Sunday, August 28, 2011

Perry Foot Samurai - WIP + 1

Just a quick update before taking a break. Actually not so much a break, but will go in my backyard to cut out some bamboo to transplant in another area of the yard. Anyway, painted the crests and metal ornaments for the swords, as well as cloth ties for the arm and shin armor. Some of the figures also had thigh armor (haidate); these were painted too.
Kept the painting to basic colors; the sword scabbards are either black, for the guys in russet or red armor; and russet color for the ones in black armor. For the sword grips, red, blue or green was dabbed along the grip to make it appear as lacing.
I think all that's left to paint is the clothing - which only show up in small areas from the armor. That and their sashimo - which I'll take a little time researching for nice ones. Oh and their spears still need to be made out of brass rod. I'll try to make these a little nicer than the ones the Ashigaru have.


  1. Really enjoying you work on the Samurai (trying not to get too tempted!!!). Very nicely done.

  2. Paul:

    Thanks! I'm sitting on the fence about getting that pack of 3D sashimono too. Best, Dean

  3. Just like Paul really enjoy watching this army grow. Very nice!


  4. They look good already! Nice, clean painting!

  5. good stuff and gives me ideas as I consider this era - been reading some free rules and am thinking about getting Killer Katanas II.

    From what I hear, I probably won't play KKII but will use it as reference.

    I would play in 6mm because I'm a little sick in the head and cheap.

  6. Very nice painting. Great looking Samurai.