Sunday, August 14, 2011

Simple Peninsular Terrain

Here's a simple layout with easily transportable terrain that will be used for an upcoming Sharp Practice game. Since the game will be held at our FLGS, The Game Matrix, I wanted stuff that was not only easy to set up, but also easy to store and transport.
The ground cover is a cloth which has been given some variation of color - mainly light green & tan. Two low hills were created using some packing material that was cut into irregular shapes, and stuffed under the cloth.
One hilltop is forested, and the other has a church which will be a garrison for the French.
I've had the pine trees for a long time and can swap them out with other types using the bases that have slots for the trees. The roads were a prize I won from the recent Enfilade! convention. They were donated by Wizard Kraft Modular Terrain. Here, the recently completed French Artillery Train along with some Perry and Victrix figures are testing these fine roads out
Looking at the set up now, I think I'll either pull the walls back or remove them altogether - to allow more space for cavalry to maneuver.
ADDENDUM: I rearranged some things to allow a larger area to maneuver forces - the two hills were moved back towards their edges; and the walls were moved away from the roadside and more or less enclose the church/garrison.


  1. Looks very nice, it will certainly do the job!!

  2. Thanks! Gent. I just tweaked it a bit; moved both hills back a little more to the edge; and also arranged the walls so they are enclosing the church grounds instead of along the roadside. Should allow for more "battle space." Best, Dean

  3. Are those 4" roads? Damn! That was your prize. Some day I need to win a prize at Enfilade. Looks great. Is this what we're playing on the 26th?

  4. Kevin:

    The roads are about 4 1/4" counting the flocked edges; the roadway themselves area bout 3 1/4" - perfect for 28mm. Yes, this will be the tabletop for our Sharp Practice game on the 26th. I even got my copy of Black Powder yesterday; but will stick to the SP scenario I've come up with. But - we will definitely be doing some BP in the near future.
    Best, Dean

  5. No problem with that set up Dean, looks great.

  6. simple, effecitve, nice to the eye, and not very costly. Could we ask for more?

  7. Hello Dean,

    great terrain you've made there. I also found a lot of very nice painted figures on your blog. And I must say you are a really good painter!

    PS1: thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

    PS2: seems to be that I'm your 200th follower. Congrats for that! And I added you to my list.


  8. Thanks again, Gents.

    Peter - Zvezda makes some of the best figures (in any scale). If I hadn't switched to 28mm, I would've gotten those elies too. And thanks for getting this blog up to an even 200. Best, Dean