Sunday, May 24, 2015

Enfilade! Saturday Games

Images of only a smidgen of the games hosted on Saturday at Enfildae! here in Olympia, WA. I ran my Actium game again in the morning period - didn't take any photos as it was covered last night. The six player said they enjoyed the game - which ended in a slight victory of Antony and Cleopatra over Octavian. My third game was hosted during the evening - Arena Games' Gladiatorial Game. I had 9 players who seemed to really get the hang of the rules after the 3rd or 4th turn - I actually strolled away a bit of the time to take pictures of some of the other games.
Fireforce: Rhodesia '76 by Damond Crump, Bruce Smith and Lawrence Bateman, Force on Force (modified); Rhodesian Light Infantry and African Rifles make an early morning raid against a ZANLA camp on the Mozambique border. My fellow Hawaiian-expat Kimo and I got in on this game. It ended up being Best of Period as well as the theme award - Raids.
Battle of Yamazaki - Samurai Warfare in 10mm by Robert Knestrick, Historical Home Brew, 4 hrs, 10 players; Outnumbered Akechi makes his stand behind the Enmyoji River near the town of Yamazaki. Homebrew rules set up to be fun, fast but still historically challenging. 10mm grand scale with around 1,000 beautifully painted figures and nice terrain.
Rescue at the Pyramids by Scott Murphy, Sowrd and the Flame modified. The Germans have seized the ruined city in the highlands of Venus and have left a small party of soldiers and archaeologists, however the locals have other ideas. The Germans are sending a relief force to help hold the site but the British are also going to try and "rescue" the Germans.
Salems Church by Robert Sternberg, Black Powder 28mm, May 3, 1863. General Hooker with the Union VI Corps is driving the Confederates back towards Chancellorsville. At Salems Church the Confederates under Wilcox have been fighting a rearguard action. The Confederates have been reinforced and the fight is on.
Sioux Raids Along the Black Hills by Robert Sternberg, War Bonnet, The Sioux are raiding along the black hills defending their sacred land. With their sights set on a wagon train, homesteads and a miner’s camp. Can the 7th Cavalry under Lt Col Custer halt the loss of life or will the Sioux drive the trespassers from their lands?
Smoked Boulogne by Kevin Smyth, Lion Rampant, In 1340, England mounted a raid against the French port city of Boulogne. It was a nest of Pirates and Raiders who operated against the English coast. The successful attack burned ships and stores that made the Battle of Sluys a French disaster. The English players must raid the dockyards in the morning mist while overwhelming sailors and fighting off French relief.
Circus Maximus by Ken Cassady, Home Brew, Ride again in the greatest sport of all, chariot racing. Cheer your team on to victory and smash your foes to bits. Work together if you wish with other teams with secret deals to share in the winner’s takings. Those with extra cash can sabotage your opponent's team for an extra advantage. I am going to make the horse damage table a little more dangerous this season.
Battle for Aachen by Greg Moore, home-brewed, US infantry supported by tanks assault a section of the ruined city of Aachen in Germany in October of 1944. Battle fought in 1/72 scale using easy to learn home-made rules. Battlefield consists of a table full of hand-made ruined buildings. Germans must defend the rubble and prevent the Americans from capturing a key square in the city.
He-Man Masters of the Universe "Battle of Grayskull Temple" by Bruce Smith, Super Modified TSATF ,He-Man and Ram Man together with the Army of Good vs Skeletor, Beast Man, & Mer-Man along with the Army of Evil as they battle for control of the Temple of Grayskull.
Terror in the Depths by John McEwan, Terror in the Depths rules By John McEwan. What mysteries lie below the waves of the Haunted Sea? Will you join the fight on the muddy, dark ocean bottom? Search for lost treasure – sunken cities – ship wrecks, and perhaps find long forgotten races of sub-humans?
Battle at the Galaxy Star Casino by James McEwan, Starguard, Come and relive this exciting battle for the Galaxy Star Casino taken from James McEwan’s new book, Dimension Shift. Play as the Starguard Marines and see if you can defeat the Robot defenders and take control of the Casino. Or Play as the Robot defenders and see if you kick the Marines to the curb.
War of the Worlds by Greg Moore, home-brewed, The year is 1902 and Martians are attacking England with their strange war machines. Can your brave soldiers hold them off long enough to evacuate the innocent woman and children? Easy to play system based on HG Wells book.

My Gladiator game using Arena Games' Gladiatorial Combat. The nine players, including a youngster all had a wonderful time. It went on for 11 turns until a last man, er..Murmillo standing.
Ganging up on opponents is encouraged! As killed gladiators remain on the table - it was suggested I make some casualty figures. Well I did make some nets and spears to represent them thrown and not recovered. One thing which became evident was to attack heavy armored opponents to their rear or flank to decrease their chances at Save attempts.

Again, only a fraction of the total games being played on Saturday - Hopefully you like them.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Enfilade! 2nd Period

Just a few images of the many games going on during the second period - evening of Friday. I didn't sign up for any, as I'm just relaxing and socializing with folks I haven't seen since last year's con.
Battle of Ligny using Shako 2 rules - hosted by the White Rock Gamers and North Shore Gamers from British Columbia. There are over 4,000 28mm figures - all wonderfully painted.
Ligny - all the buildings are scratch-built. A lot of the White Rock guys are retired B.C. cops and great guys who know how to have a good time.
Ligny from the opposite side of the table. My buddy, Kimo, used to live up in B.C. and is still a member of the White Rock Gamers.
Wars Between the Huron and Iroquois Peoples. Hosted by convention guest Howard Whitehouse (aka Mexican Jack Squint on TMP). Rules are called Flint and Feather. A lot of the terrain is provided by local gamers, including NHMGS president Sven Lugar.
Kevin Smyth's Sack of Agen game using Lion Rampant. I was honored to play test this game several months ago. The Hundred Years War is a favorite period for Kevin as you can see.
Over the Top by Greg Moore using home-brewed rules. A very impressive trench table.

Bruce Meyer's Retreat from Moscow game using home-brewed rules. Another game I was privileged to play test a while back. Besides Bruce's figures, some are painted by Mike Garcia, another very talented painter.
Heroes of the Colosseum by Ed Teixeira - rules of the same name. Figures are 54mm, I believe.
Headshot Z by James McEwan
 Again, this is only a small sampling of all of the games going on during Friday evening.

Enfilade! - End of First Period

Well, here I am in Olympia, Washington attending yet another annual NHMGS Enfilade! convention. I ran the Actium game with 7 players (one guy sneaked in ;) ) - no problem though. Only one player had played Black Powder or Hail Caesar before - which the command activation for the Actium game is based upon. However, everyone seemed to pick up on the rules by the third turn or so. I lost track of how many turns we actually played, but we continued even after both Antony, and later Octavian were killed. Cleopatra survived till the end, but never made it off the board - a Victory Condition. No matter, all the players gave the game a thumbs up and had smiles the whole time. I will be incorporating a few mods to the game tomorrow morning when I run it again. One will be to allow Cleopatra's squadron to get a free move even after a failed command role - which happened quite a few times in this game. Another will be to the Grappling rules - it will take one additional ship to attempt to grapple a ship each class larger than itself. The players themselves gave these opines during the AAR. Here's a quick shot of the game during mid-play.
Note the convention-safe plastic sheet over the Hotz mat. Go ahead, spill your drinks :)!
Here are a few games I was able to take pictures of prior to the start of my game. I still need to go back and get a shot of the huge Ligny game run by the White Rock Gamers from British Columbia.
Lloyd Bowler's Viking Run - a perennial favorite
Chris Craft's Agincourt game using Hail Caesar. Chris' game appropriately won Best of Period.
Gene Anderson's Martian Airship Raid game - and to think this is an Historical Gamers convention. Shame on you Gene :)
Doug Hamm's Waterloo - The Better Plan using General de Corps.
There are well over 100 games scheduled throughout the weekend. I know I won't be able to get pictures of all of them, but hope to post some quality shots. Oh, and GM's who host two or more games got this cool looking coffee cup below.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Arena Games' Gladiatorial Combat - Play-tested At Last

Well, with only a day or so before Enfilade! (the local "big" historical convention), I was finally able to play-test the rules for the gladiator game I'll be hosting on Saturday night. Actually, it's more of a familiarization of the rules, as these are not new rules and by all accounts has worked well at other conventions in it's almost 15 year history. I just needed to get familiar with the play-action. This all thanks to one of the younger guys here at work - an OIF veteran and budding gamer with a love of Roman history, of all things.
There are enough gladiator figures for 12 players, but as this was an initial game for both of us, we just chose one figure each. I played a Murmillo and Joel (the OIF vet) played a Retiarius - figured he's smarter and can figure out the special rules for throwing and entanglement weapons. We both ended up with the same Activation Points with our D6 rolls - although my Murmillo was armored much heavier than his net man. Speaking of D6's - that was the one item I had overlooked to bring to work. I did have a six-sided Direction die and with the trusty label maker printed out numbers for that lone D6. We ended up rolling the one D6 multiple times for the six wounds for each hit.
Note: I wasn't sure which number goes on which side of the die
As always, no matter how simple the rules are, it is great to not only play-test them, but also have someone else's take on it. After a couple of turns, Joel asked, "What about the Stamina Point boxes?" Refer quickly to the rules. " it, ah, that's pretty simple and makes sense." I'll also host the Actium game on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. I haven't touched that game since the playtest a few months ago. Oh well, it's pretty simple too. I should be able to posts some stuff once at the convention.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Won't You Let Me Take You On A Sea Cruise

Here we have the Queen of Sparta on a voyage over the wine dark sea with Paris, Prince of Troy.
The Prince's cousin, Aeneas points the way towards Troy.
Fair weather speeds them on.
Will they receive a warm welcome in Troy?
All of the figures and the ship are Redoubt Enterprises which were painted some time ago. The ship was picked up on sale when Doug at Miniature Service Center was clearing out his 28mm inventory. I had noticed the ship was never included in the blog before, so figured it was a good a time as any as it follows the last post's story line. Also, I'll likely not be updating the blog until next weekend while attending the big local convention, Enfilade!

Friday, May 8, 2015

A Visit to Sparta - Prologue to the Trojan War

A prince from Troy pays a "friendly" visit to the King of Sparta.
He seems to be an affable chap - can't see any problem with the king going on a trip himself to see his old friend Idomeneus, King of Crete. In fact, it seems a great idea to leave his wife behind to keep the Trojan guest occupied.
I mean, really, what could possibly go wrong.
Sounds like a plan, then. Good - catch you all in few. More to follow.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Trojan War Project - Infantry Rebase Complete

Finally picked up some Army Painter grass tufts and flowers - really great additions to any basing project, and decently priced too. I didn't use them on the stands with the Old Glory figs - sorry OG. Anyway here they all are based and grouped in units with 80mm frontage. I had forgotten that I had some Newline Sea Peoples and a few Foundry Sherden Guards too - but ran out of Litko stands. I ended up removing the Warlord EIR figures that were based on Litko stands, and used those. The EIR guys were rebased on plastic 40mm bases. Quite a rebasing weekend it was.
There are 35 formed infantry units and four command stands. In addition to these foot troops, there are several skirmish order units of slingers and javelinmen.
Pylians led by Antilochus. They are armed in the old fashioned style favored by Nestor their king. A few archers are interspersed within the ranks to provide missile fire. Enemy attacking their front lose any charge bonuses due to the Long Spears and being in an early form of Phalanx.
Mycenaeans with Agamemnon in charge. These guys are Drilled and can make one free move on a failed order.

Achilles and Patroclus lead the Myrmidons. They are Tough Fighters and Valiant, and can re-roll one missed Combat attack as well as one Break Test.
Cretans with Idomeneus and Meriones providing inspirational leadership.
Locrian light infantry archers under the command of Aias Oileus (aka Ajax the Lesser). They are Marksmen and can Re-roll one missed shot per ranged attack.
The Old Glory guys make up the Trojan contingent - and missed their photo op. The Trojans will likely needs some foot command troops - might be a nice future painting endeavor.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Trojan War Project - Rebasing Phase

Using some left-over Litko plywood bases, I decided to rebase existing Bronze Age figures - they still need flocking. The guys in the metal tray are mostly Redoubt figures, with a few Black Tree Design and  Foundry. They are still on their 20mm squares and attached onto 50X80mm stands, 6 figures per with adhesive putty. The four stands in the foreground are 50mm squares with 3 command figures per. The guys in the back are Old Glory figures based 3 figures per 40mm squares - they are more permanently affixed using acrylic caulking. Units will be 6 or more figures and used with a simplified version of Hail Caesar.
Except for the Old Glory figures, the rest were previously based on larger movement trays for WAB - 21 and 28 figures per unit. I prefer Standard-sized units with 80mm frontage with 6 figures randomly based. This frontage makes the unit look decently sized, and also allows more maneuver space with multiple units. The command figures would probably look better on round bases, but since I wanted to leave the figures on their 20mm squares, a round base would be too large looking
Not counting chariots or the command stands, there are over 30 units with 80mm frontage. I envision Trojan War battles having smaller groups of warriors moving around the battle line. Also, with the mechanic of supporting units in combat, the more units the better IMO.
Flocking is next - will have to pick up some static grass and tufts though.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Series 77 Greek Hoplite

Here is another figure which my fellow Hawaiian expat, James (Kimo) had unpainted for a few decades. I picked it up yesterday when I dropped off the Poniatowski figure. Jim has mass quantities of unpainted lead - from 15mm to this 77mm (approx.) figure. It looked so cool sitting on the shelf that I told Jim I'd like to paint it up for him - to which he agreed. So here he is after simple block painting and staining with Minwax - and highlighted over a Testors Dullcote finish.
Series 77 was a leading military miniatures company back in the day. Although by today's standards, it lacks some of the more intricate details of modern sculpts - they have a charm all their own. The two-tier base was/is a trademark of the line. I'll let Jim finish the base - as well as adding the sword and scabbard which he couldn't find yesterday.
The helmet is of the type called (by modern-day historians) Chalcidian. It is similar in appearance to the fully enclosed Corinthian type, but with separate check pieces. The shield is the Boeotian type with cut-outs at each side.
The picture below shows the figure amongst a couple of 120mm resin figures, as well as a 100mm Spartan to which I added extra limb and groin armor; a 28mm 1st Corps Hoplite is also placed next to them for scale reference.