Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Tamiya 1/48th Soviet IS-2 Tank

This is another 1/48th plastic kit - figured I need an IS-2 for late-war scenarios to face off Tigers and Panthers. Didn't add the cool looking "don't drop a bomb on me, comrade" white markings for the assault on Berlin as it wasn't used previously, and then not all tanks had the markings. I may add them later - maybe. But for now, this should be more than enough armor for late-war Bolt Action scenarios. This tank along with the SU-100 and pair of T34/85's already in the inventory. According to Bolt Action stats, the SU-100's gun counts as a "Super Heavy AT" gun, whereas the IS-2's gun as a "Heavy AT" gun but with an increased HE of 2D6 hits vs. the usual D3. The IS-2's gun is slow loading due to cramped turret space and can only be activated after another Soviet vehicle has activated (or attempted activation).

This is a very nice kit that has minimal parts and goes together fairly quickly. I attempted to use a bit of color modulation with the airbrush. Specifically, after using light grey primer, I hit some of the recesses and wheel and tracks with black. Also went over some of the higher areas with a lightened mixture of the olive green base coat. After this it was given an oil based pin wash and also highlighted edges with Vallejo Yellow Green. This last step seems to give it a nice overall appearance, IMO at least.
I had to replace the rear MMG after I accidentally broke it off. Luckily a spare length of 17 gauge guitar string fit the bill. I managed to Super Glue my thumb and index finger together while putting the string in. Used my left hand to search the internet on how to remove the Super Glue. Ended up running warm water over the area with some soap to release the bond. Amazingly, this is the very first time it's ever happened to me - after years of using the glue.
I left off the grab handles on the sides of the turret as they might get broken off during intense wargaming.
The kit comes with a lenght of cord to use for the tow cables. It actually works well and wasn't too fiddly.
The IS-2 flanked by a KV-1 and IS-3. All are 1/48th scale kits so should give a decent comparison of size and shape.
The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! The current force of 
Soviet armor (including IS-2s) in Berlin - note none seem to have the white aerial markings.

I now have to come up with a scenario to get most of these tanks in battle. Thanks again for stopping by and checking out the blog. Wishing you all the best in health and the hobby!

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Hobby Boss 1/48th M4A3E8 "Korean War" Easy Eight Sherman

Just painted up this Easy Eight Hobby Boss Sherman to use in a Korean War Bolt Action project. It's painted with the tiger markings for Operation Ripper - which actually took place in the Year of the Rabbit.

The eyes, mouth, and claws are decals, but I repainted the teeth to match those in a photograph of an actual tank with the tiger markings.
There were a few fiddly parts in the kit - namely the 22 supporting struts for the fenders, and also the brass light protectors which have to be bent to shape. Not overly hard, but if strictly for wargaming, a resing model would've made more sense.
All the hatches can be opened as I used tack to hold them in place until I obtain crew figures.

Next to a 1/48th Aurora re-release of an M46 Patton also painted for Operation Ripper.
Comparison with another 1/48th Hobby Boss Sherman. Note how much wider the tracks are on the Easy Eight.
Another comparison with the other Sherman showing how much more of an overall footprint the Easy Eight has.

Edit: Here's the image of the tank this one is based on.
Next in the queue is a Tamiya 1/48th JS-2. This one will be used for late-war Bolt Action scenarios - against a King Tiger (or two?). Thanks again for dropping by and wishing you the best.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Enfilade 2023 - Another Great Convention In The Pacific Northwest Done and Done

Just got back from another great Enfilade - our "big" local gaming convention. It's actually still going on with a lot a nice games; some attended by a few of our Canadian brethren who are staying around until tomorrow (happily retired folks). I ran a second Bolt Action Western Desert Game on Saturday afternoon and also played in a great Xenos Rampant game in the evening. As the GM for the Xenos game is a longtime buddy, and actually all of the players are old buddies, it was truly an enjoyable game. In fact, the Xenos game won best in period. The GM always runs fabulous games - and is also the one who hosts our annual Christmas Rampant games in December. This convention is attended by folks who've been around the local area (Washington State, Oregon, British Columbia,  etc.) gaming together in smaller groups for decades. I'm one of the "newer gamers" of the crowd, but this makes my 17th year attending! There was a little over 300 attendees, and to be honest, it's like an extended family. Anyway, here's a few more pics of games from Saturday (morning, afternoon, and evening periods), and some from Sunday morning. Oh, and I'm not sure if I mentioned in the earlier posts, but the reason there are so many games with desert terrain it's because this year's theme was "Warfare in the Desert" - suggested by yours truly and voted in.
My Bolt Action Western Desert game using the Battle of Alam Halfa scenario - Axis Germans and Italians needing to breakthrough Allied British and Free French defense line. The Axis players did manage to squeak in a victory (as the in the earlier game) by getting one unit past the line. I had to remind and encourge the DAK players to do this as they tend to want to stick around and exhange fire with the Allies

The GM's ruling stands! Even if the QRS (written by GM) says otherwise!

The Xenos Rampant game I was lucky to play in

Xenos Rampant game - players (me included) and the GM already wearing his Best of Period medal.

Pictures from some of the other games - again, a lot of games with the desert theme.

Well, so ends another great convention - and nice thing is it's only 25 minutes from my home, although I do stay at the hotel where its held as I tend to unwind after (and sometimes during) gaming with a few cold ones with friends. Hope you like the pics and if you have questions on them I can try to answer them for you. Until next time, thanks for stopping by and wishing you the best.