Friday, August 26, 2011

Truants Final Game for 2011 - 8/26/11

Hosted a Sharp Practice game today at the Game Matrix. This was the final Truants game for the season. Several of the Truants managed to make it in for the game today. Bruce and Al ran the French, and Adrian and Scott the British. The scenario was a French plan to ambush and destroy British and allied forces. The French commander, Colonel Steve Zissou "the Mad" had devised a scheme to trick the British into thinking an artillery train was carrying gold to their garrison. Unfortunately, the plan sort of back fired as the British, with units of 42nd Highlanders as well as two units of British Rifles used superior fire power to send the French scurrying back to their garrison. As I was GMing, I only managed to take a few photos - not one of the artillery train, unfortunately.
In spite of most of the players being new to the rules, as well as me being a bit rusty with them, we all had a good time. We even discussed adding some house rules to make them flow better. One was changing Formations. We think a Big Man with appropriate Initiative should be able to change his Formations without having to roll for movement to succeed. Just the cost of the Initiative should allow this.
EDIT Here are a few more photos taken by Adrian (lifted off of his Facebook): Guerrillas on a hill spying the French.
Hussars taking fire from their right flank - prior to charging into the Highlanders in column to their front.
Also, I had recently posted a "Want Ad" on TMP for Old Glory French Middle Guard and/or British Fusiliers. TMPer VirtualScratchBuilder quickly responded that he had a few spares and sent them to me free of charge. They look great and size up well with Perry and Victrix.


  1. Great looking game, Dean.
    I'm intrigued at how the Highlanders managed to survive the flank charge, tho'!

  2. Oh, they actually did fine. I just posted a photo taken by one of the players - it shows the Hussars taking fire from other British troops prior to engaging the Highlanders to their front. Best, Dean

  3. Right; the artillery train really wasn't a factor in the game. The British players wanted to get to it, but as luck would have it they never rolled high enough for movement towards it. Plus, with their Rifles having longer ranged weapons, they tended to stay at distance. Best, Dean

  4. Very nice looking game Dean. The hussars look wonderful.

  5. A great looking game, I like the look of the Spanish Guerillas, they painted very nice!!
    Its great to here of more wargame/blog/TMP kindness going on too, just shows you, there are some great people out there really!!!

  6. Great looking game Spanish look fantastic!