Saturday, August 14, 2010

1:1 Urban Terrain Touch Up

Having such a great time playtesting a Napoleonics game yesterday, I had to pay for my sins by painting some 1:1 Urban Terrain. Mostly repainting trim; which made me think how "Old School" this is. If this were vinyl siding, this time-consuming, and somewhat awkward, task would be negated. Next time, I might try the Dip method.
Anyway, this gets me a pass to get some dim sum and roast duck later today.


  1. I have to add a second coat to our deck beams. Fortunately, I don't have to scale any roof-tops!


  2. Ted:

    It wasn't that bad - with the wife helping (actually painting all the lower portions of the trim), we were done with most of the front portion of the house in 2 hours. We started at about 9:00am and were cleaning up around 11:00am. The idea was to get the side with shade before the sun moved over it. Dean

  3. Dean

    Being a licensed workplace health and safety inspector I will have to view these pictures with my eyes mostly closed..... mostly. :-)

    Isn't house maintenance just the most fun you can have?

  4. I agree - the project was undertaken without much...shall we say, pre-planning. We'll hire some professionals next time. My older brother and I repainted an entire home in Hawaii by ourselves once - but that was about 14 years ago (14 years younger that is).

    And you're right - it really put home ownership and upkeep in perspective. Dean

  5. hehehe mine needs painting on the outside, whats your brother doing lately? I ended the pleas from she who must be restrained to paint it by simply stating I could find a much easier way to break my neck if that is what she wanted and handed her the phone book, "look under P."
    I don't mind painting so much but I've seen some bad accidents from falls that really were from far lesser heights. Guess I'm getting older and I dont seem to bounce like I used to, more a thup sound.

  6. You're right about the dangers - when I was up there, it occurred to me that I had two uncles (different sides of the family) who had bad accidents while doing chores up high. One was redoing his roof & the other was on a ladders (age 80-plus!) trimming a tree. Dean