Sunday, October 30, 2011

Old Glory 2nd Edition Napoleonics (25/28mm)

Got these last night at the Fright Night game; tagged onto my buddy Scott's OG order. Well, as I had read on TMP, these are on the smaller side of 28mm. I will keep them in their own units, so hopefully won't look too out of place next to their taller Victrix brethren. I ordered one each of the 38-figure 1809 and 1815 unit packs - with command and elites along with center troops. I should be able to build three 24-man units (battalions) with a few spares left over. The 1809 guys are forward leaning in their march poses - which doesn't help their height. The 1815 figures look pretty good next to Perry French - very similar in their pose and style. However, even they are a bit more slender than the Perrys. Here are some comparison photos - the second photo has a thin "cheater" plasticard under each OG figure to help the illusion of height. The OG bases are pretty thin compared to both Victrix and Perry anyway.
Anyway, they are a good deal and I just had to have some French infantry in full dress with gaiters (the 1809 guys).

Here they are with their "cheater" plasticard lift kits, and broken down into three 24-man battalions. One each of 1809 and 1815 uniforms, and a third with a mixture of both 1809 & 1815 uniforms. Four spare figures left over - a command and an infantryman. These should be "it" for French Line infantry; added to what are already painted, the total will be five Line infantry battalions of 24-figures and one Light infantry battalion of 36-figures - not counting some single-based skirmishing Voltigeurs. I may one day add a Guard infantry unit.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fort Steilacoom - Fright Night Gaming - 10/29/11

Thanks to Lawrence, Damond and Bruce S., a fun (and a bit spooky) night of gaming was held at Fort Steilcoom's historic officer's quarters tonight (10/29/11). At the last two Fix Bayonets! game days, a few of us discussed the possibility of a having a game night close to Halloween at the Fort. Thanks to Lawrence being a member of the historical society (or is he the president?), we got to do just this. Bruce S. ran a fantastic scenario set during the later part of the 19th Century on the Austro-Hungarian border. In fact, Dracula's castle was on the table. There were all sorts of forces ranging from Zouaves on loan from the Pope to Pumpkin-headed demons. I ran a unit of Hungarian Chasseurs. The ones I didn't manged to get killed off ended up joining the ranks of Zombies. Here are a few pics of the game - most of my photos were blurred due to us playing only by candlelight.

The game was called a victory for the forces of Evil - well, better on the gaming table than elsewhere. After the game, Lawrence showed me and Adrian a spookier place. It was the building next to the one we played in - Quarters Number 3.
Lawrence said he has experience a lot of unexplained activity in the building - and some of the other ones. He spends a lot of time here as part of the historical preservation society - in which he is a reenactor too.

Suffice to say, it's a spooky place; and sharing the grounds with the Western State Hospital - with some dangerous characters locked up right behind the place only adds to it's "charm." Oh, I almost forgot to mention, but Lawrence said once he found a woman recently released from the hospital living in the building we gamed in. There were no signs of forced entry when he went in. When he asked the woman how she got in, she replied that the people running around on the roof let her in!

1:1 Poseable Droog Action Figure

 Picked this up off of ebay - most of the parts were made in Hong Kong, I think.
Still searching for a Durango 95 to go with it. Oh, oh, I hear Mr. Deltoid knocking at the front door...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Black Powder Napoleonic Rebasing

Using some nice Litko 40X40mm plywood bases (3mm thick), I managed to rebase all of the Victrix and Perry plastics I had on metal washers. These are all the line infantry types - I left the Voltigeurs on their washers for skirmishing & also for Sharp Practice gaming.
Here are the French - two 24-man Line units (Victrix), and one 24-man Light unit (Perry) - also 12 more Perrys that need to be increased to 24.
Next the British - four 24-man Line units (all Victrix) with colors representing the 3rd "Buffs", 27th Inniskilling (colors from the Perry box), and 42nd Blackwatch and 79th Cameron Highlanders; in the rear are the recently painted Perry infantry - still needing colors for the 2nd Coldstream Guards.

Acrylic latex caulking was used for texturing as well as attaching the figures. Once the caulking is dry it'll get some paint and static grass.

Perry Nap. British Infantry - Completed

Still need to get their colors (2nd Coldstream Guards) and base them, but they are essentially finished. After the Minwax Tudor stain was dry, Testors Dullcote was applied. The red coats were highlighted, and the faces were given a wash of Vallejo reddish brown ink/stain - just to soften the flesh. The high areas of the faces were touched up with Vallejo Skintone - which what was used as the base coat for the flesh before the Minwax stain.
I'm happy with the way they turned out and especially since I managed to finish them before picking up some OG 2nd Edition French tomorrow. A fairly large re-basing/basing project is next; all the line troops (like these British) are going onto Litko 40X40mm plywood bases - four figures per base. The French Voltigeurs and British Rifles will remain on 20mm round metal washers. This is recommended for skirmishers in Black Powder, and will also allow them to be used in Sharp Practice games too.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Perry Nap. British Infantry - WIP +3

Finished the basic block painting; will give them a Minwax Tudor stain tomorrow.
These guys are painted as Guards. The sergeant has gold lacing and cords, as well as chevrons. I'll add highlights as needed after the stain. Hopefully the smaller details will not be obscured by the stain - like the lacing on the cuffs and buttons. Should be okay.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Perry Nap. British Infantry - WIP +2

Managed to add the red to the jackets and blue facings. Since I've decided to make this a Guards unit, the NCO will have gold lacing - including his rank chevrons - cool!
I'll give the red some highlights before the Miniwax stain; however I could just as well add the highlights afterwards.

To top off the day, a copy of Hail Caesar and the order of Litko bases arrived thanks to the Post Master General!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Perry Nap. British Infantry - WIP +1

Over a black undercoat, the flesh and white items have been painted. Nothing special; just trying to stay within the lines as the figures will be given a Miniwax stain after all the basic colors are painted. Next willlikely be the red coats and blue facings; these will be given a little bit of highlighting - same as the black items like backpacks and headgear. ADDENDUM: I forgot to credit Doug Hamm (of Larry Leadhead fame) for instructing me on this technique a couple of seasons ago. Thanks again, Doug.
I'm trying to push myself as the Old Glory order of 2nd Edition French infantry will be picked up from my buddy on Saturday - at the Fright Night game.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Perry Nap. British Infantry - WIP

Using some spare Victrix parts, the box of Perry British Infantry has been assembled. There are 36 Line Infantry figures in the box, and also four Riflemen. I'm only using 32 of the Line figures - less two officers and two infantrymen. This makes them in multiples of four - which is how they'll be based. I going to class them as a Large unit for Black Powder; giving them a Stamina rating of 4. Most of the other line infantry units I have, both French and British, will be 24-figures strong; and classed as Regular sized. These British will be in blue facings and be either a Guards unit or KGL. Maybe in the future I'll add a Guard unit to the French of equal size and rating.
They will be primed black and given a decent block paint job prior to a Miniwax "dip." Hopefully I can have these done before an order of Old Glory 2nd Generation French arrive. I'll be at old Fort Steilacoom on Saturday night for a "Fright Night" of gaming. The place is haunted and shares the grounds with Western State Hospital. Criminally insane folks are there - and aren't invited to our game.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Martian VSF Game - 10/22/11

Participated in a large VSF game today at The Game Matrix. Mark W. hosted a Martian game using his modified TSATF rules. He and several others had brought so many cool figures, I didn't need to use the Japanese forces I brought. The scenario had a British steam tank broken down on the far end of the table, with several units of supporting infantry, and a supposed rescue unit of the majority of British forces coming on the opposite end. All British forces started with figures on the table. The Martians, with German allies, came on the board on blinds. Dave S. and I ran the British with the broken down tank. There was over a dozen players and things got really busy after a few turns. It was a long day, but good times. I didn't really know what was going on in the center, where all of the heavy action was going on, but it seemed like the Martians were getting the upper hand. Here are a few  photos I took - you may want to put on sunglasses.
I ended the day with a final charge into a German machine gun team, and ended up destroying them. Not a bad way to end the game.
During the game, Adrian and I discussed the possibility of using Sharp Practice for a smaller VSF type game using my Japanese and a still-to-be painted Martian forces he bought from Dale M. today. We might even host a small game at Enfilade! next May. Speaking of Dale, you can visit his website for many more photos of this game. Anyway, the game has rekindled interest in VSF/Steampunk - something I know very little of.

Friday, October 21, 2011

79th Cameron Highlanders - Victrix

Well, I did go ahead and repaint some of the previously painted 42nd Highlanders. All I did was add red and yellow overstripes to their kilts; as well as paint over their blue facings with green. After I add a command group of two colors and two musicians, they will be a 24-man unit.
The remaining 42nd Highlanders have 28-figures, but four of them are kneeling figures, so I may not use them. 24-figures is considered a "Regular" sized unit for Black Powder - basically a battalion. I don't think either Highland unit ever had more than one of their battalions in the Peninsular at any given time, so I figured I'd have one of each. I'm hoping to remove most of the figures I have on washers and rebase them four each to a 40X40mm wooden Litko base.

Napoleonic Projects - Pending

Well, no sooner than I was about to add some red and yellow stripes to some Highlanders - to convert them to a unit of 79th Cameron - my Architects of War order arrived. So, I either go forward with the work on the Highlanders, or start on a couple of Perry RHA units and a new Perry British infantry unit - likely a Guards or KGL unit; also, a Warlord Vivandiere and donkey completes the order.
Tomorrow I head to The Game Matrix to participate in a large VSF game - something do do with Martians - using a modified variant of TSATF. I'm bringing my Japanese RJW troops; we'll see if they can be involved.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Black Powder - First Game - 10/16/11

Thanks to my gaming buddies, Scott A., Adrian and James, an enjoyable intro to Black Powder was gamed today. Although it was the first time with the rules, all of us had a great time and the rules were really easy to understand and get through; we even used Congreve Rockets. The scenario we used was a scaled down version of the "El Perez" game illustrated in the rule book. The three British brigades needed to get at least half of their forces over a river via the one bridge. Two French brigades were to come on the table opposite the bridge to stop them. A small French garrison was on the other side of the river to make things interesting. Most of the units, both cavalry and infantry were Regular sized; only the units of British Rifles, Spanish Guerrillas and the French garrison were classed as Small. Here are a few photos I managed to take during the heat of battle.
The British went first, with some of their forces making for the bridge while others remained in place to hold off the advancing French. In fact, half the French failed their initial movement commands and remained off the board until their next turn.
Here are the stoic British rearguard.
The French right had a brigade including Hussars, infantry and artillery facing off a British brigade of 42nd Highlanders and 95th Rifles. The Hussars losing their round of close-combat ended up having to leave the table after a Break Test.
A fair portion of British managed to reach the bridge but were held off by the small French garrison who took up positions in a church. I failed to caption the photo - but the unit in the rear of the column are British Marines that my buddy Scott brought to the game.
Soon after the French Hussars left the field, a unit of French infantry closed in for combat with the Highlanders. NOTE: upon reviewing the Black Powder Forum, it appears the French infantry shouldn't have been in Attack Column within the town street - they should have had to reform (another Command/Movement) upon exiting the town into an Attack Column.
French heavy cavalry on their left flank. The supporting infantry having left the table due to results of a Blunder of rolling two 6's.
Here's a photo I lifted off my buddy's Face Book. In the true spirit of the rules, I ensured my gamers had ample sandwiches and brew.

After enough French units left the table due to Break Test and Blunder results, we called the game an eventual British victory. Although, I have to admit that small unit of French Voltigeurs in the church were still holding off large numbers of British bottle-necked at the bridge. All in all, we really enjoyed the rules and are committed to building up more forces for a rematch using another scenario - probably a more linear battlefield. A meeting engagement may work for this. I highly recommend Black Powder to anyone who likes simple and fast-play rules, while still maintaining a semblance of historical accuracy. One feature of the rules that I initially had some reservations with, the Command portion, actually ended up one of my favorites. I liked how the commander had to make his intentions known prior to his die rolls, and having to deal with the consequences should the roll end in a failed command or even worse, a Blunder!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Warlord Praetorians - Second Unit Completed

Thanks to Dave at Warlord who kindly sent me a sprue of parts that I was missing, as wells a full decal sheet - I was able to finish this unit. Since the sprue included additional figures, I added a figure to each unit; bringing them up to 21-men each. Here is the second unit with LBMS transfers.
And the two Praetorian units side by side - the red shields are included in the box and are traditional water-slide types.
As these are my first EIR units, it is similar to building a Napoleonic French army by starting with Old Guard, or a WW2 German army with King Tigers, but since they were acquired as a trade off for building some Victrix, I don't mind.

Tomorrow, I'm hosting a trial Black Powder game with a few buddies. We're using the "El Perez" scenario in the book; although scaled-down and modified with the far fewer figures than the Perrys used. The scenario, for those without the rulebook, has the British needing to cross the river in a fighting retreat. The French come on if they roll successful Command rolls. Although I think I read the rules correctly and the units can opt to use a one move Initiative move if they want to, ensuring they will at least get on the table.
Above is the set up before several more buildings and the river and bridge arrive courtesy of one of my buddies. Also, two others are bringing additional British troops - a Rocket unit and some British Marines. The table is 8 X 5 feet - looks tight, but at least we should get a good familiarization with the basic rules.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Perry Napoleonic Casualties - Black Powder Markers

To get ready for a trial Black Powder game next weekend, figured I better paint up some Perry casualties that were sitting unpainted for some time. Up until now I've only played Sharp Practice with Napoleonics and that system has individual figure removal so never needed these figures. Well Sharp Practice does have to keep track of Shock points, but I've used D10's for this in the past.
The figures are mounted on cheap plastic poker chips that have received a little dry brushed highlighting. Two of the French are Lights and the rest Line; the British have varied facings. The one British guy with his musket was done previously, but I don't plan on adding muskets to the rest - mainly for ease of handling. The plan is to use a marker with figure for the first casualty, and plain red or blue chips for subsequent casualties - placed under the first one.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Warlord Praetorian Guard - One Unit Completed

Even though I ordered enough blue shield decals for both boxes of figures, I decided to use the red set that came with one of the boxes. This way the two units will be a little different looking, while still somewhat uniform (armor-wise).
The second unit is still awaiting the missing helmeted heads, as well as the blue shield decals. Otherwise they are also completed.
I may order the Optio pack and add one to each unit to bring them up to 21-man units. This way they can be in three ranks of 7 figures - for WAB 2.0.