Sunday, November 1, 2009

Roman Seas Shipbuilding Update

All the medium and small ships are done. These would be the Triremes, Liburnians, and Hemoilas (hope those are the plural forms).
The smallest ones, Hemoila, have some thin areas, so you should be careful when cutting. These, and the Liburnians, were a bit easier to build since they didn't have the outrigger part to glue on. The oars go directly onto the underside of the protruding part of the deck. Again, none of these have the optional inner panels - which I may or may not add. I plan to have troop stands of 6mm figures and artillery, so maybe I won't need to worry about the bare look of the inner panels.

Next up will be the large ships; two each of the following: Quadreme, Quinuereme, and Hexeres. I plan to strengthen the deck with additional paper or card (maybe from a manila folder).


  1. They look great Dean. So far so good. Have you ordered your crews yet? Are you thinking Ros/Heroics or Bacchus?

  2. Kevin:

    I have to take another closer look at both makes - I'm leaning toward Ros/Heroics - mainly because they're a bit smaller.

    Hey, Kevin, you're mentioned in the intro of the rule book as a playtester. Also, Dan is in a photo in the book too - same game I was at the past Enfilade.

  3. Wow! Your shipyard is working overtime getting your fleet ready to put to sea!

    I haven't ordered the hex mat. I'm still a ways off at building my ships.

    Now that I think of it I'm not sure about the thickness of the cardstock I used. Like you, I bought whatever the store had (in my case Office Depot). Some of my larger buildings didn't turn out so well and my printer had trouble with the cardstock.

  4. Great BLOG you have here!
    I've added a link at my BLOG.

  5. Thanks Trailape - I like your TMP posts & blog too! Regards, Dean

  6. Great suff. Re. reinforcing the decks - i put an extra thickness of card under them and make a small tube or two of card and glue that in under the deck for support - especially if you want to use metal figures on the deck with the larger ships ! :)

  7. Viking:

    Thanks for the tips; alas my ships are already mounted - but they should hold up some 6mm lead figures - I hope. I shall find out. Regards, Dean