Saturday, October 23, 2010

Victory Force Minis - Fallshirmjaeger HMG & AT Team

These are Victory Force Miniatures that I ordered a couple of weeks ago when they were on sale for 45 percent off. I figured I might as well get them in addition to the panzerschreck guys.

The MG 42 gunner and loader were painted with splinter pattern smocks, while the NCO giving orders and the panzerfaust guy are in tan water pattern.
The next photo includes the earlier painted panzerschreck firer.

I like these figures, and only wish some had the cloth covers on their helmets.


  1. Excellent work. The camo smocks are always difficult to paint, but you've really done them well.

  2. These look awesome even without helmet covers. You could add covers by wetting some tissue paper with diluted white glue and applying it and letting it dry. It should do the trick nicely.

  3. Beautiful and full of character. You are a very talented painter Dean - but I have already said that on numerous occasions!


  4. Thanks again for your kind approvals, Gentlemen. I'm looking forward to a game-day in a couple of weeks at the Boeing Museum of Flight. I hope to get in on a game recreating the Gran Sasso Raid. Warm Regards, Dean

  5. They look terrific Dean! I've just been doing WWII skirmish myself - the Kokoda campaign (just started it) Been wondering which ones I should collect for my skirmish set - your figures have just inspired me - its gonna be the Battle of Crete! ANZACs versus German paras. Yours look so good I've just gotta get me some!


  6. Lovely work! Beautiful minis, too.

  7. In addition to your fine painting skills, what over-awes us local admirers, is how fast you can paint your figures! Great job!