Saturday, May 28, 2016

At Long Last, An Actual Gaming Post!

Just got back from the annual big historical gaming con here in the Pacific NW - Enfilade! I left after the Saturday morning period, and the con goes on until tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon. I ran a First St Albans Lion Rampant game on Friday afternoon (image below).
Here are some of just a handful of the other games going on during the Friday afternoon and evening, as well as Saturday morning periods.
Watling Street by Alyssa Faden - Bear Yourselves Valiantly
Will Ragnarok Never Come by Damond Crump and Bruce Smith - Dragon Rampant
Primordial Stew by Mike Garcia - Tusk
Khalkyn Gol Manchukuo 1939 by Bruce Meyer - Combat

Hochkirch 1758 by Kevin Burke - Shako SYW Variant

Nile Circus by Mark Johanson - TSATF
Trafalgar 1805 by Dave Kapaun - Sails of Glory
For Parliament or King by Gary Williams - home grown rules
Lutzen 1631 by Kevin Burke - Europe's Tragedy published by DBA 3.0 adaptation
Java 1942 by Victor Pecka - Bolt Action. I played in this game on the side of the winning Japanese forces.
Guagamela 331 B.C. by Dave Beatty - Armati 2
Channel Dash - Air Attack by Kevin Smyth and Dave Shueler - Mustangs (modified)
Second Martian Invasion Begins by Daryl Nichols - All Quiet on the Martian Front
Samurai Japan vs. Korea 1592 by Rick Stevens, White Rock Gamers - Armati 2
Again these are from just a handful of the over 120 games going on over the Memorial Day Weekend at Enfilade! I'm sure they'll be a lot of images posted on the Northwest Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (NHMGS) FaceBook later on - which will include the games held on Saturday afternoon and evening, as well as Sunday's games.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Samurai Armor Display Stand for $20

Here's the recently acquired samurai armor displayed on a scratch-built stand. Using an inexpensive ($13.00), but sturdy end table from Walmart, along with left over PVC tubing and a few connectors the final product is quite effective.
This is the traditional way samurai armor is displayed - sort of a seated position. Of course, an armor storage chest is supposed to be what the armor is seated on, but I didn't want to spend $200.00 for it - however nice it was.
I could cover the PVC stand with black cloth, but the back will be against a wall and not be visible.
Not pretty, but cheap and sturdy. Did I say this is part of the Frugal Armoury? :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Barefoot Samurai Lives!

It's been quite a while since my last post, and with apologies this new one is not about painting or gaming. However, I am slated to host a Lion Rampant game at the annual big convention, Enfilade!, here in the Pacific NW in a couple of weeks. So without further ado, here is a set of samurai armor that arrived today. I only ordered it a little over two weeks ago from Little Star Enterprises, Inc. - the US retailer for Iron Mountain Armory.  The price is very reasonable and the quality impressive.
Unlike European Medieval armor, I was able to put the entire kit on by myself. The pieces are secured by tying straps and the use of toggles for do/cuirass and sode/spaulders.
The range of motion is as good as if no armor is worn.
All the parts of the armor laid out. I ordered the lowest grade (read cheapest) armor, but the armorer upgraded parts like the haidate/cuisse and kote/armored sleeves for free. The menpo/face mask is one piece - the higher grades have the nose detachable. It's spot welded, so I may try to separate it.
I shortened the laces of the kusazuri/tassets by tying the laces together on the inside. I plan to modify the straps for the haidate/cuisse so they are worn like suspenders instead of being tied around the waist. I may also add ties to the back of them too, to keep them from flapping around while moving.
The nodawa/throat guard is laced to the menpo - so it's all or nothing with the face and neck guard.
Batter up!
Cheers from the Frugal Armory!