Friday, January 13, 2017

Siege of Haengju Setup

Well, I committed to running this game at our local big convention, Enfilade!, during the Memorial Day weekend. God willing, I'm hosting it in four periods. Incidentally, to beef up the Koreans I  ordered some Perry figures. These will be the first figures I've ordered (or painted) in years. Interestingly, I only kept one bottle each of Vallejo White and Flesh - the main colors needed for the figures. I threw out the few bottles of paint I had as they were almost empty and/or dried up. So much for my entry post in 2017 and for several months! Belated Happy New Year to you all!
I ran this game several years ago and figured it was time to run it again. These are some of the few figures I kept after selling off over half of my collection. It actually helped me refocus a bit regarding gaming.