Sunday, August 14, 2011

Black Powder and Other Things

A copy of Warlord's Black Powder arrived yesterday in the mail. Skimmed through much of it last night until being overwhelmed by cheap wine. At the same time, I'm getting ready to host a Sharp Practice game in a couple of weeks. Haven't played it in over a year, but it's all coming back pretty well. The two figures are Victrix models that I just painted as they were "needed" for the Sharp Practice game. One a Big Man, the Pioneer to fill the ranks.
It's nice to know the current basing of my Napoleonics will work with Black Powder. The individual figures are on 20mm washers - which are then mounted four to a stand for line units. Rifles and other skirmish type troops are mounted either as singles or two to a stand. As far as the basic rules go, I'm glad I slept on the movement portion. Last night I initially had trouble reconciling the commands for movement - specifically when does the movement end and a new one begin. I think I have it now - but, a playtest will tell for sure.

Another recent project was trying to get my pale green gaming table cloth a little more varied in coloring. Using a discount coupon for Jo-Ann's, I picked up a set of "camo" fabric paint.
At first it looked promising, but after the colors dried, they seemed to have faded back to the original pale green. The cans don't cover that much area too; and not really worth the price (before the discount, for sure).
Not wanting to spend another dime on this project (at least for now), I delved into my left-over spray paints and thought the "Sweet Cream" that was used as base flesh coat for some Gauls awhile back would work. I ended up emptying the can and it looks okay. Could use some highlights of other colors here and there. Good enough for now, though.


  1. Nice, and I need to pick up a copy of BP myself someday.
    I've heard spray cans usually don't cover much. I hope I find a good one as I need to touch up a terrain matt myself.


  2. Christopher:

    I think BP is very well put together and edited; fine artwork too.

    For spraying/re-spraying mats, I'd suggest using any aerosol color that looks good - no need for fabric spray. The regular spray can I used seemed fine; the cloth is still very pliable and soft. Best, Dean

  3. The mat looks okay, but look what it did to your grass!!

  4. JM: LOL! Less watering = less mowing ;)! Best, Dean