Monday, August 16, 2010

Samurai Ship Conversion - WIP

Actually it's a Korean P'anokson type of ship model that I bought when I was stationed in Korea a few years ago. Now I wish I bought a couple more - and different types. Anyway, it's probably 1/150th scale, but after removing the sail and tower, it'll pass as a Japanese ship of the period. In fact, the construction of the Japanese ships of the period were based on Korean and Chinese examples.

A Curteys and a few TAG figures on the deck to show the scale.
I may stain the deck and the lower portion of the hull a darker color. The darker stain may disguise the cut outs for the sails and tower a bit. Also, I may use the Taira butterfly mon on the shields on the deck.

The foamcore base has been cut out to allow the ship to sit more at a waterline. I plan to add some "whitewash/foam" around the oars, bow and trailing the stern with silicone acrylic caulking.
Here's a quick (& sloppy) diagram of how the battlefield may look like. I plan to use a 5 X 6' table for this. I can't really draw by dragging a mouse.


  1. Very cool ship model
    I'm looking forward to seeing the battle play out.

  2. What branch of the military and I thought you also sculpted that two! It looks great and is it perfect for scale or a little big?

  3. Aaron:

    The ship is laser cut wood kit that I purchased while stationed in Korea with the Army. There were some pretty neat ship models at this hobby store near where I lived. I wasn't really into gaming then, so it didn't occur to me what they could be used for. Regards, Dean

  4. That looks very cool and quite useful for scenario's.


  5. Really well done and very a interesting project.
    cheers paul