Friday, November 20, 2015

A Falchion and Rondel Dagger Added

A few more items added to the kit - a falchion from Windlass Steel Crafts and a triangular bladed rondel dagger.
Again, nothing to do with painting or gaming, but just a record of sorts of what I've been up to. I actually picked up the sword off of Amazon with free shipping. It got here within a week.
I suppose you can blame my oldest boy for turning me on to Microsoft Paint.NET.
Cheers for now. Not sure when I will pick up a brush again, but best wishes to all of you from the Magic Kingdom.

Friday, November 6, 2015

A Post, A Post! Churburg #13 Breastplate

Unfortunately nothing to do with painting or gaming, but wanted to post this as a record of what I've been currently up to. And again, sincerest apologies for not visiting the fine blogs as often as in the past. Anyway, I picked up a piece for my Late-14th C. transitional armor-in-the-works. This is another ebay purchase which was made by the talented (and likely underpaid) metal workers in far off India. It is based upon the breastplate displayed in Churburg Castle in Italy. The original was made in the latter part of the 14th Century, presumably by Milanese craftsmen. This reproduction piece is made out of 16 gauge steel with brass embellishments, as well as a lance rest and "v"ribbed  sword stop.
Side view showing the globular shape of the front plate popular during the period - as well as showing the lance rest down.
Besides the main front plate, there are four plates per side which are held together with leather and riveting. The plates fold up well and the whole piece can fit into a very compact size for storage.
The only drawback with this breastplate is that the attaching straps, two cross straps over the shoulder and one at the waist, need assistance to secure. My wife gives me a tight window of opportunity to assist in this as well as take photos. Actually she even tailored the gambeson's sleeves and also the padded aventail for me. I can look convincingly hopeless, whereby she gives in.
Well, again apologies for the lack of hobby-related posts, as well as visits to your wonderful blogs. Hopefully I can posts future updates as more pieces are accumulated.
From Churburg Castle west (i.e. Puyallup, WA), Warmest Regards!