Friday, October 21, 2011

Napoleonic Projects - Pending

Well, no sooner than I was about to add some red and yellow stripes to some Highlanders - to convert them to a unit of 79th Cameron - my Architects of War order arrived. So, I either go forward with the work on the Highlanders, or start on a couple of Perry RHA units and a new Perry British infantry unit - likely a Guards or KGL unit; also, a Warlord Vivandiere and donkey completes the order.
Tomorrow I head to The Game Matrix to participate in a large VSF game - something do do with Martians - using a modified variant of TSATF. I'm bringing my Japanese RJW troops; we'll see if they can be involved.


  1. I'm sure they will let you play just on the cool factor alone of your Japanese troops!


  2. The Japanese troops look really neat.


  3. Thanks for the nice words, folks. I'm happy to get those troops on the table. So far, this will only be their third time out. The last time was for a Boxer Reb. game that I unfortunately couldn't play in - but let my buddies use them for their game. Best, Dean

  4. Decisions...decisions???
    Get the Scots done and dusted first, we know you don't want too, now you've got new goodies to paint!!