Monday, August 29, 2011

Picked up a Walther P38/P1 today

Got a call this afternoon that the Walther P38/P1 was ready for pick up; that is, my background check was completed and the real me must not be on file. Anyway, it's even nicer than I remembered from quickly looking it over on Saturday. I thought there was more wear, but it looks fine. I'll try and figure out what year it was made using the serial number.
Disassembled - as far as I want to for now anyway - along with the two magazines, and cleaning kit that came with it. I'm not sure what that chain thingee is; it has a bore brush clipped to it. Yes, I will definitely spend some time cleaning it this weekend - or maybe tomorrow night.
Hope to test fire it at the range this weekend. BTW, I'm not a gun collector, but this is a nice historic piece. This is actually only the second gun I've ever owned. I once had a .380 over 20 years ago; it was for personal protection, but I got rid of it after a year or so. This pistol was acquired as sort of a fluke. My wife mentioned we should get something for home protection - so I was initially looking at shotguns (Mossberg 500 or 88), but just last week the local Cabela's said they had a "very limited stock" of P38/P1's going on sale this past Saturday - first come first served. I lucked out and got the very last one - missing a holster, but who cares. I have a Bianchi holster (the US military issue for Berettas) - fits good.


  1. Nice score. The chain is a pull through bore cleaner. Don't use it as it creates excess wear on the barrel, I recommend a modern nylon type with the brushes embedded in it, much better than a rod.

  2. Thanks for the tip Matt. I wondered about that - it looked pretty rough to be run through the barrel. I will definitely be getting one of those rope cleaners. Best, Dean

  3. That is an interesting pistol. Not shot one of those. I would also stay away from the chain.

    I currently own two, a Ruger .44 Mag revolver hand cannon, and a Tauraus 45 ACP, their version of the 1911 in modern form.

    I like the Tauraus as it has a deep spur and grip safety in addition to the normal safety. And the grip is not overly huge.

  4. Nice pistol. Thought about getting a hand gun for home protection, but still thinking it over.


  5. Thanks for the compliments, Gentlemen.

    PC: If this P38/P1 hadn't been on sale (& I luckily got one), I would've went for a revolver - probably a S&W .38 Special - with concealed hammer. Pretty fail safe operation.

    Christopher: Funny thing is, the wife is the one who brought up the subject - only about a week or so ago - and she's very cautious and safety-minded. And me, being somewhat OC disordered, sprang into action & voila - pistol! Best to all, Dean

  6. Yea I've also been thinking about a hammerless .38.

    I don't feel very often that I need them for security. I just enjoy shooting. The 44 mag is really not something that you want to use for home protection. It's big, heavy, and shoots through most everything.

    I also have a longbow and shoot wood shaft arrows.

  7. PC:

    And I'm sure an array of bladed weapons, correct? I have a few - a nice samurai one next to my bed and for display a fairly huge kopis - based on the one from the Alexander movie - a brass lion's head for a pommel - really to heavy and huge for actual use - unless you're WWF-sized - which I'm not. Best, Dean

  8. Sadly the late Labour government, not to mention various pressure groups put paid to the legal ownership of handguns over here in Blighty. Did have the pleasure of shooting a pair of cap and ball Colts before this sorry turn of events though.

  9. day want to pick up some medieval iron.

    My father actually builds longbows. Been involved in archery since I was 5 years old.