Friday, March 1, 2024

Imjin War Revisit Update

Completed basing the figures. Need to add sashimono to a couple of Ashigaru units once some decals from Perry arrive - also another pack of Korean bowmen. Still have some Perry foot Samurai to work on too.

Korean royal guardsmen and regular government bowmen. The guardsmen based on 20mm fender washers, and the regular bowmen based 3 figs per 40mm squared - same as the ones already in the collection.
Three of the Ashigaru spear units with sashimono painted with generic patterns - not based on any particular clan or unit.
Sashimono painted prior to attaching to the figures. One of my local gaming buddies gave me a bunch of these Warlord Games/Wargames Factory sashimono. The decals coming from Perry are for the Kiyomasa clan - hopefully they'll fit onto the plastic sashimono which are smaller than the Perry metal ones.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog again. Best wishes to you all.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Minwax Tudor Satin Sweatshop

Minwax sweatshop was opened this morning. 60 OG Ashigaru Yari; 50 OG Ashigaru Teppo; 30 OG Ashigaru Bows; 30 Perry Armored Koreans; and 12 Korean Bows. 

Need to work on the sashimono for the Ashigaru Yari guys - short 4 though. Have a few more Perry Korean Bows arriving soon too. Thanks for stopping by the sweatshop.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Old Glory Ashigaru Teppo

Picked these 50 figs up off of ebay thanks to one of my buddies giving me a head's up on them. A very basic block paint job - soon to be given a Minwax stain along with the previously painted figures. Yes, Amazon delivered a can of Tudor Satin stain today!

Planning on a large Minwax staining production line tomorrow on the 180 or so figures in the queue.

Monday, February 26, 2024

Perry Joseon Korean Shields

Used the image on the Perry website as a guide. Gave the shields a wash of sepia ink to help define the details before painting the gaudy colors per the guide.

I think these would have been more for ceremonial purposes than for actual warfare, but they are eye-catching.

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Perry Joseon Korean Armored Infantry - WIP +1

Just a quick update on the Perry Korean armored infantry. Finished block painting the figures, but still need to paint up the shields for the swordsmen.

A can of Minwax Tudor Satin stain should be arriving in the next day or two, to stain these guys and the previous Old Glory Ashigaru and Perry Korean bowmen. After these, there a few Perry Samurai to finish up the project - at least for the time being. Thanks again for checking out the blog.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Drumbeat 2024 Gameday

Attended my first Drumbeat gameday in many years. It used to be held up in Seattle at a couple of different places, the last place was being torn down. This year is the first time it was held down in Tacoma (15 minutes away for me), at a nice gaming store called Silver King Games and Hobby. I've been to this location of few times last year for Saga game days, but hadn't been back in a while there too. I hosted my RJW skirmish game in the morning period with 5 players - 3 for the Japanese and 2 for the Russians. In the afternoon period I played in my buddy David's Height of Battle Imjin War naval game. David will likely have his own report of today's gaming on his own "I Live With Cats" blog. There were about 35 folks in attendance - most of whom I've know over the years. In fact, I was honored to have Bruce Meyer of Company B Miniatures in my RJW game in the morning. Without further ado, here are pictures from today.

My RJW game using TMWWBK for rules. The players all said they enjoyed the game - only one player had prior experience playing, but another had the rules and had read through it. The table was a foot short width-wise so the opposing sides started closer and got engagements in sooner. We played for 6 turns with the Japanese winning by making into the first line of trench works. They had taken out one of the Maxim gun teams early in the game with helped their advance.
The usual suspects catching up with each other prior to the first session. The gaming area is the upstairs of a former bank - very plush accomodations.
Kevin Smyth's "Hand of Captain Danjou" game in the first session. I'm sure he'll also have a report on his own blog - "A Gamer's Tale".
A Chain of Command WW2 game, also in the first period.
French and Indian War skirmish game using homebrew rules.
My RJW game nearing the end of Turn 6 with Japanese forces inside the Russian first line of defense.
Wings of War game.
The "Height of Battle" Imjin War naval game in the second period. I ran a squadron of Korean ships and took over another squadron after one of the players had to leave. We called the game after a few turns calling it a close Japanese victory as they had captured a few more ships than the Koreans had. If we continued to play, it could've went either way. I haven't played the rules since running game a couple of years ago at another game day. In fact, David was a player in that game and ended up ordering up the rules and a couple of fleets of ships.
A Battle Tech game run by the son of my buddy James. He's trying to get more experience GMing as he'll be running this game at Enfilade in May.

It was another nice gathering of old friends, and meeting new ones, all the while playing great games. Until next time, wishing you all the best.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Perry Joseon Korean Armored Infantry - WIP

Finished the armored coats of these armored foot - swordsmen, halberdiers, archers, and handgunners.
Very nicely detailed figures - as expected from Perry. Just a quick update to show the progress on these figures. Thanks for checking out the blog, and hoping you're doing well.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Perry Choson Korean Archers - WIP

These have been block painted and awaiting staining. A can of Minwax Tudor Satin stain is supposed to be arriving next week from Amazon from an order placed a couple of weeks ago. All the local Ace Hardware stores are still out of this particular stain.

These Korean archers are part of a larger order recently made from Perry, along with armored Korean infantry and foot samurai. The figures are part of a revisit to my Imjin War/Sengoku Era project. Incidentally, I sold off my entire ECW collection, save for the Rupert and Boye command stand, to a good buddy. He plans to use them for a TYW project. I think the revisit to the Imjin War/Sengoku Era project was a way to soften the loss. For some reason, every time I come back from visiting family and friends in Hawaii, I feel the need to downsize my collection - possibly due to a long-range hope of returning someday. Anyway, adding these few Perry metal figs won't be a problem as I do plan on keeping them wherever I end up in the future. Thanks for stopping by and hope you don't mind my ramblings. Best wishes to you all. Oh, and I'm scheduled to host my RJW game this weekend at a game day - plan to post a report upon my return.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Old Glory Ashigaru Bows - WIP

Finished these up to go in line while awaiting the arrival of a can of Minwax Tudor Satin stain. Just called the four local Ace Hardware stores, and all of them are out of this particular shade. As Ace is the only store that ever stocked this shade; hope it hasn't been discontinued. An order with Amazon shows it's also not in stock with them either. May end up finally giving GW Agrax or Army Painter stain a try.

Anyway, just a quick update to show that the painting table has been re-activated. Thanks for visiting, and best wishes to you all.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Old Glory Ashigaru Yari - WIP

Finished the block/base painting. However, I have to finally get another can of Minwax as the one I got from a buddy a few years ago has finally "died." I had tried to keep it on life-support by adding paint thinner to it, but as you can see it's gelled and cannot be revived. Hopefully, when I go to the neighborhood Ace Hardware, they'll have a can. BTW, I just checked Amazon and they are "temporarily out of stock" of this stain.

Minwax past it's normal life-expectancy.
I should add that these ashigaru will join the ones previously painted to boslter the Japanese forces for a revist of the Imjin War. A couple of my buddies said they will be sending me some spare sashimono from the old Wargames Factory (now Warlord Games) sprues, to add to the back of these figures. Still looking for a few more of them, though.
The yari are plastic broom bristles. Used a hand drill to make holes in their hands for the yari.

Thanks for stopping by again, and wishing you all the best.

Friday, February 9, 2024

Battle of Motien Pass - RJW - TMWWBK Playtest

Just finished up a very nice and successful playtest of an RJW skirmish game using The Men Who Would Be Kings. The rules seemed to work out very well for the scenario - which was based loosely on the the Battle of Motien Pass. A small engagement during the early part of the Russo-Japanese War - a few months after the larger Battle of the Yalu River. The Japanese objective was to storm the  Russians who were in hastily built entrenchments. The Russians were to survive 6 turns with half of their army fir a victory. The Japanese had 15 units at the start of the game and the Russians,  12. At the end of turn 6, the Russians still had 8 of their units, but the Japanese had taken over the first line of trenches. The game was called a close tie. However, if more turns were to have been played, the Japanese would've likely destroyed the remaining Russian units.

The table was set up with two lines of trenches in an oblique facing on the table. The Japanese were allowed to have up to three units occupy the small hamlet with native huts along a stream in the foreground. The Russians were allowed to arrange their units within their defenses prior to the start of the game. All cover and obstacles, including the hastily dug trenches were rated as light cover - increasing hits for casualties by only one more needed. All unit leaders were rated at 6. The Japanese infantry and Russian Cossacks cavalry were given a Discipline of +2, Japanese cavalry +1, and Russian infantry and all crewed weapons having no increase.
It was pointed out after the game that the Japanese should have some of their artillery moved up by around 12" from the table edge at the start of the game. This would allow for their more effective use as crewed weapons only have a movement of 4". As the set up has the Russians in an oblique line, only half of the Japanese guns would need to be moved up.
I ran half of the Japanese force and charged their sole cavalry unit into a Russian infantry unit in light cover. This was more to do with fleshing out the HTH rules more than common sense. They ended up being killed off in a later turn.
Japanese were unlucky in failing to activate a lot of their units in a couple of turns. However, the Russians had decided to vacate the first line of trenches early in the game, so balanced their lack of movement a bit.
One of the Russian players distracted by an enemy Poodle agent.
One of two Cossack mounted units - late in the game the Cossack units used their Skirmish rule and got some shots off at the enemy.
All in all a very successful playtest with only the more forward placement of some Japaneses artillery at the start of the game was felt needed to balance the game better. I really like how the rules played out - especially the way shooting and combat uses a D6 per figure - unlike the usual 6 or 12 for half or full strenght units in the Rampant family of rules. The tests for Pinning and Rallying also seemed to flow smoothly too.  Thanks again for checking out the blog and wishing you the best.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

RJW Skirmish Game Set-Up

It's been awhile since posing an actual gaming post - and this one is just the set-up for a game this Friday. The scenario is loosely based on the Battle of Motein Pass in the early part of the Russo-Japanese War. Plan to try out (for the first time) The Men Who Would Be Kings for rules. In the past I had planned to use Bolt Action for RJW skirmish, but figured more of the local gamers might be more interested since a lot of them dislike Bolt Action.

That's an actual IJA cap from the period - it was graciously given to me by a local gamer many years ago. He has a large collection of authentic military gear. The cap is very old (over a 100 years) and fragile, and normally kept in a bin with packs of silica gell to help preserve it.

Edit: Reconfigured the table to give the Russians two rows of trenches - one elevated. They are slightly outnumbered in infantry, but have two mounted Cossack units to only one mounted unit for the IJA.

The game will be a playtest for hosting it at a game day later this month. Only using a 6X5' table area as the venue for the game day will have similar sized tables.
IJA center with the sole cavalry unit. Artillery and machine guns are interspesed between infantry units. Players will be able to rearrange their units at the start of the game.
IJA right with Imperial Guard units.
IJA left with line units.
Russian center with two Cossack cavalry units. Again, players will be able rearrange placement of their units before the start of the game.
Russians behind their trenches.

Well, so much for now. Hopefully the rules work okay. A few folks who've played the rules say they work best for European/Colonial troops against natives best. A full report will follow, in any case. Thanks for stopping by and apologies for not visiting your blogs for the last week or so. I was entertaining an old Army buddy who I hadn't seen in 40 years. He and I were both at Fort Ord in the early 1980's, then we both went to Jump School and ended up at Fort Bragg. I left for Korea and he went into Special Forces. He was an SF Medic and spent most of his time in Central and South America in the 1980's and 90's. He had a lot of very interesting stories. He got out an became an orthopedic surgeon - so very proud of him.