Friday, August 5, 2011

Wargames Factory Numidian Light Infantry - WIP

Glued the parts together for 12 javelinmen:
Also put together some test/sample figures for a bowman, couple of slingers, musician and standard bearer. There is another simpler standard that appears to be horsehair topped. The bows and quivers with arrows are particularly nicely sculpted. The sword and scabbard are a bit oversized, but still nice. This set is great for a parts bin as it has a lot of standards and horns for musicians.
The javelinmen will be painted block-style in basic colors and then given a dip in Miniwax Tudor Stain. Plan to add bucklers so they don't get auto-killed on hits. Since I have enough Cretan archers already, I'll probably finish the rest up as slingers. I already have a lot of Redoubt slingers from their Trojan War range, but as they are stark naked, I think these tunic wearing guys will look better for later periods. Now I'm off to my FLGS to check in on a Truants game.


  1. One thing I forgot to mention; it's that the plastic seems very durable - similar (if not the same) as the type the Perrys use for their plastics. Regards, Dean

  2. Yea those definitely look like they have better detail than the Romans and barbarian kits that I bought samples of. I just saw some of their greeks, they seem to be getting the hang of things. The plastic on their older stuff was little bit different the Perry's or Warlord Games stuff. Seemed more like a lot of the 1/72 scale kits that I have.