Saturday, August 7, 2010

Perry French 9th Hussars - Completed

Managed to complete these guys today. They're painted up as the 9th Hussars; a personal favorite, along with the 3rd Hussars.

These are the fiddly parts. They actually aren't difficult to attach to the figures. I used super glue and they seem to be very sturdy. The carbines have a little hole on the opposite side that the sling swivel fits into. I also glued the muzzle end to either the rider's leg or sheepskin shabraque. The sabretaches are finished with print outs that were kindly shared by fellow-TMPer, Aldo (TMP handle: Paleoveneto). The officer, bugler and elites will get the full-dress ones, and the remainder for the line trooper. Addendum: I now realize the officer's sword & sabretache belts should be scarlet, edged gold - as his crossbelt. I guess that's what happens when I production-line the painting. This grave error shall be corrected. 
Here they are ready for gaming next Saturday. Now I can develop the scenario for the game - basically the French doing a fighting retreat out of Spain.
In retrospect, these aren't that bad to paint; and with the sabretache designs for all the French regiments, it is tempting to do up another unit - possibly the 3rd. However, I do want to do up a British RHA unit, and also a British hussar unit too.


  1. Wow, really incredible blog, im very shocked for this fantastic hussars, well done, im making currassiers, and put some photos in my blog, i bought the "Napoleon Rules" by Foundry and are fantastic.
    Very nice blog!!!!
    Very Inspirated!!!
    I put my link if u want take a look!!!!

  2. Alex:

    Thanks for you kind comment; I'll be sure to check out your blog. Dean

  3. Lovely painting! That is a fine regiment. A lot of detail on them. Thank god I don't paint Napoleonics. ;-)

  4. Simon:

    Thanks - yeah, I got sucked in with Nap. skirmish gaming - still don't plan on doing "big battles." It's cathartic to paint up one box/unit per. I still have a unit of Foundry Silver Shields to work on too. Regards, Dean

  5. Skirmish gaming- I see why you've based them individually, now.

    I have (quite) a few silver shields to paint, too! I should really be painting them now, but I'm following my brush which loves EIRs just at the moment.

  6. Dean - they are fantastic. I got a set of those sabretache graphics too - wish I'd found them before I painted that hussar command! They really look the business and you have shamed me into action - I've fallen so far behind with uni & work 0- I've got a mountain of painting to do. I'll just pop by your blog from time to time to remind me and get fresh inspiration!


  7. Fantastic painting Dean. Looking forward to see the report of your skirmish game with them.