Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project Plastic + 2

Finished the two boxes of Warlord Praetorians. However, there is now a mystery - for some reason, I'm short four helmeted heads & six crests. I could've sworn the sprue trees (2 in each box) were intact when I opened them. Nothing left on the trees except shields and a few spare arms, pila, and some helmets that have no heads in them - weird. I hope I can get replacements as I wanted them in to units of 20. Otherwise they are nice figures and rank up well - even the pila throwing poses.
ADDENDUM: I just rec'd an email back from Dave at Warlord Games - he's sending me the replacement parts. What a great company!


  1. they look really great. and yes warlord is a very customer friendly company!!!

    at the moment i have enought to do with my 15mm romans boys. :-)

  2. I see you cranked out a bunch of plastic in short order. I so love working with the plastic models. The Warlord figures are really well done, a tad too small model wise to my liking but a great kit, and I was able to get 100 or so of them done fairly well. Once I got the hang of painting them they, painted up fairly well.

    What Victrix stuff I've gotten, haven't really been difficult to assemble. A bit brittle.

  3. PC: I forgot to mention that the Warlord plastic seems similar (if not the same) as the Perry ones. That is, it seems sturdier than Victrix. ALthough I have to say Victrix has a lot of fine details on their figures - so maybe that may a reason. The Warlord Romans are a bit smaller - probably size up with earlier stuff. But since I don't plan on building too big of an army, I'll likely stay with the brand. I'm thinking of a scenario of them fighting either Chinese or even otherworldly creatures! Virgin territory for me! Best, Dean

  4. Yea they are like 25-26 mm tall. Just about every tourney I play at they appear to be the shortest in height. But they do look good and rank up very well. Beware their Auxillaries in plastic are very much bigger in size, around 28-30 mm. I think I read somewhere they did this purposely, just does not work well imo. Some of Foundry's metal characters work with this though.

    I'm pretty sure they are of the same plastic as the Perry's, Avatars of War, Gripping Beast Plastics, and Immortal Miniatures. Their plastic is definitely on par with anything GW does in plastic.

    Oh I like Victrix's detail, I'm waiting to see what their Greeks look like if they ever get released.

  5. When you convert the heads on the 28mm Perry figures such as the French infantry, what type of tool do you suggest using? I'm new to conversions. Thanks.

  6. Beth: I used an Xacto hobby saw; better than trying to scalpel it off with a knife blade. Safer and more controlled. Best, Dean