Saturday, November 14, 2009

Roman Seas Fleets Complete

The interior panels were added - with some trouble as they should've been added prior to gluing the ships together, but I initially had not planned on using them. I'm glad I did, as they not only make the ships look better, but add little bit more strength. The white showing at the seams of the ships were also painted.

Wake foam was added near the bow, oars, and rudders of the ships.White paint was first applied, but the results were not 3D enough, so acrylic silicon caulk was applied to the bow and steering rudder wakes.

The only thing left to add are the ship markers to the base - which helps ID the ships faster during the game.


  1. Very impressive! They all look great on the game mat too. When will you put on a game?

  2. Eric:

    Thanks, hopefully get a game on pretty soon. The local gaming crew have a Hundred Years War game using Crusader rules next month, so I'll get a good date set sometime after that. However, now that I think about, I still need some marines, deck crew, and artillery. BTW, I was debating if I should add the ship ID info on the bases. I see the ones you used at Enfilade have the ship type & top speed? Are there files for these - or are they cut outs from the game ship counters? Regards, Dean

  3. Nice blog.

    I've been meaning to get into WAB and now I hear new rules might come out. I'm still thinking of doing Picts or Celts or other Northern Barbarians. I'm not sure how popular the game is in Vancouver maybe I'll have to drive South some day and check out Puyallap which is not spelled correctly I know.

  4. WAB is played in Vancouver at the Trumpeters Club in Burnaby (Bonsor Community Center). You will have to contact Terry:: He will know who puts it on... I've seen it played.

  5. I don't put my identifiers on the top of the base, but instead paint about the left third of the rear base edge with a color bar for each squadron with some roman numerals for the individual ships. I like the clean look of not having the info on the top of the base, although in truth, the speed counters and such defeat that to some extent.

  6. Brian:

    I plan to keep the ID subtle too. Thanks for the info, Dean