Saturday, August 20, 2011

Old Glory Ashigaru Spear & Teppo - WIP

These figures are not bad at all - IMO. Some of the individual poses are quite nice, actually. Funny how some OG sculpts, even within the same pack vary in quality. One would think this is would be common, but taking the Perrys as an example and all of theirs are uniformly excellent. Overall though, I'm quite happy with these guys, especially since I got them a discounted price from
These will be painted in a production line system, like the earlier archers were. Basic block painting of flesh, the minimal areas of exposed clothing, and the little bit of lacing on the armor. Once the paint is blocked painted, they'll get a dip in Miniwax Tudor Stain. They will also be based the same as the archers were - mostly on four to a 40X40mm bases, with a few singles.


  1. Those OG figs do look pretty decent. Their vikings are pretty terrible for the most part. OG is hit and miss; if there are plastic alternatives, I'd skip the OG crapshoot... But those figs do look nice... please, please don't get me started on another period!


  2. Thanks N. I like the fact they OG figures are usually easy to paint (these definitely too to the dip well enough) and quite robust for gaming. BTW, I have the OG Viking Longship - the seated guys (rowing) look pretty good. The leader dude is so-so. Best, Dean