Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ancient Naval Project (Waiting in the Wings)

Ever since playing Roman Seas a few years ago, I've had a bug for Ancient naval warfare - at least the gaming side of it. I once had a decent sized fleet of paper ships in 1/300th scale, but sold it off after I decided to use 1/1200th scale ships. I somewhat regret doing this for a couple of reasons, one I sold it to someone outside of the local gaming group, and for another I've yet to replace it. Anyway, I've acquired a few 1/1200th & 1/900th models; still to be painted.
The 1/1200th are Langton that Kevin Smyth was kind enough to sell for a bargain price. The 1/900th are Valiant models that were also bought for a good price at the last Enfilade! convention. The two scales seem to be compatible with each other. This especially so as the basic construction of the ships are similar and the main difference is the size. My gaming buddy Adrian and I are seriously contemplating fleshing out our respective fleets with some Navwar models.

BTW, I spent a relaxing evening sipping Bloody Marys and cleaning my Walther P38/P1. I spent the day at work daydreaming about it; plan to hit the firing range on Sunday with another gaming buddy, Scott A. with his Colt .45. Should be interesting - two of the mainstay sidearms of WW2.

EDIT: I found this great site on painted Langton models by one Mr. Watkins. I will definitely be referring to this site.

EDIT+1: Another great site; this time with an awe-inspiring amount of ships.


  1. Interesting and looking forward to seeing it. I've also been looking at maybe doing some navel stuff, but not ancients rather ACW Ironclads.


  2. Thanks, Christoper. After I finish the Samurai, I think I'll take a shot at painting these ships. Need to find some online tutorials. Never painted anything in this scale before - uncharted waters :)! Best, Dean

  3. This may be redundant if you have read the recent TMP post, but here are photos of Navwar, Langton and Valiant ships:


    The top row of the last photo includes the same Valiant models you have, used as non-cataphract triremes due to the similarity in size to the Navwar triremes.

  4. Oh no, not redundant at all - I saw that post (actually posted a reponse too). That is ton of ships there - something I would love to play. The link I just posted had closer shots of the actual ships (Langton anyway) - that's all. But, thanks, that is a great link. Best, Dean