Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Assault Group Followers w/Bow - Painted

The T.A.G. "Followers" with bow are painted; still need to flock the bases, but they're ready for next Saturday's game. It's been some time since I've painted Samurai, but these guys weren't too bad. No helmets or sode (shoulder armor) to paint. Plus the sculpting by Seth Nash is very good; a light dry-brush picked up most of the armor lacing. Besides not painting the eyes, I also only gave the lacing behind the shin guards a wash. As Chugen (or Followers), their bows only have minimal bindings - as the more binding was a sign of higher rank.
For the game scenario, these guys will start off manning the walls (on platforms) in the Taira camp. If they come off the platforms, they will need to form up with the nearest Taira unit. Also, as they will be facing out towards the sea at the start of the game, if they chose to fire at the Minamoto cavalry that enters the camp in the back, they will need to count a move to turn around and face inwards of the camp. This is significant because although they have the same range as Samurai with bows (24" max) - at 12"-24" they suffer a -1 to hit - and they hit at long on 6. Which means they aren't good enough to move and fire at long range targets.


  1. Wow! That's an incredible turn-around from mere primer!


  2. Dean - I've been following your Samurai project and these figures, together with your scenery (encampment and boats) are fantastic. Look forward to seeing you game them.


  3. Hello. your work is really good. I am a member of an association of Spanish wargamers, and wanted to ask permission to publish your articles on our site translated into Spanish. Of course with your name. We await your response. Our site is Thanks.

    1. Gosh, Alvaro. I only now saw your request - I'm so sorry, but you sure can publish this article. Again, I'm very sorry I hadn't seen this back when you posted it. Regrets, Dean