Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Battle of Ichi no Tani - WIP

Completed the three Taira watch towers for the scenario. Stained them and the Taira ship with Mini Wax. Some TAG guys manning the towers for scale.
After prowling ebay and miniature companies for walls, I decided to try my hand at scratch-building wooden barricades for the Taira camp.  I used popsicle sticks cut in thinner strips for the siding - 50mm for the taller ones, and 40mm for the lower ones. Chopsticks are at the ends to place onto a base. These will also get the stain treatment. I'll build several more, but probably not enough for a full enclosure of the camp.
Since the Taira fled the capital and found refuge on this beachhead, I don't think they had time to construct anything elaborate. Also, this Japanese mini-series shows the Taira in a camp-like setting with very basic wooden structures - and no real perimeter defense. Of course, for the actors' and horses' sakes, the descent from the actual sheer cliffs behind the camp is only dramatized.


  1. These look great!
    Cool idea.

  2. A greta project. I'll try it in Napoleonic times!

  3. Thank you, Gentlemen. I'm building a few more "feet" of walls and hopefully do up several gates today. Dean