Thursday, July 2, 2015

Battle of Worringen Set-up - a Lion Rampant Scenario

It's been a while since my last post due to a heavier workload in June - as well as my 83 year old mom stopping by for a visit last weekend. The weather here in the Pacific NW has been very hot too - 80's and 90's F, and not conducive to painting and such pursuits. In spite of all this, I've been meaning to follow-up on the previous post with a Lion Rampant game based on the Battle of Worringen. So without further ado, here are a few teaser pics of the table just set up - in the living room with the only A/C.
Looking north with the Brabantine forces in the foreground. A watch tower on the outskirts of Worringen to their right. A tributary of the Rhine behind them. Walram of Julich and Adolf of Berg accompany the Duke of Brabant.
My buddy Kimo and I will play out this scenario on Saturday. One thing I became aware of was the need for a few  more pieces of Medieval terrain. I had to resort to using an Empire watch tower to spruce up the table.
Arch Bishop Siegfried of Cologne along with Henry of Luxembourg and Reginald of Guelders.
Brabantine forces reinforced with militia from Cologne
Cavalry bearing the standard of Henry of Luxembourg
The Arch Bishop of Cologne
Here is a map which the table is loosely based upon.
An AAR will be posted after the game.

Friday, June 19, 2015

High Medieval Foot - Based & Rebased

Here are the foot for the Battle of Worringen game which should be on the table in a week or so. All of the figures, except for the "Revolting Peasants" were painted some time ago. Still need to get flags for the Brabant and Berg forces - both have a lion rampant as their heraldry; Brabant's a gold/yellow lion on a black field, and Berg's a red lion on a white field. Appropriately the rules intended to be used will be Lion Rampant. It'll be interesting to see how it works as the number of figures for the game, which will include several mounted MAA units will be fairly large for the rules. Anyway, all of the figures were recently based (or re-based) on to 40mm square Litko plywood bases.
Mostly Old Glory with a few Curteys
Here are the recently completed Old Glory "Revolting Peasants." They are the citizens of Cologne who sided with Jan of Brabant. Per the rules, they should be classed as Serfs, but their actual impact at the battle may make them Fierce Foot.
Old Glory Revolting Peasants, RPM-02
These are the Foot Serjeants of Siegfried of Westerburg, the hated Archbishop of Cologne. Hated by the citizenry of Cologne, among others. Except for the standard bearer in the front unit which is an Old Glory figure, all the rest are Curteys. The flags represent Luxembourg and Guelders. Siegfried is believed to have used a plain black cross on white field. He was affiliated with the Teutonic Knights. Incidentally, two brothers from the Order tried, unsuccessfully, to negotiate peace prior to the battle.
Mostly Curteys
Here are the Foot Serjeants belonging to Jan of Brabant and Adolph VIII of Berg. Still needing their standards. Except for the musician on the far right rear, all of the figures are Old Glory from their Mongols in Europe range. They actually match-up very nicely with the Curteys, but were based separately.
Old Glory, ME-41
Next are the crossbowmen who will be divided up between both forces. These are Old Glory Normans from their Dark Ages range. These figures were used extensively in the past in armies ranging from Normans to HYW French - mostly WAB games when they were singly-based.
Old Glory, DA-19
Finally a handful of Old Glory crossbowmen from their Mongols in Europe range. They'll be part of Siegfried's forces.
Old Glory, ME-42
This will be only my second or third Lion Rampant game, and am looking forward to seeing it played out scenario-based versus point-based.

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Gude Lude - OG Revolting Peasants!

Picked these Old Glory "Revolting Peasants" off of ebay last week. Needed them to be part of a Battle of Worringen scenario. As the "Gude Lude", or Good People of Cologne, turned the tide of the battle in favor of Jan of Brabant, they had to be included. Tired of the heavy handed tactics (and taxes) of Siegfried, the Archbishop of Cologne, the peasantry sided with the forces of Brabant right before the battle. Here are the figures sprayed with Testors Dullcote over a Minwax stain of Tudor Satin.
They were quickly block painted using only three muted colors - red mixed with flesh, a pale green, and blue mixed with light grey.
This is a very nice set as there are 10 different poses - and each with different head swaps. The large bladed farm equipment being especially eye-catchy. They will be based 3-per 40mm square.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Muskets & Grenadiers - Assault on Freshwater Cove - A British Failure

Thanks to my buddy Kimo coming over this afternoon after my youngest son's high school graduation, a nice Muskets & Tomahawks game was played. Although it ended up being different from history with a French victory, it was still quite an enjoyable game nonetheless. Both Kimo and I really like the rules for not only their elegant simplicity, but also the unpredictability of game play due to the card draw activation of units. Kimo chose to run the French, which I suspect was due to his former life as a Canadian, and I ran the Redcoats. Without further ado, here are some pictures and captions - hopefully recalled correctly.
Top of Turn 2 has the 22th, 40th and 45th Grenadiers along with General Wolfe successfully landed on the beach at Freshwater Cove. A few casualties already taken and loaded onto the boats. Their movement impeded by the debris strewn along the shoreline by the French.
The small detachment of French Marines did a very good job in stymieing the Grenadiers slow advance.
The Frasier Highlanders were the largest unit and did the best out of all the British. Here they are after moving down off the bluff to the east of the main landing. The detachment of Rangers having already reached the wood line to their left.
Turn 4 with Wolfe and the Grenadiers still not making much of a headway with their difficult movement inland.
Remnants of the Rangers fleeing from taking numerous casualties.
Frasiers taking point blank fire from French Fusiliers as well as fire from French Militia. However, due to lucky saves only taking minimal casualties.
French Grenadiers staying within the safety of the woods. A unit of French Fusiliers being whittled down by British fire.
Meanwhile the Grenadiers are still being hampered moving inland with the 22nd Grenadiers destroyed - only their Sergeant and General Wolfe remaining. Note the dead piled up in the boats.
Turn 5 has the Frasiers sending hot lead into the backs of the fleeing Canadian Militia - about the only bright spot for the British assault.
We called the game at Turn 6 with the British Grenadiers, with Wolfe attached, making hardly any significant movement inland. The British right had the Rangers fleeing back whence they came - towards the sea. Only the Frasier Highlanders held their own, but would eventually become isolated and surrounded by the French. All in all it was great to play these fine skirmish rules - Kimo's first time and only my second. I can easily see how much fun these rules can be by adding things like the side plots and other variables. Just playing the basic rules was very nice. Kimo suggested adding French cannon to the scenario - which is historical as the French had a lot of these including a 20 pounder. This would likely necessitate the addition of more British assault troops - or at least being able to recycle figures for fresh units. Anyway, I'm already distracted with a couple of other projects - one being the Battle of Worringen, and another with WW2 Japanese battling pterosaurs! ;)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Muskets & Grenadiers - Assault on Freshwater Cove

A preliminary layout of a scenario focusing on General James Wolfe's assault on Freshwater Cove during the Siege of Louisbourg in 1758. The basic rules for Muskets and Tomahawks will be used - no side plots. I've played Sharp Practice in the past, but M&T is more to my taste being the simpler of the two.
A view looking towards the west. Having found a small area to land along the rocky shoreline east of the beach, Rangers and Frasier Highlanders move toward the enemy undetected. In the distance Grenadiers of the 22nd, 40th and 44th Regiments led by General Wolfe himself prepare to make a contested beach landing.
View of the beach with French defenders in prepared positions. Note the rocky shoreline to the Grenadiers' right.
Frasier Highland Grenadiers and Rangers atop a bluff overlooking French positions - so far undetected.
View of the Rangers and Frasiers from the sea.
Each boat will need to use one action to reach the beach, and troops will have a free movement up to 2" from their respective boats upon landing.
French forces in good cover prepared to receive the British landings - or so they think.
A detachment of French Marines secure the right flank.
French center with Militia in reserve.
This game will be on hold until after my youngest son's high school graduation this Saturday. An AAR will follow.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The British Are Coming! (in cheap homemade boats)

Here are some Foundry British Grenadiers which will be used in a beach assault for a Musket and Tomahawks game. Wanting to replicate Wolfe's seaborne attack at Freshwater Cove during the Siege of Louisbourg, a few boats were needed. There are some pretty nice (and decently priced) boats on the Old Glory 25's site, but they were a bit longer (9.5 inches) than I wanted for the scenario. I ended up constructing these boats using a base of foam core and glue-gunning card stock around the edges. Rather crude, but it was quick and easy.  They are 6" long by 2 1/4" wide, and can fit up to 10 figures on 25mm round bases.
As the boats will only be used for the initial movement onto the beach using one Movement Action, they didn't need to look very pretty. Upon reaching the shore, the Grenadiers will have a free movement onto the beach up to 2" from the boat. While still in the boat, they could fire if they have LOS; the boats provide light cover as well.
For the scenario, a detachment of Rangers and a unit of Fraser Highlanders will already be on shore upon a bluff to the east of the cove. General Wolfe will be in one of the boats with the Grenadiers.
The next images are WIP shots of the boats. Took about an hour from start to finish.
Foam core used as the base for the boats.
Card stock quickly glue-gunned around the foam core bottom. They ain't pretty but they'll get the job done.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

On Display - A Toy Soldier Collection

After the recent big Pacific NW convention, Enfilade, last weekend I came home to contemplate my next gaming project. As I never really bothered to look for any new figures at the Bring and Buy, it made me wonder if I was losing interest in gaming and/or painting. The only purchase I made was an Osprey book on Troy, which I couldn't pass up for $5.00. In fact, I sold off my Warlord EIR army as well as a few Old Glory Normans and Turcopoles. Downsizing, I suppose. It also made me take stock of what figures I already had, and if they hadn't received their fare share of gaming table time. I ended up taking the images below for the record. Missing are most of the WW1 and WW2 stuff, which are in plastic bins.

Without further ado, here is my toy soldier collection, so to speak. Most of the 28mm figures have been on the gaming table. The French & Indian War stuff have yet to see their first Muskets and Tomahawks game. Possibly this will be the next gaming project.
Top shelf: F&IW - Foundry and Redoubt, HYW - mostly BTD (English) and Perry (French), Normans & Saxons - mostly Crusader, and a couple of 120mm figures as well as a few 54mm stuff. Second shelf: Trojan War stuff - mostly Redoubt, some Foundry and others; Third shelf: Napoleonic French and various others - mostly Victrix, Perry, OG and Foundry.
Top shelf: Napoleonic British - mostly Victrix, Perry, OG; Second shelf: Imjin War Joeson Koreans - mostly Perry, and some Japanese - OG, as well as RJW Japanese - OG.
Top shelf: Gauls, Thracians, Hoplites, Oscans and other such Ancients - OG, Foundry, Crusader and Redoubt; Bottom shelf: Mycenaean ship - Redoubt, OG Viking Longship, and 1/8th scale Aurora/Monogram 15th C. Knight (aka Gold Knight of Nice).
The next cabinet has more of an eclectic mix.
Top shelf: GW Empire stuff; Second shelf: Medieval stuff - Mirliton, OG, FireForge, and some 120mm resin figures which were painted long before getting into 28mm gaming figures.
Top shelf: Early and Late-Samurai, as well as a more recently completed 120mm resin Ii Naomasa figure. The Early-Samurai are mostly T.A.G. and the Late-Samurai mostly Perry and OG; Second shelf: Seleucids - most of the foot are Foundry, the elies are Aventine, the scythed chariot and armored cav from 1st Corps, and some command figures from Relic (Antiochus and Pyrrhus).
Top shelf: 40K Space Marine stuff on the left, and Empire stuff on the right Bottom shelf: WotR stuff - mostly OG and Perry plastics.
The next cabinet are display figures in 120mm and larger - again, mostly painted long before getting into gaming.
These are all 120mm resin figures - mostly Verlinden.
Top shelf: A couple of Verlinden figures flank an Airfix 1/12th scale Black Prince; in the rear 1/16th scale plastic knights by Imex. Second shelf: 200mm resins by Verlinden - Henry V, Earl of Oxford and Lord Bardolph. Two 1/8th Aurora plastic knights in the rear - "Red Knight of Vienna" and "Black Knight of Nurnberg."
Various other 120mm-200mm stuff. Also 1/12th plastic Airfix Richard I and Joan of Arc models.
And in a bookcase display hidden away.
Various other stuff, including the only 15mm figures I have - a DBA Pre-Samurai army which was only gamed once about a year ago
Here's what the larger two cabinets look like in a corner of the living room.
A couple of helmets picked up off of ebay on top the one on the right.
The one thing I don't have is a dedicated gaming room, but since I only occasionally play, the use of folding tables in the dining room suffices. Anyway, hope you enjoyed viewing the collection on this fine Saturday. I'm actually trying to get over a bug I may have picked up at the con.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Enfilade! Saturday Games

Images of only a smidgen of the games hosted on Saturday at Enfildae! here in Olympia, WA. I ran my Actium game again in the morning period - didn't take any photos as it was covered last night. The six players said they enjoyed the game - which ended in a slight victory of Antony and Cleopatra over Octavian. My third game was hosted during the evening - Arena Games' Gladiatorial Game. I had 9 players who seemed to really get the hang of the rules after the 3rd or 4th turn - I actually strolled away a bit of the time to take pictures of some of the other games.
Fireforce: Rhodesia '76 by Damond Crump, Bruce Smith and Lawrence Bateman, Force on Force (modified); Rhodesian Light Infantry and African Rifles make an early morning raid against a ZANLA camp on the Mozambique border. My fellow Hawaiian-expat Kimo and I got in on this game. It ended up being Best of Period as well as the theme award - Raids.
Battle of Yamazaki - Samurai Warfare in 10mm by Robert Knestrick, Historical Home Brew, 4 hrs, 10 players; Outnumbered Akechi makes his stand behind the Enmyoji River near the town of Yamazaki. Homebrew rules set up to be fun, fast but still historically challenging. 10mm grand scale with around 1,000 beautifully painted figures and nice terrain.
Rescue at the Pyramids by Scott Murphy, Sowrd and the Flame modified. The Germans have seized the ruined city in the highlands of Venus and have left a small party of soldiers and archaeologists, however the locals have other ideas. The Germans are sending a relief force to help hold the site but the British are also going to try and "rescue" the Germans.
Salems Church by Robert Sternberg, Black Powder 28mm, May 3, 1863. General Hooker with the Union VI Corps is driving the Confederates back towards Chancellorsville. At Salems Church the Confederates under Wilcox have been fighting a rearguard action. The Confederates have been reinforced and the fight is on.
Sioux Raids Along the Black Hills by Robert Sternberg, War Bonnet, The Sioux are raiding along the black hills defending their sacred land. With their sights set on a wagon train, homesteads and a miner’s camp. Can the 7th Cavalry under Lt Col Custer halt the loss of life or will the Sioux drive the trespassers from their lands?
Smoked Boulogne by Kevin Smyth, Lion Rampant, In 1340, England mounted a raid against the French port city of Boulogne. It was a nest of Pirates and Raiders who operated against the English coast. The successful attack burned ships and stores that made the Battle of Sluys a French disaster. The English players must raid the dockyards in the morning mist while overwhelming sailors and fighting off French relief.
Circus Maximus by Ken Cassady, Home Brew, Ride again in the greatest sport of all, chariot racing. Cheer your team on to victory and smash your foes to bits. Work together if you wish with other teams with secret deals to share in the winner’s takings. Those with extra cash can sabotage your opponent's team for an extra advantage. I am going to make the horse damage table a little more dangerous this season.
Battle for Aachen by Greg Moore, home-brewed, US infantry supported by tanks assault a section of the ruined city of Aachen in Germany in October of 1944. Battle fought in 1/72 scale using easy to learn home-made rules. Battlefield consists of a table full of hand-made ruined buildings. Germans must defend the rubble and prevent the Americans from capturing a key square in the city.
He-Man Masters of the Universe "Battle of Grayskull Temple" by Bruce Smith, Super Modified TSATF ,He-Man and Ram Man together with the Army of Good vs Skeletor, Beast Man, & Mer-Man along with the Army of Evil as they battle for control of the Temple of Grayskull.
Terror in the Depths by John McEwan, Terror in the Depths rules By John McEwan. What mysteries lie below the waves of the Haunted Sea? Will you join the fight on the muddy, dark ocean bottom? Search for lost treasure – sunken cities – ship wrecks, and perhaps find long forgotten races of sub-humans?
Battle at the Galaxy Star Casino by James McEwan, Starguard, Come and relive this exciting battle for the Galaxy Star Casino taken from James McEwan’s new book, Dimension Shift. Play as the Starguard Marines and see if you can defeat the Robot defenders and take control of the Casino. Or Play as the Robot defenders and see if you kick the Marines to the curb.
Forcing the Columbia by Sven Lugar, All Quiet on the Martian Front,  HG Wells War of the Worlds played out as Martians attempt to force their way across the Columbia from Portland to Government Island & into Vancouver. Defend our Native Soil or be a cold-blooded Martian. Riverboats help support the defense as reinforcements shuffle their way across the river to the forward base on Government Island to stop the Martians coming from the ruins of Portland.
My Gladiator game using Arena Games' Gladiatorial Combat. The nine players, including a youngster (about 10) and a lady-gamer, all had a wonderful time. It went on for 11 turns until a last man, er..Murmillo standing.
Ganging up on opponents is encouraged! As killed gladiators remain on the table - it was suggested I make some casualty figures. Well I did make some nets and spears to represent them thrown and not recovered. One thing which became evident was to attack heavy armored opponents to their rear or flank to decrease their chances at Save attempts.

Again, only a fraction of the total games being played on Saturday - Hopefully you like them.