Sunday, November 22, 2009

1st Corps Spartans

Taking a break from the Roman Seas build (still need to get some Baccus 6mm figures), I knocked out some 1st Corps Spartan hoplites.
These were fairly easy to paint, as they have bell-cuirasses and no pteruges (the stuff that hang below the cuirass). The Argive/Athenian hopliltes take a little more effort with their composite linen & scale cuirasses.

I used a technique mentioned by Jeff Jonas in the Alexander the Great WAB supplement on how to make those geometric patterns on the bottom of their tunics. It's actually not too hard - and painted for effect more than perfection. These are wargame standard paint jobs - no eyes or other minutiae. Oh, and the shields are LBM transfers from their 1/72nd scale range.

Although these guys are in armor more common a generation or two (or more) before Alexander and his Successors, I still plan to use them as Greek mercenaries for a Macedonian or Successor army. They could also be Italians or Etruscans too.

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