Saturday, May 26, 2018

An Actual Gaming Post At Long Last! Live From Enfilade! 2018

Posting this late Saturday night from Olympia, Washington - the second day of the flagship historical gaming convention here in the Pacific Northwest, Enfilade! I was happy to host four Lion Rampant games. Two First St Albans games on Friday (afternoon and evening periods); and two Tewkesbury games on Saturday (morning and afternoon period). Each game had six sign ups filled up before the convention started - I actually was honored to have a seventh player walk on for my last two games - Chris from Cigar Box battle mats. I was even fortunate to get into the new TFL "What a Tanker" game on Saturday night. I liked the rules very much and may be picking up a copy. Without further adieu here are some pictures of just a few of the 124 listed games.
Alyssa Faden's amazing Teutoburg games using modified DBM. Incidentally, she's also the convention director for the first year and did an outstanding job.
My first First St Albans game on Friday afternoon. The Yorkist got into the town and captured King Henry in both games - but not after being bloodied.
Longtime NHMGS member and former president, Kevin Smyth's Thunderboats games with his hand-painted boat based on actual race boats from Washington State.

Team Yankee game
Another shot of Alyssa's Teutoburg game which she ran in several periods and won deserved recognition.
Saxon Trap game using modified Black Powder; the table was super long.
A fantastic Hot Wheels, HMGs, and Human Gangs game. Fantastic terrain and converted Hot Wheels.
Shop smart, shop S-Mart zombie game. Very cool looking too.
A Bronze Age game using 40mm figures by my buddy David (I Live With Cats blog).
Bruce Meyer of Company B's Java 1942 game using Combat! (which I've never heard of before).
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A very nice Forvono game using The Pikeman's Lament rules by Spencer of Little Wars blog.
Another shot of the Hot Wheels game.
Some pics from the Tewkesbury games on Saturday. The Yorkist barely won in both games.
Another game by David Sullivan of I Live With Cats. This wonderful pike and shot game using The Pikeman's Lament
Start of my very first game of What A Tanker!
I ran a T-34 with exceptionally good dice rolls - nearly taking out a Stug, which was actually finished off by the IS-2.
Jackson's Night Attack using The Men Who Would Be King in 54mm
Lost in Lemuria Again using In Her Majesty's Name
For whatever reason, I find that I enjoy hosting games more than playing in them. Especially at Enfilade! Maybe, it's because I plan for it so far out and look forward in anticipation to hosting it. Of course, it's always great to see folks I only see once or twice a year and have developed what I would consider a friendship with. Thank you very much for stopping by and best regards to all!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Childhood Living Is Easy To Do...

If you had an indulgent mother who nurtured your interest in military subjects - particularly uniforms and armor. Seeing blogger buddy Jonathan's recent Palouse Wargaming Journal post of Genoese heavy cavalry made me reminisce of similar model soldiers in childhood books which I still have. The "Color Treasury of Model Soldiers" has some splendid images from days gone by. All of these books are from the 70's when I was young grommet growing up in Hawaii. Thankfully, I've kept them ever since.
My mom, now 86 years young and still living in the same house I grew up in back in Hawaii, bought all of these for me - save the "Military Dress of North America," which my cousins got for me for Christmas 1975. Incidentally, my aunt used to work for the Hawaii Public Library and would get me all kinds of books on said subject. Yes, I was totally indulged at an early age. Thanks for letting me share a bit of my history and best wishes to you all!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Elephants Rampant?!

Before even getting a first game of The Pikeman's Lament in, local rules expert (he wouldn't say it himself, but I consider him so) Pat L. (aka Socal Warhammer) presented the local Rampant sycophants here in the Pacific NW with a version of Lion Rampant based on the Punic Wars era. It's very well thought out as he had been working on it in private for sometime. As you may know Pat has written a version for Chariot warfare - it was in an issue of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy a year or so ago. Having sold off most of my Macedonian/Successor army (including four pike phalanx units), it was nice that I held onto a few models. These are just enough for a core "retinue" (not sure what the proper term will be) using Pat's rules. Too bad the Scythed Chariot I still have can't be used (yet).
The elies are Aventine (painted many years ago - as the rest of the models); the Companion/Cataphracts are 1st Corps - led by a Relic Seleucus; the Hypaspists a mixture of Foundry and 1st Corps.

The elephant profiles are based on Dragon Rampant's Greater Warbeasts. Haven't really pointed them up with Pat's rules yet, but just wanted to post a teaser shot. I'm sure I'll only be able to afford the use of one of the elies for a 24 point force. Here's a link to the Pacific NW Rampant FB if you would like to join and check out Pat's rules. Best wishes to you all on this Pacific NW rainy Friday the 13th (aka Templars Round Up Day).

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Pikeman's Lament - 24 Point Sengoku Army

The local "Rampant" loyalists have decided to get into The Pikeman's Lament. Using the "Exotic Army List" I will be able to get my old (as in Old Glory) ashigaru and samurai figures on the table again. Here they are as: 1 Aggressive Forlorn Hope OR Aggressive Elite Gallopers @ 6 points (Samurai on foot or mounted); 2 Shot @ 4 points each (Ashigaru with Teppu/Harquebus); 2 Pike @ 4 points each (Ashigaru with Yari/Long Spears) 1 Commanded Shot @ 2 points (Ashigaru with Yumi/Bow).
I've yet to read through the rules - they just arrived today thanks to a trial Amazon Prime membership; they can't be too far removed from the previous Rampant sets (Lion and Dragon). I'm very fortunate to belong to a community here who are into these rules.
As mentioned above, these figures were painted a long time ago and used with various rule sets before - i.e. WAB and Hail Caesar. I'm looking forward to getting them into action action. Thanks for visiting and wishing you the best!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Looking for Hoichi

Since the previous post was one with European style armor, it seemed only fair to post one with armor from the Far East. This even more so as the recent games I played were with Samurai. Also, I don't think I've posted one wearing this kabuto. The kabuto is sort of Heian and Kamakura. The helmet bowl with large rivets are Heian (12th C.), but the wide, flaring shikoro (neck guard) is more late-Kamakura - early-Muromachi (13th-early 14th C.). This was a custom helmet made by Iron Mountain Armory. The rest of the armor is later period, 16th C.
Anyway, I got the urge to put on the armor after watching old Zatoichi movies on YouTube; and finishing off a pint of Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. On the painting front, I'm still waiting on a Tamiya 1/48 251/1 Hanomag to arrive from Japan. I couldn't resist the price ($17 USD free shipping); but it's been about three weeks now since I won it off ebay. On the gaming front I need to order a copy of Pikeman's Lament as this seems to be the direction the Rampant group of locals are heading in. I also wouldn't mind building either a Polish or Ottoman force. The Winged Hussars and Janissaries from Warlord Games look pretty  nice. Thank you very much for stopping by.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Battle of Towton

...was fought on Palm Sunday, March 29, 1461.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Lion/Dragon Rampant Tournament Game Day at Gig Harbor

Just got back from playing three games of Lion Rampant at a tournament hosted by Pat L. (aka Socal Warhammer). As mentioned in the previous post this was a cleverly designed format with five total games, the first two being Lion Rampant, the third being the players' choice of either Lion or Dragon Rampant, and the final two being Dragon Rampant. This allowed the player to have three (or five) total games to count for the results. I chose to stick with Lion Rampant for the first three games as I knew I would not be playing the last two games of Dragon Rampant. I ended up tied for second place with my first two games being ties and winning my third game - each game having 2 Glory points. I used the Boast of killing more using my bows than with spears. Not too difficult as four of my five units were bow armed. I left after the third game and the remaining folks are probably finishing up their last game about now. As usual, I took a lot of pictures, but over half of them were too blurry.
Bruce M.'s "Ever Victorious" Samurai retinue. For the record, Bruce is the owner/proprietor of Company B.
From my first game against David S.'s (I Live with Cats) El Cid retinue. My unit of archers stupidly failing to take the high ground before David's cavalry got into Attack range.
I managed to get my archers on top of the hill to accept the Attack so I could at least get a +1 to my Armour in the first round. Would've been smarter to have fired on the cavalry prior to their Attack though.
My Ferocious Foot monks taking on some Spanish foot.
My second game against Bryan S.'s all-cavalry unit - most with missiles. I managed to roll 7's for Leadership skill in my last two games; giving me the Commanding trait which allowed one re-roll per turn for a failed activation of units within 12" of the leader - as well as the leader's unit.
A Dragon Rampant game in the third round.
My third and last game against Scott A.'s 13th C. retinue of two Mounted MAA units, two Foot Serjeants and one unit of Crossbows. I luckily was able to kill off half of his retinue for the win.
Most of the standings at the end of game three. The scoring was calculated by wins/losses/ties and the amount of Glory points achieved (or lost). As you can see, Bruce not only won all three of his Lion Rampant games, but also won an incredible amount of Glory points. I should note,
the reason there were so many ties is that we had an hour and a half for each game and if a clear victory wasn't achieved (i.e. killed off over half of the enemy, etc.) it was declared a tie. Players also had to choose between 1 and 3 Boasts, each with up to 3 Glory points each. Boasts not achieved had those Glory points subtracted from the score.
Another Dragon Rampant game during the third round with Bryan S.'s Penguin warband.
Yet another third round Dragon Rampant game. Although I did want to use my recently painted Oni in a Dragon Rampant game, I didn't want to stay for the last two games. Maybe they'll get on the table in the near future.
Well it was another great event with a good bunch of gamer buds using a fun set of rules. Thanks for stopping by and best wishes to all.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Early Samurai Lion Rampant "Retinue" & Dragon Rampant Warband

I'm committed to attend a Lion Rampant/Dragon Rampant "tournament" game day this coming Saturday. Seeing how I like "shooty" armies, I'm planning to use my old Early Samurai figures which haven't seen the gaming table for quite some time. These are mostly TAG figures which I had painted many years ago and used a lot when I was playing WAB. I'm really looking forward to using them again with Lion/Dragon Rampant.
The 24 point "retinue" pictured above consists of two units of Mounted Serjeants with bows; a unit of Fierce Foot (the Sohei monks); and two units of Archers - one rated as Expert. Four of the five units are shooters - which allows them to attrite the enemy without coming into close contact - I hope!
The second picture shows some of the earlier figures along with the recently painted Oni as a 30 point Dragon Rampant warband - namely the "Men of the Far East." This warband is composed of two Heavy Rider units with mounted missiles; an Elite Foot unit with missiles; a unit of Heavy Foot rated as Offensive (the monks); and finally the Oni as a Lesser Warbeast with Spore attack. The monks are Kingsford minis and quite nicely sculpted.

There will be a total of five games for the tournament. The way the host, Socal Warhammer, has it set up is two Lion Rampant games in morning/early afternoon. A third game being the gamer's choice of either another Lion Rampant game or switching to Dragon Rampant. The last two games will be Dragon Rampant. This way the gamer can chose either three games of of either ruleset for a final three game score. I'll likely play three games of Lion Rampant as I don't plan on staying the night to finish the last two games. Until then, best wishes to all!