Thursday, July 23, 2020

Victrix Armoured Gallic Warriors w/Shields, Finally

Looking at my blog history - the figures here were completed back in May, but the LBMS transfers only just arrived yesterday to complete them. I ordered the transfers when I started on the figures, and they were supposedly mailed out on the 11th of May. Realizing how Covid had dramatically slowed shipping, especially from overseas, I waited until early July before contacting Victrix about the transfers not arriving. Rory at Victirx kindly offered to send a replacement set and they arrived in about a week and a half (yesterday).
The Gallic Warriors set comes with 30 figures, but I chose not to use the 6 in linothorax cuirass - thinking they may look a bit too old-fashioned for 1st C. The remaining 24 are broken down into two 12-man "elite" warbands. The Victrix shields are slightly larger than the ones from Warlord Games. I filed down the edges to make them thinner and appear a bit smaller - not sure if it was worth the effort, but it wasn't difficult.
There are now 6 warbands - 4 with Warlord Games figures in 18-man units, and now the 2 smaller 12-man "elite" units with Victrix figures. This should be enough foot for 2 to 3 Hail Caesar "divisions" along with cavalry, chariots and skirmishers. On my normal 6 x 7.5' gaming area (3 x Costco folding tables), units these sizes seemed to work well.

Thanks again for dropping by and wishing you all good health and happy gaming and painting.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Victrix Polish Lancers

Finally got around to painting these up. Interestingly, I had ordered these well before the EIR and Celts I recently worked on. In fact, I order the EIR mainly because I got a discount coupon from Victrix when these Polish Lancers were delayed due to the Covid stuff. Funny how one can get side tracked into other projects.
It's a 12 figure set, but only I use 8-man units for standard sized cavalry units in Black Powder. On my usual 5 x 8' table, slightly smaller units allow for more maneuvering...and the units paint up quicker too!
Victrix are a little more specific with their multi-parts than Perry. That is, most of the left arms are unique to each figure. The right arms are interchangeable - including sword options.
The horses are really nicely sculpted, and the trumpeter's and officer's have very lively poses.
Below is a gratuitous photo with a Verlinden 120mm resin figure painted many years ago.
I may paint up the remaining 4 figures in either campaign dress or as another unit, possibly Lancers of Berg. Until next time, best wishes to all of you and happy gaming and painting endeavors!

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Victrix Celtic Chariots Featuring Boudica

Here are the 3 chariots from the set - which includes parts for two variants of the chariot (side panels), and also two variants for the drivers.
The set comes with three chariot sprues - with the two variants mentioned and also one each figures of Boudica and a mean a Druid dude with head on a spear, etc. I'll be working on him later. It also comes with a sprue from the Armoured Warriors set.
In fact, I used two of the previously painted figures from the Armoured Warriors set - since I haven't based them yet as I'm still waiting for their shield transfers. It actually worked out nicely as I used metal shields from the Warlord Games Ancient Britons set.
The chariots themselves go together very easily - only a few parts. The drivers' hands are separate from their forearms - with the hands holding a length of reins. The two drivers on the left need to have their arms positioned with the reins aligned properly prior to gluing them to the shoulders. The driver on the right has his arms molded onto the body, so easier to line up his hand and reins.  Even the instructions say the build is "slightly complex." Still, it wasn't too difficult, and the end result looks nice.
Thanks for visiting, and wishing you all good health and happy hobby endeavors!

Monday, July 6, 2020

Victrix EIR Command Stands And The Army To Date

Apologies for back to back posts - I probably should've waited until the the command stands were done, but wasn't sure when, or if, I would've gotten around to them. In any case, I did get them done using the previously painted mounted "generals" along with a few spare foot figures. Also added shields to the standard bearers.
The officer on the rearing white horse is flanked by a Praetorian eagle bearer and signifer. The mounted centurion has a legionary signifer and the other officer has a legionary from Legio II Augusta.
I may add another command stand using the other figures from the Mounted Generals spure - three left.
Below is the EIR army to date. A detachment (or two) of Praetorians, four units of Legionaries (12-man units), two units of Auxiliaries (also 12-man units), and two units of cavalry (8-men each). Plan to use them with Hail Caesar, but could be used for other rules as the Legionaries and cavalry are individually based.
Taking a break from EIR's for now and need to finish up the Celtic Chariots - and maybe someday get started on the Polish Lancers. Thanks again for dropping by and wishing you all good health and hobby endeavors!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Victrix EIR Legionaries - Ready for Action Against Celts...

...or Germans, or Dacians, or any other unwashed barbarian hordes that may need subjugating. These are the figures from the Advancing and Attacking sets, as well as 16 additional Attacking figures my buddy kindly donated to me. They're individually based on 20mm Litko rounds and mounted on 6-figure movement trays. The 6 figures that aren't based yet may be used for command stands. The first unit is a 12-man detachment of Praetorians; behind them is Legio II Augusta; and in the rear Legio VI Victrix. Shield and standard decals are from Battle Flag.
Below are the recently painted figures from the Advancing and Attacking sets - 50 total.
Still waiting on the LBMS transfers for the Armoured Gallic set - also need to get back to the Celtic Chariots - or maybe get started on the Polish Lancers. May need work on some Napoleonics for a change up again. Thank you very much for stopping by and wishing you good health and happy hobby pursuits.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Victrix EIR Legionaries - WIP +1

Rank and file are done - just need to add their shields. Standards and musicians need their animal skins worked on. Started with a black base coat, followed by dry-brushing the metal areas, then the flesh wash painted. Minimal colors used as the previous 16 Legionaries. Ink washes were applied over the block painting and then highlighted.
Along with the previous 16, they'll be in two 24-man Legionary units and a smaller detachment of Praetorians (the guys with white crested helmets).
Above image shows them prior to the staining and highlighting. No figures were "injured" by Minwax in the process - just Vallejo ink/stain.

Thanks for stopping by this brief update. Wishing you all the very best in health and hobby happiness.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Victrix EIR Legionaries WIP & Battle Flag Review

Worked on the shields as they are, for me, the most difficult/challenging part of the project. Great looking transfers, but sort of nerve racking to apply.
They come in sheets of 24 scuta, 2 small rounds (for musicians/standard bearers) and flags as well. About $10 including shipping; so a pretty good deal.  The issue is they are a little flimsy and tend to curl over at the ends. I ended up floating them in water to seat them properly. Also, you have to precut the opening for the shield bosses.
I prefer traditional decals like the ones that come with Warlord Games sets. They're thicker and as I use a decal softener can get them to seat well.

So much for now, thanks for stopping by and wishing you all good health and hobby pursuits.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

60mm Expeditionary Force Celtic Chariot Ready for Romans

Finished the remaining 60mm Expeditionary Force toy soldiers today. Very cool diversion, but ready to get back on track with the Hail Caesar project.
Fun to paint up, and may get them into a skirmish game someday. 
I glue gunned the driver directly onto the chariot, but the warriors can dismount and swap turns on the ride.
Also, the Victrix EIR Legionaries arrived today.  Took about a month and a half. Strangely, the LBMS Gallic shield transfers shield transfers which were supposedly mailed a few weeks before then still haven't arrived.
I think I'll start on the Romans and get back to finishing up the Celtic chariots. Thanks again for stopping by and wishing you all good health and hobby pursuits.

Friday, June 26, 2020

60mm Expeditionary Force Celtic Chariot and Crew - WIP

Just a quick update of the Expeditionary Force Celts I'm working on along with the Victrix chariots.
Minwax stain over sloppy block painting.
Thanks for visiting, and wishing you all good health and hobby pursuits.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

60mm Expeditionary Force Roman "Toy Soldiers"

Finished them up today - added some dry brushing and ink washed after the Minwax staining. Didn't spend too much effort with little details.
The shields had engraved designs, which really helped painting them, but I rushed and botched the stars a bit. The laurel wasn't too bad and an ink wash helped the finished look.
The detail and sculpting are pretty good considering they're basically toy soldiers that are pretty much unbreakable - i.e. kids could have a good time with them.
I used a glue gun to affix the shields to the arms - worked out nicely.
Below is a scale comparison shot with the 60mm Centurion along with a Verlinden resin 120mm Centurion, a Verlinden resin 200mm Signifer, an old metal 54mm Legionary (forgot the maker) and a Victrix 28mm figure.
Amazingly, I'm still awaiting the arrival of LBMS transfers for the long ago painted Victrix Armoured Gauls - and the Victrix EIR Legionaries. It's been over a month for the transfers - and just about a month for the Legionaries. I'll probably start on the Expeditionary Force Celt Chariot and Crew - or maybe glue together the Victrix Celt Chariots. Until next time, wishing you all good health and hobby endeavors!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

60mm Expeditionary Force Roman and Celt "Toy Soldiers" - WIP

I really should have started on the Victrix Celtic Chariots, but felt a little diversion was needed. Here are the Expeditionary Force Romans with a Minwax stain over a very basic block paint job applied with a fairly large brush.
For "toy soldiers," these are very impressive. Not only are the heads and arms interchangeable and poseable, but the weapons are made with harder plastic and don't have the bendy issue with softer plastics. The detailing is quite good too - most of the expected items are nicely sculpted. A Victrix 28mm Roman in front for scale comparison.
Prior to the staining; with the Celts and shields in the background. I used rattle can spray paint for the base coating. The rest of the areas were mostly painted with Apple Barrel craft paint which I picked up for .50 cents a bottle.

Thanks for allowing this indulgence and wishing you all the best in hobby and health.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Victrix EIR Mounted Officers

Been out of sorts, painting wise, for a week or so. Managed to paint these three guys today - the horses were done earlier. The set is actually called EIR Mounted Generals, but one of them is clearly a Centurion - and I'm not sure he'd be classed as a general. Anyway, my buddy gave me two sprues (6 mounted figures total) of this set on his way to far off lands. He's also the one who gave me the 16 EIR Legionaries. Amazingly the Victrix EIR Legionaries I ordered back in April  (mailed after restocking on 22 May) still haven't arrived.
Plan to add another figure or two prior to basing them on command stands.
Really nicely sculpted and detailed figures; and best of all they're plastic so you can easily interchange arms and heads, etc.
I might use spare shields from the EIR Cavalry set for the some of the other three remaining figures on the other sprue.
During a bout of impulse buying, I ordered a set of Victrix Celtic Chariots and a box each of Expeditionary Force Romans Legionaries and Celtic Chariot from Hobby Bunker. The box says 1/32 scale, but the web lists them 60mm - and they are larger than 1/32 - 54mm. I plan to paint them up as traditional toy soldiers - maybe even gloss coated.
Thanks again for dropping by and wishing you all good health and hobby pursuits!