powder

The Sand Pebbles

Gnome Wars

The Fall of the Philippine Republic: Battle of San Pascual - The Men Who Would Kings

Pulp Alley: La Playa de Parador

Circus Maximus - Chariot Racing

Black Seas

Duel of Aces - Wings of War WW1

Con Sonar

Kursk - The Second Day

Wagram using Shako 2. This was the last game being played on Sunday - most of the players were from Canada and were staying until Monday.

Well another great convention - almost, but not quite, like old times. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the pictures.