Saturday, October 22, 2011

Martian VSF Game - 10/22/11

Participated in a large VSF game today at The Game Matrix. Mark W. hosted a Martian game using his modified TSATF rules. He and several others had brought so many cool figures, I didn't need to use the Japanese forces I brought. The scenario had a British steam tank broken down on the far end of the table, with several units of supporting infantry, and a supposed rescue unit of the majority of British forces coming on the opposite end. All British forces started with figures on the table. The Martians, with German allies, came on the board on blinds. Dave S. and I ran the British with the broken down tank. There was over a dozen players and things got really busy after a few turns. It was a long day, but good times. I didn't really know what was going on in the center, where all of the heavy action was going on, but it seemed like the Martians were getting the upper hand. Here are a few  photos I took - you may want to put on sunglasses.
I ended the day with a final charge into a German machine gun team, and ended up destroying them. Not a bad way to end the game.
During the game, Adrian and I discussed the possibility of using Sharp Practice for a smaller VSF type game using my Japanese and a still-to-be painted Martian forces he bought from Dale M. today. We might even host a small game at Enfilade! next May. Speaking of Dale, you can visit his website for many more photos of this game. Anyway, the game has rekindled interest in VSF/Steampunk - something I know very little of.


  1. Looks very good! I like the tanks and walker, and the cavalry looks interesting, what are the mounts?

  2. Now that's what I call a red game! Nice looking game.


  3. Interesting game, looks like great fun.

  4. Looks great. Wish I was there. TSATF is a very adaptable rule set.

  5. Thanks for the comments (and enduring the red glow).

    Scott: I'm not sure what the makes are, as all of the figures and terrain were from other gamers. I know there were some from Parroom Station, Eureka, OG, Reviersco, and several others. Many models were conversions.

    Best, Dean

  6. Lots of different manufactures Dean. Most of the Martians were original Bob Murch Space 1889 figures by RAFM. The mounts are Gashants, again from the original game, also from RAFM. Some Martians are Parroom Station. The non-Martians were a host of different makers. My Indians were OG, the steam elephant was Stonehouse Miniatures. I think most of Mark's Brits are Black Tree.

    It was a blast-glad you could make it. Mark and I have another game in the works. Perhaps a bit more orderly this time.

  7. Thanks for the information, Kevin.

    I didn't think it was out of control - at least on the end where Adrian, Dale, Herbie, me and Dave played. Wow! I just realized that's 5 players on only a small portion of the battlefield! I guess it did get pretty hectic where you guys were. The only thing I noted that seemed a bit "slow" was needing to shout out request for hit results to the GM, Mark. Of course, Mark did a great job considering how many players we had - that were yelling at him for these results! Best, Dean