Saturday, May 28, 2016

At Long Last, An Actual Gaming Post!

Just got back from the annual big historical gaming con here in the Pacific NW - Enfilade! I left after the Saturday morning period, and the con goes on until tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon. I ran a First St Albans Lion Rampant game on Friday afternoon (image below).
Here are some of just a handful of the other games going on during the Friday afternoon and evening, as well as Saturday morning periods.
Watling Street by Alyssa Faden - Bear Yourselves Valiantly
Will Ragnarok Never Come by Damond Crump and Bruce Smith - Dragon Rampant
Primordial Stew by Mike Garcia - Tusk
Khalkyn Gol Manchukuo 1939 by Bruce Meyer - Combat

Hochkirch 1758 by Kevin Burke - Shako SYW Variant

Nile Circus by Mark Johanson - TSATF
Trafalgar 1805 by Dave Kapaun - Sails of Glory
For Parliament or King by Gary Williams - home grown rules
Lutzen 1631 by Kevin Burke - Europe's Tragedy published by DBA 3.0 adaptation
Java 1942 by Victor Pecka - Bolt Action. I played in this game on the side of the winning Japanese forces.
Guagamela 331 B.C. by Dave Beatty - Armati 2
Channel Dash - Air Attack by Kevin Smyth and Dave Shueler - Mustangs (modified)
Second Martian Invasion Begins by Daryl Nichols - All Quiet on the Martian Front
Samurai Japan vs. Korea 1592 by Rick Stevens, White Rock Gamers - Armati 2
Again these are from just a handful of the over 120 games going on over the Memorial Day Weekend at Enfilade! I'm sure they'll be a lot of images posted on the Northwest Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (NHMGS) FaceBook later on - which will include the games held on Saturday afternoon and evening, as well as Sunday's games.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Samurai Armor Display Stand for $20

Here's the recently acquired samurai armor displayed on a scratch-built stand. Using an inexpensive ($13.00), but sturdy end table from Walmart, along with left over PVC tubing and a few connectors the final product is quite effective.
This is the traditional way samurai armor is displayed - sort of a seated position. Of course, an armor storage chest is supposed to be what the armor is seated on, but I didn't want to spend $200.00 for it - however nice it was.
I could cover the PVC stand with black cloth, but the back will be against a wall and not be visible.
Not pretty, but cheap and sturdy. Did I say this is part of the Frugal Armoury? :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Barefoot Samurai Lives!

It's been quite a while since my last post, and with apologies this new one is not about painting or gaming. However, I am slated to host a Lion Rampant game at the annual big convention, Enfilade!, here in the Pacific NW in a couple of weeks. So without further ado, here is a set of samurai armor that arrived today. I only ordered it a little over two weeks ago from Little Star Enterprises, Inc. - the US retailer for Iron Mountain Armory.  The price is very reasonable and the quality impressive.
Unlike European Medieval armor, I was able to put the entire kit on by myself. The pieces are secured by tying straps and the use of toggles for do/cuirass and sode/spaulders.
The range of motion is as good as if no armor is worn.
All the parts of the armor laid out. I ordered the lowest grade (read cheapest) armor, but the armorer upgraded parts like the haidate/cuisse and kote/armored sleeves for free. The menpo/face mask is one piece - the higher grades have the nose detachable. It's spot welded, so I may try to separate it.
I shortened the laces of the kusazuri/tassets by tying the laces together on the inside. I plan to modify the straps for the haidate/cuisse so they are worn like suspenders instead of being tied around the waist. I may also add ties to the back of them too, to keep them from flapping around while moving.
The nodawa/throat guard is laced to the menpo - so it's all or nothing with the face and neck guard.
Batter up!
Cheers from the Frugal Armory!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

War Hammer Refurbished

Finished refurbishing the war hammer. I used some metal epoxy to secure the head and butt cap onto the handle. Since it was a snug fit, and it's mainly a display piece, this should be no problem.
I nailed brass tacks into the epoxy to cover the holes and make it look like they're fancy topped rivets.
After removing the original finish with Citristrip, I rubbed down the handle with Old English furniture oil. Don't know why they painted the handle, as the grains are pretty nice.
A timeless piece. Cheers from the Frugal Armoury!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Refurbishing a War Hammer - WIP

Started refurbishing a war hammer. It was only $45 (free shipping), and was put together by underpaid folks in India. So, although the parts themselves are pretty good, especially for the price, the overall craftsmanship was a bit lacking. The rivets were not lined up very well, and the spike was off center as well as the butt cap. I used a Dremel to cut off the ends of the rivets (actually really big nails), and pounded them out with a hammer and Phillips Head screw driver. I also wanted to remove the ugly dark brown stain/paint from the handle. I did some Googlin' and picked up some Citristrip to remove the stain/paint (I hope) - I'm waiting for it to do its work.
 With the metal parts removed after cutting off the rivet/nails with a Dremel cutting tool.
The handle coated with Citristrip. I placed the handle in a plastic trash bag to keep it from drying out too fast - another tip from YouTube.

Here it is before removing all the metal parts - you can't really tell from this image, but the spike and butt cap were not aligned with the handle. You can probably see that the dark brown stain/paint is pretty ugly though.
Well, just a quick update to keep this blog alive. Cheers!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Pole Axing and War Hammering on a Saturday Morning

Just a bit of toying around this morning with the new pole axe, and also a recently acquired war hammer.
Left off the greaves and arm harness to give it a more 15th C. Man at Arms look.
The war hammer is very heavy and quite solid. I plan to take it apart and remove the paint from the wooden shaft and refinish it with the same Dark Walnut as the pole axe shaft. I used a Dremel to cut off the two rivets for the spike - tried to straighten it as it pointing a bit off center. Still not perfect, but a work in progress.
I've found that I like fingered gauntlets a lot better than these mitten style ones. It's hard to pick up stuff with the mitten gauntlets.
Well, thanks for visiting - this interlude has me looking forward to running a War of the Roses game at Enfilade in May.
Cheers from the Frugal Armoury!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

15th C. Medieval Pole Axe - Repro Finished

Finished the shat and mounted the axe head today using some fancy brass upholstery tacks. Still needs an end cap or butt spike though. The Dark Walnut stain is a bit redder than I had expected, but should look okay with aging.
As mentioned in previous posts, the axe head is made by Get Dressed For Battle, and the shaft is a fence post from Lowe's.
The upholstery tacks aren't as strong as nails or rivets, but since this is only a display piece they're sufficient.
Thanks for stopping by, and hope you like the newest addition to the "Frugal Man's Armoury."

Monday, March 28, 2016

15th C. Medieval Pole Axe - WIP

Using a piece of inexpensive ($2.25) fence post - 1.5" X 1.5" X 4', I started work on the shaft of the weapon. Here it is after taking an oscillating sander to preliminary work with a hand plane. Still rough, but not bad for about an hour's worth of effort
after work.
The sides of the lower half of the shaft will be beveled down a bit. I need to get something like roofing tacks to secure the axe head onto the shaft.
The image below shows the shaft after using a hand plane on the upper portion.
Even without adding a butt spike, the overall length looks good. The shaft looks proportionate to the axe head.
Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

WIP Shots of a Couple of Unreleated Projects

Just a blogger update to let folks know I am still among the living. Here are images of a Pole Axe  head that arrived today. Needs a wooden shaft to go with it - hopefully I can finds something at Lowe's or Home Depot.
It's more of a display piece than an actual reenactment weapon. The axe head is nicely detailed, but the hammer side's grooved facing is rather thin. They should be pyramid shaped, although for $52.00 USD including free shipping, I can't complain. Here's a shot with a small dog for size comparison.
Also, I started work on an old Space Marine Whirlwind kit I had swapped for a box of Warlord Parliamentarians a few years ago. I added a 2 ounce fishing lead inside the front of the vehicle to balance the weight of the rocket and turret which are made of lead.
Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

Friday, March 18, 2016

200mm & 1:8th Scale Medieval/Renaissance Knights

Since I haven't picked up a paint brush in a while, I wanted to post some images of large scale figures painted some years ago. These are Verlinden 200mm resin figures and also 1/8th scale Aurora plastic figures. They are a good match in size with each other. All of these figures are 15th C., except for the Black Knight who is from the 16th. C.
Left to right: Aurora "Red Knight of Vienna", Verlinden Lord Bardolph, Aurora Gold Knight of Nice, Verlinden Henry V, Aurora Black Knight of Aurnberg, Verlinden Earl of Oxford.
The Aurora models are multi-part kits and were originally issued back in the 1970's. The Verlinden figures' plate armor are finished with Gunze Sangyo metalizer. The metalizer was first painted on, allowed to dry, and then buffed with soft tissue and cotton swabs. The finish is quite metal-like once buffed and cured. The mounted "Gold Knight of Nice" was painted using Krylon Bright Silver - much simpler, but not as realistic.
The Aurora models next to a 28mm BTD foot knight and mounted GW Empire knight for scale comparison. The Black Knight and mounted knight were posted before on this blog a year or so ago - apologies for the rehash.
Lord Bardolph, Henry V, and the Earl of Oxford all fought at Agincourt. 28mm figures of Joan of Arc and her standard bearer for comparison.
The back of the Band of Brothers, with a command stand of Perry French personalities for size/scale comparison.

St Crispin's Day.

Again, apologies for not posting anything newly painted, but I think I may have something in mind to work on soon. Warmest Regards to you all, and thanks as always for stopping by.