Thursday, August 26, 2010

Battle of Ichi no Tani - WIP + 2

Just another quick update on the progress for this game - finished the walls and gate for the Taira encampment near the sea. Still need to get the actual "sea" in front of the camp. This will likely be some type of cloth cut of the appropriate color. The Taira ship will sit somewhere on it to add some fire power in the form of archery from its deck. If I have time, I'd like to add some smaller boats for Taira troops to either head to shore or flee to sea with.

Here are a few shots of the possible set-up of the Taira encampment. My buddy has some bamboo fencing that can extend the enclosure towards the rear. On his advice, I'm not even going to attempt a cliff in the back of the camp. Those little hootches were bought from a Japanese novelty store at a local mall.
The rear edge of the table will be the base of the cliff, and the Minamoto will appear at that edge as if completing their movement down the cliff. The first play test is set for next weekend. Too many other commitments this weekend (i.e. a memorial service and finishing painting the trim on the 1:1 Urban Terrain).


  1. That's all looking very nice!


  2. Christopher:

    Thanks - I hope to add the "sea" portion this weekend - after checking out suitable cloth at a craft store. Regards, Dean

  3. Great!! If you do your 1:1 Urban terrain at the same speed as your Japanese terrain you will finish fast ;)



  4. Andres:

    Heheheh; thanks for the sentiment on the house painting. Regards, Dean