Friday, June 14, 2024

West Wind Bushi - WIP

Got an order of West Wind Bushi the other day, and wanted to start on them even though the TAG guys aren't finished yet. They're supposed to be lower-ranking samurai or followers. They have simple body armor without additional shoulder, arm, or leg protection. The pack of 20 figures came with separate heads, and also added a pack of helmeted heads. The sculpting isn't as nice as the TAG figures, but close enough to be mixed in with them without issues.

Comparison with TAG figures - left to right: WW, TAG, TAG, WW.
So much for now; tomorrow I've been invited to an ACW skirmish game at my buddy's place about 10 minutes away. Besides a naval game many years ago, this will be only my second ACW game I've ever played. I'm looking forward to it as my buddy usually only plays WW2 Chain of Command, so wanted to support his new endeavor. I'll post pictures and an AAR after the game. Until then, thanks again for stopping by and hope you all are doing well.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

TAG Song Mounted Archers

Took a little break from the Heian TAG samurai to finish up a Ming cavalry unit for the Imjin War project. Just three more TAG figures - which are actually Song cavalry, but look close enough to Ming heavy cavalry. The funny thing is when I placed the order for these I only added the Heian/Gempei War figures to up the order for free shipping - not realizing then that I would revisit the period in earnest. Now the Imjin War project has sort of taken a backseat to it.

The unit now has 12-figures, but I may run them in 6-figure units.

Thanks for visiting and hope you all are doing well!

Sunday, June 9, 2024

TAG Samurai, Followers, Monks - WIP

Recently picked these figures up from a game store, Mindtaker Miniatures, down in Vancouver, WA. Got about half of these with a trade of old rule books that were just taking up space. The store buys and sells miniatures and games from private sales and commissions. A lot of the historical miniatures, including these TAG figures, were bought as a lot from an estate sale in Colorado.

So far, just the flesh and faces. I normally don't paint eyes, but wanted to match the rest of the figures for this project. With the earlier completed figures, plan to have several 5-figure units for a 6-player game using Tribal. Thanks for stopping by and hope you all are doing well. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

General d'Armee - First Time Playing

Just got back from my buddy's place for a General d'Armee game. There were seven of us - including my buddy hosting the game - and the first time with the rules for all of us. Suffice to say, we managed to stumble through a turn and a half. The scenario was based loosely on the 1809 Campaign with some of my buddy's vast collection of Austrians and Bavarians. I played a brigade of Bavarians, which included a battalion of skirmishers. One of the unique things about the rules is the use of ADC's - rolling D6's at the top of the turn to see how many can be assigned to the army, and then choosing selected actions for the units with the ADC. This gives the units certain advantages and bonuses. It also uses D6's for scouting and the possible uncovering of hidden units at the start of the game. Also, artillery can actually cause casualties to itself for bad die rolls. Anyway, that's about all I can remember as this was my first time exposed to the rules. It's definitely more detailed than Black Powder or even Valour and Fortitude (from what little I know of the latter). We ended the game due to time, as it was mostly a learning game and didn't really expect any victory conditions met. It's always nice to game with old buddies - most of them game together once a week with various rules. I only show up occasionally when my buddy hosts games as he's only about 10 minutes from my place. Here's a few pictures from the game.

A final thought on the rules: I personally won't be getting into them - I'll play if someone else hosts/GM's it, though. Well, thanks for stopping by and wishing you all the best.

Monday, June 3, 2024

TAG Heian/Gempei War Samurai and Followers Ready

These are one pack each of mounted samurai with katana, foot samurai with katana, foot samurai with bows, foot samurai with nodachi, and followers with naginata.

Rear view. The back of the o yoroi has a lot of the cords blocking most of the lacing - making painting easier.
Foot samurai with bows.
Foot samurai with katana.
Foot samurai with nodachi.
Followers with naginata.
Mounted samuria with katana.
EDIT: I went ahead on took a "family" photo of these along with the rest of the TAG figures already painted. Also, a few 1st Corps samurai and Kingsford sohei are included.
Awaiting an order of bushi (aka followers) from Westwind, and also will get a few more packs of TAG samurai from a trade of old rule books with a vendor down in Vancouver, Washington, called Mindtaker Miniatures. Met one of the sales reps at the recent Enfilade convention. They buy and sell/trade miniatures and related stuff. On the gaming front, going over to my buddy's place tomorrow evening to try out the General d'Armee for the first time. It's popular with several of the local gamers here. Plan to post pics and an AAR afterwards. Until then, thanks for stopping by and wishing you all the best!

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

TAG Heian/Gempei War Samurai and Followers - WIP +1

Finished up most of the armor - knots, cords, gilting, etc.

Cloth/leather covered areas of the armor, and clothing next.
Thanks for checking out the blog, and wishing you all the best.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

TAG Heian/Gempei War Samurai and Followers - WIP

 Started on the TAG Samurai and Followers - finished the flesh/faces and armor lacing.

I had to use a couple of the older figures for reference as it's been many years since painting figures from this range.
I also used an old site for lacing patterns - Sengoku Daimyo. Thankfully it's still alive here:

Next up will be finishing up the other parts of the armor, and then on to the clothing. Thanks for stopping by and wishing you all the best.

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Enfilade 2024 - New Location - Old Friends (And Some New)

Well, just got back from another Enfilade convention. This is my 18th year attending our big annual convention (big for us, anyway). All of the previous ones I went to were held down in Olympia (Washington), and this year was the first time held at a new location. It's now located near the Port of Tacoma at the La Quinta Inn - and actually a closer/faster commute for me. The main hall is about half the size of the one at the old place, but the convention staff worked hard to make it all work out. We had about 350 attendees - some coming from Idaho and California, as well as the loyal crew from British Columbia. There was about 110 games spread over the weekend. I hosted my RJW TMWWBK game in both Friday periods. On Saturday morning, I played in Bruce Meyer's (owner/operator of Company B Miniatures) "Thriller in Tukwila" game - a "what if" scenario of Japanese paratroopers assaulting Boeing Field. Fun game using his homebrew rules. I sat out Saturday afternoon's session, but got into an AK-47 in Africa game that night. It was four of us players in a cutthroat game trying to take over a town. Another fun game and one that I would play again without hesitation. This Sunday morning had me in Kevin Smyth's (A Gamer's Tale blog) "The Wooden Hand of Captain Danjou" game. All in all another great Enfilade and one that was well attended and received - quite an achievement as the new location was only worked out in the last 6 months or so. We will likely be working out new contracts with the hotel for future conventions. The staff really appreciated our stay there and want us back. They were pleasantly surprised at how well-organized we were. Here are some pictures from some of the games over the weekend - including my two RJW games. I should also mention my two game went off very well with the first having a Russian victory and the second one a Japanese victory - an indication that it's a balanced game, maybe?

A couple shots of the RJW game using TMWWBK. The first game had several of our Canadian friends in the game - and most were familiar with the rules as they said they play it often back home.

Both RJW games went for 6 turns. The victory conditions for the IJA was to have a least two units within the first line of trenches and/or one unit within the top trench area. The first game had about four IJA units in the first line and none at the top line. However, as the defending Russians ended the last turn, they were able to destroy all but one of the IJA units. The second game had a sole IJA unit reach the top and survive the game.

The Wooden Hand of Captain Danjou by Kevin Smyth

A miniature representation of the actual wooden hand - the box was made by one of our local games for Kevin. He actually contacted the museum in Corsica where the original is kept to get some specifications of the box. The rep at the museum was very impressed and happy to hear that the legacy of Captain Danjou is being kept alive and honored.

Thriller in Tukwila by Bruce Meyer of Comany B

The AK-47 game - my faction got into the town, but another faction held more of objectives.

A Battletech game run by my buddy's son. He ran it in two periods with great success. Kudos to him.

A nice F&IW game - this year's convention theme was "New World" - so there were quite a few F&IW  games.

Whale Wars - not sure of the rules, but it looked pretty cool - although I don't condone the hunting of whales or other sea mammals.

Gnome Wars.

Not sure of the rules or scenario, but it was a very nice looking game. I think the fortified village in the background was the objective.

Pegasus Bridge game using Chain of Command. I helped playtest this game a few months ago. It was Best of Period on Saturday night.
A Bolt Action Battle of Mahiwa game run by my buddy - the one who's son ran the Battletech game.

Not sure of the rules or scenario, but there were several great looking games with ships. I'm pretty sure it was something to do with the New World theme.

Of course, there were still a few Napoleonic games - can't be a real historical gaming convention without them.

Another nice game with large scale ships.
The German side of the Pegasus Bridge game.

Another shot of the Pegasus Bridge game.

The Battle of Mahiwa game - it had such lovely terrain and figures.

A F&IW game using 40mm Sash and Saber figures. Really impressive. It won Best of Theme for the Saturday night period.

Battle of the Causeway - it won Best of Show. All the terrain and figures were 3D printed by the game master.

The Battle of Mahiwa game using Bolt Action.

Battle of the Causeway - a very impressive game.
Well, time to recuperate from the long weekend - once rested up, plan to start working on getting a Tribal game in using a Heian/Gempei war scenario. Until next time, thanks for visiting and wishing you all the best.