Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Assault Group Followers w/Bow

Just a quick update - been really busy with work and also my buddy had car trouble last week so we didn't have our Samurai Skirmish playtest. Anyhow, I made a last minute order to add a few more The Assault Group foot archers for the game. I should've ordered them earlier, but they did arrive today. I hope to have them painted up for the actual game next Saturday. We are having a playtest tomorrow, so they may be used primered, or maybe just nominally represented with something else.
 I like the sculpting of these early-period Samurai. Seth Nash was the sculptor; who has long since left The Assault Group. I may get some West Wind Samurai later; they're a bit exaggerated in style, but could work.

The watercraft are all done too - stained and spray coated them; as well as adding some detailing on the prow. The larger one in the background is a kit I bought while in Korea - I removed some of the parts (like the sails and roof of the tower) to allow room for figures. Removable red-colored banners (hata jirushi) identifying them as belonging to the Taira have also been added.
Banners were also added to the watch towers. These are removable and inserted into those plastic protective sleeves that come on paint brushes. The huts were bought from a local Japanese store some time ago. Those blocks behind the walls are serving as runners for troops to fire from over the walls. That's what some of these new TAG bowmen are for.


  1. Those boats are just great and the fortified camp is also very nice!Excellent work!


  2. Hi,

    Lovely work an I can't wait to see the photos of your game.



  3. Thanks a lot for nice the comments! I am looking forward to this game. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Regards, Dean

  4. Dean, I'll be asking you to make stuff for me soon.
    It all looks great and should help make for a great game.
    Cheers Paul

  5. Can i just say wow all that work, i just scrolled down your page man these samurai look amazing love the boats it will be interesting to see how the game goes, I have a few samurai lying around here somewhere