Friday, August 5, 2011

Truants ACW Naval Game - 8/5/11

Somewhat slower than we were last year, we faithful Truants showed up today at The Game Matrix for another great game. This one was an ACW naval game GM'd by Kevin Smyth. I think the rules are called "Ironclads." Most of the other players were familiar with these rules, but as I'd only played these rules once before (last year, at that), it was bit intimidating at first. Of course, the other Truants are always helpful trying to bring me up to speed. After about 8 turns, I think I actually understand the basics now. Anyway, it was a really fun game, and pretty fast considering it does require a lot of chart referencing. For more about the rules and models, please visit Kevin's blog.
Along with Mark and Chris, I ran some of the Union vessels. The one on fire is the Rhode Island, run by yours truly. The fire was initially started by hits from the Confederate fort, but I helped increase the level by consistently bad die rolls - trying to put it out.
Here's the other ship I ran, the Kearsarge; which I managed to keep afloat even after an attempted ramming by a Confederate ironclad.
This is one of our, Union, ironclads run by Mark. He did really well bombarding the fort and keeping his distance from Confederate ships.
The game was called a Confederate victory by a narrow margin. Their fort was likely to fall to offshore bombardment, but the wooden ships that Chris and I ran were taking a beating from the Confederate ironclads. We were at a disadvantage as the scenario had us towing (and greatly slowing our movement) boats with mine clearing personnel from an earlier mission. We eventually ended up cutting their lines to fend for themselves, but by then it was too late. We should've cut them free early on and headed full-speed towards the fort and assist in reducing it with gunfire. That's what I think anyway. Not sure what next week's game will be, but I will likely host a Sharp Practice or Great War game the week after.

ADDENDUM: For more detailed report of this game, please see Kevin's blog.


  1. Looks like a good game Dean.

  2. I think if I play it a few more times it'll stick. The rules make a lot of sense, but the various charts still have me a little confused. Dean

  3. I think I have only ever played one ACW naval game. In about the second move I hit the main enemy ship and had to roll "0,0" on two d10's to sink it. I did and that was game over. But we decided that it didn't happen and just carried on.

  4. Great looking game - I really like the forts and I'm working on the 1/600 scale version of the Kearsarge right now.

  5. I have to admit, I don't play enough Naval (or Air) games; both are very interesting with great rules & models. And, the local crews are hosting such routinely - I'll make it a point to get in on more of them. Regards, Dean

  6. Nice looking game and write up. I think it would be fun to paint a few Ironclads up.


  7. If I'm correct, it is the old Yaquinto "Ironclads" game. Both it and Wooden Ships, Iron Men struck me as being ideal boardgames that could become tabletop miniatures games.