Sunday, November 29, 2020

English Civil War Project Arrayed & Displayed

I didn't want to title this post as a project completed, as no project is really ever completed. However, I wanted to post pictures of it to date as I will take a break from it for awhile. 

As noted in individual posts earlier, most of the figures are Warlord Games with a few Perry and TAG.

Close up of the horse, cannon and commands. The medium cavalry units units can be broken down into 8 figure units like the Cuirassiers. 

And the foot. The Commanded Shotte units could be broken down in four units of 12 figures each and attached to horse units. 

This should be my last "big" project for the year.  For the record, I just ordered a box of Wargames Atlantic WW1 German infantry as a change of pace. Thanks for stopping by and best wishes to you all this holiday season. 

Friday, November 27, 2020

King Charles I and Parliamentarian Command Stands - Warlord Games & Perry

These two command stands complete the ECW project - at least for the near term. The King Charles I figures is from Warlord with a swapped horse from Perry. The rest of the figures are from a pack each of Perry ECW foot and mounted command.

As mentioned in previous posts, both of these makes work well together. In my opinion, I rather like Warlord a bit over Perry for ECW, particularly as Warlord's range is quite extensive.
The flags are from the Warlord Games Battalia set with hammered tipped brass rods for staffs.
The Royalists' red sashes were highlighted with the red mixed with a little bit of white. I chose not to highlight with yellow added as it might look too much like the Parliamentarians' orange/tawny sashes.
The leather coats were painted with Vallejo Dark Sand mixed with a bit of yellow and white. All of the figures were block painted and then given a Minwax Tudor Satin stain. Highlights added afterwards.
This has been a really nice project and my first into the period. I found the painting quite enjoyable and took to block painting and staining very well. I hope to take a "group" photo of the figures the next sunny day - not very common this time of year here in the Pacific NW. Thank you all for your visits and nice comments and wishing you all the best during the holidays!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Warlord Games & Perry ECW Cuirassiers

Here are two units of ECW Cuirassiers using a box of Warlord Games figures and four Perry figures. The four in the center, front row are Perry figures - the rest Warlord Games.

Although there is scant evidence of the Royalists having any cuirassier units, I wanted to balance the armies and gave them one. The Parliamentarians carry Colonel Balfour's colours.
Standard sized cavalry units in Pike & Shotte range from 6-12 figures, so these two with 8-figures each fit nicely in between this amount.
The Perry figures match up well with the Warlord ones, in both size and sculpting style.
These are likely the last units for the ECW project, at least for now. I do have a couple more command stands to work on - including one with King Charles. Otherwise probably going to cruise out of 2020 with no more new projects. Until next time, wishing you all the best in the hobby and health.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Perry English Civil War Cannon X 2

 Here are two Perry English Civil War 9 pounders, one a demi-culverin and the other (Scots') a falcon.

Interesting overall size difference between the two, as they are both 9 pounders.
In addition to the 4-man Perry crews, previously painted Warlord Games officers have been added to each.
The Warlord Games officer leaning on the demi-culverin fits perfectly onto the trail arm. The two makes match up very nicely together - in both size and sculpting style.
I based the tartan on the Covenanter guy holding the sponge on the MacAlister clan's pattern as I wanted a red base for it.
Next up are some Warlord Games Cuirassiers - which just arrived yesterday. Great timing! Thanks for stopping by and wishing you all the best in health and hobby!

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Warlord Games Prince Rupert of the Rhine and Scots Covenanter Command Stands

A couple more ECW command stands. Prince Rupert with his faithful dog Boye and a Scots Covenanter officer with standard bears on foot.

Warlord Games ECW flag sheets come with "battle-damaged" ones, so I figured I'd use the Commonwealth one for the Prince's stand to balance the side opposite Boye.
Although the Cromwell movie shows Boye as a rather small sized dog, in actuality he was a full-sized hunting breed of Poodle. His hair is very nicely sculpted and only requires a light dry-brushing of white over a darker base.
The superstitions and propaganda at the time made Boye out to be something of a demonic familiar who could change shapes and even catch bullets in his mouth. Sadly, he met his end at the Battle of Marston Moor when he broke free from the Royalist camp during the battle in search of his master who had taken flight. A woodcut of the time shows him dead on his back with a Parliamentarian musketeer having apparently shot him.
The Prince himself survived the Civil Wars and eventually returned to England under the Restoration where he held several posts, including General at Sea and Land in the Royal Navy.
The Scots Covenanter officer is a generic figure and will likely command a battalia. I didn't want the nice Covenanter flags go to waste so used a couple of spare pikemen figures with hands slightly modified as standard bearers.
The guy holding holding the white Aberdeen Militia flag uses arms from the Firelock kit. I cut off the musket and used a file to groove out the hands to hold the flag pole. Pretty quick and easy since the figures are plastic.
I don't think the Aberdeen Militia fought in England proper, but did fight against the Marquess of Montrose at the Battle of Aberdeen. I just liked the look of the flag with the arms of Aberdeen. The green one with the yellow cross is a generic one.
The Warlord Games Pike & Shotte plastic foot sets have several spare paceman bodies, but all the arms are used. However, the Firelock sets have two pairs of arms for each figures, so you could use those arms - modified as needed. The guy holding the green flag uses spare arms from a command sprue.
Next up are some Perry cannon which just arrived in the mail yesterday. Only took about a week and a half to get here. Until next post, wishing you all the best and good health.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Warlord Games Scots Covenanters and Sir Ralph Hopton's Regiment

 Another regiment of foot each for the Parliamentarians and Royalists.

Ended up using the colors for Sir Ralph Hopton's Regiment as I didn't have the King's Lifeguard colors at the moment. It's red enough and also a Royalists, so it'll do for now.
The Scots Covenanters set is pretty much the same as the regular Pike & Shotte foot, but with the addition of metal command figures and also metal bonnets, as well as Scots flags.
Someday I hope to get a game of Pike & Shotte in, but until the current health situation improves, I'll continue to add more figures and units for the game. Awaiting the arrival of some Perry cannon and Warlord Games Cuirassiers. Until next time, wishing you all the very best and good health.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Warlord Games Pike & Shotte Foot - WIP

Just a quick update on a couple more units of pike and shotte. Used rattle can spray paint to base coat them and speed up the process. Just finished staining the block painted figures with Minwax Tudor Satin. Highlights will be added after they're dried and matte coated. The red guys will be King's Lifeguard and the gray ones Scots Covenanters. 

Block painted below.
Base coated with spray paint. 
Need to paint up the commands too. Again, just a quick update to let you know what I'm working on at the moment. Thanks for stopping by and wishing you all the best. 

Monday, November 2, 2020

Warlord Games Pike & Shotte Marksman and Artillery Officers

Mounted the Marksman on a Litko 25mm x 50mm oval cavalry base. The officers will join some Perry cannon later. 

The officer with the spyglass came with the mortar set, and the other one with the marksman set.

Very nicely sculpted and detailed figures again from Warlord's Pike & Shotte range.
The officer in blue is supposed to be leaning on the cannon.
I was going to start on the Rupert figures, but a Warlord Games order of Scots Covenanters and another Infantry Regiment arrived today. Plan to start on those next. Until next time, best wishes to you all!