Friday, October 1, 2010

Operation Cobra - DH/CF7B

On a whim, I decided to host a Disposable Heroes/Coffin for Seven Brothers game today. My usual gaming buddy, Adrian N., was tied up with school work, so I offered to host a small game with Ted H. I warned Ted that I hadn't played DH/CF7B for several years and only re-read the rules last night. However, Ted being the stoic trooper and always willing to try anything once, happily agreed to play. We determined at the outset to play five turns and see what happened. Surprisingly, we managed to play all five turns; although we did a lot of rules checking throughout. Mainly this was for checking stats for vehicle hits and such. We agreed that these rules are strongly geared to favor infantry over AFVs; or at least it gives the infantry good odds - you just need enough AT weapons.

The scenario is based loosely on Operation Cobra - the breakout from the Normandy Beachhead. The 4th Armored Division played a prominent role in this operation. Their opponents for this game were mostly Fallschirmjaeger, along with armor support. Here are a bunch of photos of the game.

Most of the figures are Victory Force Minis, and most of the vehicles either Corgis and those cheap plastic vehicles that Walmart carried several years ago. The majority of the terrain are the pieces kindly supplied for use at The Game Matrix where the game was played.


  1. Looks like there is alot of work in those buildings

  2. Now that's impressive. Keep playing DH and posting pics.

  3. Good pics and seemed an interesting game. Can you provide some OOBs? I deserted DH for TWT a couple of years ago, but the game scale is similar. Thanks

  4. Thanks for the game Dean! I had a great time and you did a great job on your figures and toy conversions. LOL'd at your "crazy drive-by" comment at the end. I'll be sure to steal, I mean, borrow that phrase!


  5. Hi Dean

    Those rules are a lot of fun once you get used to them - you sure need some mighty fine dice work to get any hits let alone knock out the more heavily armoured tanks but once you're zeroed in...

    I just played an early war one with French vs German with Czech tanks. Note to self: don't assault infantry in buildings armed with automatics and machine guns. I was French and those Krauts didn't stand a chance! It really is fun though.

    Your figures and terrain are superb BTW.


  6. Thank you all for the great comments. I'll probably play some more DH/CF7B games, but I'm waiting to try the scenario out with another set of rules, possibly Stargrunt II. I'll be sure to post an AAR w/photos if we ever get around to it.

    I'm also waiting for some Litko movement trays for the Mycenaean/Trojan army. Need to get a few Chariot Wars WAB games in too ;)! Regards, Dean

  7. Anibal:

    Here's a Wiki OOB