Sunday, August 29, 2010

How to Build Samurai Watercraft w/Jo Ann's Pirate Ships

Finished scratch-building three small watercraft called kobaya. Well, I did use the Jo-Ann's wooden pirate ship model for the base. The lateral strips on the deck are from cut popsicle sticks, and the prows are balsa wood that was easily cut and sanded. The upper side panels are from thin balsa wood that was steamed in a microwave to have them bent to fit the curvature of the ships' bows. I Google'd "how to bend wood" and voila!
These will work well for the Ichi no Tani scenario, as well as other samurai games (even against Mongols).
Once the glue dries, they'll get a stain and also the prows will get a little detail - black tips and maybe a stripe. They should also have some tassels at the end too.

I'm glad these are done - considering I almost slid off our rear patio roof today. I was trying to wash mold & dried pollen from the plexiglass roofing, and was clever enough to spray water on the area I needed to cross. I slipped and hit my jaw as my body went into a perfect spread-eagle on the roof. It was a helpless feeling sliding on the plexiglass; luckily I came to a stop a few feet from the edge. I'll never do that again.


  1. This is amazing stuff Dean. You are incredibly prolific and creative.

    I know the cleaning the deck cover story, although I've never actually climbed on top of our. I've always tried to do it with a very long brush and water pressure. Be careful.

  2. Kevin:

    Thanks! Oh, and I will never get on that plexiglass roof again. I'll pop the screen out of our bedroom and use a long brush & spray like you've done. Regards, Dean

  3. Those are some fine landingboat!

    Eager to see the game.

  4. I'm glad your ok Dean, but I guess we are not talking Ninja?

    Nice model boats and its always good when you find some models which you can convert into something else.

  5. Thanks, Gents:

    A playtest is scheduled for this weekend; the actual game mid-Sept.


    Far from it - I almost knew it would happen though; and when I did the face-plant, slide - I kept thinking, "What a dumb way to go." Live and learn, no matter what age, I guess. Regards, Dean

  6. Dean:

    Great work on the Samurai stuff!!

    I was wondering if I could make a request of you:

    I was so impressed with your recent postings about the Napoleonics games, that I ordered some of the Brigade Games Spanish buildings that were in the photos of the AAR.

    Would it be an imposition to ask your gaming pal how he painted those up - I really think the look evokes Spain perfectly, and I'd like to copy - er, - paint mine in a similar manner :-)

    You can contact me at