Saturday, August 27, 2011

Perry Foot Samurai - WIP

Finally managed to get some colors onto these figures. These are three packs of foot Samurai wielding spears. Started on the armor first (besides their faces) as I wanted to get all the troublesome lacing out of the way. The sculpting is very nice, but I wish they'd exaggerated the lacing to ease painting.
This morning I lucked out and was able to buy the last Walther P38 the local Cabela's outdoor store was selling as limited stock. In fact, they had just put up a sign that the P38's were sold out before my number was called. I stuck around to check out a Mossberg 88 shotgun. When I mentioned I had really came for a P38, the salesman said there was one left. Apparently the guy before me changed his mind because it was the display model and didn't have a holster. They knocked off the price and I was able to get it for about $330.00. Of course, these are pre-owned guns that were purchased from Germany. I think Cabela's unloads these every so often in "very limited" quantities (their terminology). Anyway, I have to wait about 5 days for the background check. I'll post pics of it after I pick it up.


  1. Yea I think those would give me fits to paint.

    That is a handgun I have never shot. I've been thinking about getting a Henry .45 lever action lately.

  2. Those look like they are coming together very nicely well done.

  3. The figures are looking good!! I've never shot a handgun before, always wanted to have a go though!

  4. Excellent, they are coming along very well.

  5. Cabelas is a real nice place to do business with, very professional of course I dont have one locally, so i have buy what i want by mail. Just bought 2 more black powder civil war guns a few weeks ago. I'll be shooting next week

  6. Nice figs as usual.

    When you get your P38, let me know, we can go to the range and I can show you what a real combat handgun is... M1911A1.

  7. Thanks, Gents. The Perry Samurai are a very nice, but the details of the lacing are a little hard to make out - it depends on the result you want. I'm going for a good wargaming standard for these; not spending too much time on them.

    Psych PC & Captain Richard: Someday I'll probably get a "period" gun too.

    Scott: Definitely - should be ready for pick up this coming week.

    Best, Dean

  8. The Samurai are looking good!

    Wow, a P38, that's fantastic! I look forward to the pics.

    My wife's brother-in-law gave me an Arisaka carbine, and I'm just waiting to get it checked out at a local gunsmith's shop before I test fire it. Very limited amount of ammo.