Saturday, July 14, 2018

7 Horsemen - WIP - Hussars Completed

Well, the riders anyway - still need to do the horses. But, nevertheless, here are the command figures for a unit each of French 9th Hussars and 1st KGL Hussars.
With these additional command figures, there will be two units each of these regiments - all with 8 figures.
I was glad to find that I had kept the pre-printed sabretaches which I used for the original box of French Hussars.
The sabretache images for all French regiments were kindly posted on a now dead link by TMP Aldo - this was back in 2010, so no idea if these exists in cyberspace anymore.
Thankfully, the British, including the KGL, used plain black leather sabretaches for the field. Next up will be one each: carabinier, cuirassier and dragoon.

Errata: I now see I forgot to paint the 9th Hussar officer's collar, and the dolman braiding on the KGL trumpeter.

7 Horsemen - WIP

Started work on 7 cavalry figures that will be used to round-up existing units to flesh them out to 8-figures each. These 7 consist of a trumpeter and officer each for the French 9th Hussars and 1st KGL Hussars; one each cuirassier and carabinier trooper; and finally a French dragoon officer.
With all the lacing on some of the figures (hussars), I decided to use the black undercoat technique where a bit of black is left between colors for a black lining effect. I learned of this method some years ago from NHMGS buddy Doug H (Dots of Paint blog). It's very effective and a bit counter intuitive from other painting methods - especially when I use the Minwax stain. For the stain method, I usually use a white undercoat and colors that are a shade or two lighter than what the result is expected to be. I also paint colors right up to each other with no gaps between colors.
Anyway, it's been a while since I've used this black undercoat method, but it is very suitable to Napoleonics - with all the lacing and piping.
Incidentally, the horses will be painted using the Minwax staining method.
It's ways out, but I've already volunteered to run a Black Powder game in September at the annual Fix Bayonet game day at historic Fort Steilacoom. It'll be a playtest of sorts for a larger Black Powder game I hope to host at next year's Enfilade! Thanks again for stopping by and best wishes on your hobby projects and gaming.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

"Wellington's on the run! I caught him at Quatre Bras! He's retreating!"

"If Wellington is retreating, what are you doing here?!" Just a little Napoleonic teaser while I await more reinforcements from the Perry's.
As you may know, these are figures that I painted some years ago, but only gamed a few time in the past. I started out with Sharp Practice, but ended up with enough figures for Black Powder games. The Highlanders are Victrix and the French heavy cavalry are Perry's. In the background is a metal Perry RHA gun and crew - they took too long to get into the square.
The mat was a gift from Chris Hughes of Cigar Box Battle Mats. He played in two of my WotR Lion Rampant games a couple of months ago. Anyway, I'll be pulling the rest of the Napoleonics out of the cabinet to see how they fit on the gaming table in their newly "downsized" unit configuration. I hope to have enough manuever space for 6 players with about 5-6 units each on an 8X5' table.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Perry British Napoleonic Infantry - Coldstream Guards - Completed

Here are the completed Perry British infantry representing the Coldstream Guards as they may have appeared in the Peninsula with the earlier "stovepipe" shako. The colors were downloaded from the excellent War Flag website.
This is actually the second time I've painted up the Coldstream Guards using the same Perry set. The earlier set was painted up using the later "Belgic" shako - some from left over Victrix figures. I sold them to a buddy a couple of years ago. Here's a link to how that previously painted unit looked.
Above image shows them broken down into the two 16-figure units. Elements of this regiment served extensively in the Peninsular War, as well as at Waterloo - specifically the defense of Hougoumont.
I spent a fair amount of time and effort on the front of the figures - particularly the lacing and trousers. I left the rear untouched after the staining, save for a little dry-brushing over the trousers. I'm getting lazy in my "old age" and looking for shortcuts when I can.
There are now 8 16-figure line infantry units for the British. Along with these units, there are several Rifles and Spanish Guerrilla units - as well as 1st KGL Hussars and RHA batteries. I plan to build 8-figure cavalry units as well. In fact, I just ordered a few "accessory" sprues from Perry to flesh out the 14 figure sets I already have. Yes, it appears I am smitten with the Napoleonic flu - which may develop into a Spanish Ulcer! Thank you very much for visiting and well wishes to all!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July, And The British Are Coming...

Along pretty nicely - Perry British Napoleonic Line Infantry, that is. After taking a bit of a break after finishing up the Victrix French Middle Guard, finally got back to this Perry set. We had family visiting us last week and we did the normal hosting routine - checking out Puget Sound and Mount Rainier, among other things. Anyway, here are 32 of the plastic Perry's with a fresh coat of Minwax Tudor Satin stain - they'll be broken down into two units of 16 figures each representing the Coldstream Guards.
After allowing them to dry a day or two, they'll be given a shot of Testors Dullcote. Then some touching up and highlighting prior to basing.
These required a little bit more effort to put together than the Victrix Middle Guard set. Mainly due to the more varied arm options. Painting also was a bit more intensive as they aren't in greatcoats, and details like lacing and buttons had to be addressed.
Here they are prior to the staining, block painted.
Again, Happy 4th of July to all - even our brothers in arms across the great wine dark sea.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Victrix Middle/Young Guard Completed & Ready for Black Powder

Here are a unit each of Fusilier-Grenadiers, Fusilier-Chasseurs and Voltigeurs of the Imperial Guard as they may have appeared while participating in the Peninsular War.
After the Minwax staining, a bit of highlighting was added - particularly on the edges of the clothing.
I was pleased to find a few flags from a previous box of Victrix French from years ago. This particular set didn't come with flags. Granted the numerals on the flags don't correspond to the units, but at arm's length you really can't make them out.
With four bases, the units can be formed into Attack Column or Square, as well as Line and March Column.
16 figures per unit looks good enough for me, and it allows for more units to deploy on a smaller table; not to mention that much less figures to paint. :)
Voltigeurs of the Guard

As mentioned in the previous post, this set comes with 60 figures, so there are 12 remaining figures which I haven't decided how to paint up. In the meanwhile, I will start on the box of Perry British Line Infantry. Thanks for stopping by and best wishes to all!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Victrix Middle Guard - WIP +2

So managed to finish up the remaining figures with block painting and gave them a brush on wash of Minwax Tudor Satin stain. I tried to dab off excess pooling at the bottom of the figures - particularly the edges of the greatcoats.
 Once they're completely dried they'll be sprayed with Testors Dullcote.
After the Dullcote, some highlighting and touching up will be done.
As they'll be based in close formation, 4 figures per 40mm squares - a lot of minor imperfections will not be readily visible.
There are 12 remaining figures from this set, and I may add them to the 4 "extra" Perry French Light Infantry figures I have once I break that unit down to 16-man units. Anyway, I'm happy to have come this far on this project. Best to all.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Victrix Middle Guard - WIP +1

Just a quick update to let you know I haven't flaked out on this project. Although the sloppy block painting may seem a bit flaky. Fear not though, I picked up a new can of Minwax Tudor Satin stain which will, hopefully, disguise a lot of the flakiness. Also, highlighting should enhance the overall look. Besides these are strictly gaming figues, by George. Anyway, here they are - I managed to just about finish the block painting of the Fusilier-Grenadiers (in front). The remaining two units of one each, Fusilier-Chasseurs and Voltiguers just need a few finishing touches - namely the command groups.
I'm not really happy with the dark blue, but highlighting will hopefully fix this. I mixed some black and a little red with the Game Color Ultramarine Blue that I have from the set I picked up from ebay last year. I much rather use a basic blue, but too lazy to pick up another bottle.
The Fusilier-Chasseurs in the foreground. I jazzed up their trousers with red stripes. Not sure how historically accurate this is, but like the look.
The backpacks are a easy to paint up with the greatcoats not on top. This kit has the sword and bayonet scabbard molded on the bodies, which not only speeds up putting the figures together, but makes them very durable for gaming. Well, time to take a break and watch some dumb videos on YouTube. Thanks for stopping by and best regards.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Victrix Middle Guard - WIP

Managed to put together 48 of the 60 figures; grouped into 3 16-figure units. I used some of the Grenadier and Chasseur bearskins for officers. I plan to paint the units up as Fusilier-Grenadiers, Fusilier-Chasseurs and Voltigeurs of the Guard. This set has far less separate parts than the previous Victrix sets, and the plastic seems to be a lot more durable. Hopefully, they'll paint up pretty easily too, as they're wearing greatcoats (the backpacks reflect this too).
Images from a nice uniform book which will be used as a painting guide.
Next, the figures will be glue-gunned to popsicle sticks - may have to make a run to Joann's to pick up more sticks. Thanks again for stopping by.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Napoleonic Re-basing Complete & Arrival of Reinforcements

Finished the re-basing of French and British cavalry, as well as a few French Voltigeurs. I also got a box each of Victrix Middle Guard and Perry British Line Infantry. Just to affirm how small a world our hobby is, I unwittingly won the two boxes off of ebay from an old acquaintance, Phil Vernon, whom I had met in England back in 2013. This was when I was fortunate enough to tag along with my buddy Pat L. (aka Socal Warhammer) to attend the WAB GT. Me, Pat and Phil drove around after the tournament and visited Nottingham Castle (which was closed) and also the Wargames Foundry. Phil moves around between England and the US, and the address where I won the boxes were from his Stateside address.
I'm revisiting Black Powder, which I hadn't touched since early 2012. Re-reading the rules, they really seem like a decent convention set of rules, and am looking forward to hosting some games again. Which is why I ended up replenishing my troops, having sold off over half of my Napoleonics. Since I don't intend to play on anything larger than an 8'X6' table, I decided to scale down standard sized units to 16 foot troops - 4 stands of 4 figures, and 6 cavalry. The French infantry can include a stand of 3 skirmishing Voltigeurs out in front of the main formation in a Mixed formation. I plan to build 3 units of 16 figures each from the Middle Guard box. Interestingly, the box comes with Old Guard Grenadier and Chasseur bearskin heads as well as covered shakos for Middle or Young Guard. I noticed the gray plastic for this Victrix set seems sturdier than the earlier yellow plastic sets; particularly the bayonets. So much talk for now - there's a lot of gluing to be had. Thanks for stopping by and best regards to all.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Confessions of a Re-Baser (Unrepentent)

As it happens, no sooner our annual big convention, Enfilade! is over, I'm already starting to think of next year's games. Looking into my cabinet, I noticed my remaining Napoleonic figures - mainly Victrix and Perry plastics - hadn't been on the gaming table since 2012. I'm still deciding what rules to use, but whatever is decided upon will be quick play for convention players. It may be either a version of Lion Rampant or a modified/simplified version of Black Powder. In any case, I wanted the cavalry to be on 50mm squares; they were previously singly-based. The French skirmishers were based 4-figures per 40mm squares, but have been re-based 3-figures per 40mm, like the British Rifles already had been. I ran out of 50mm squares so am awaiting the arrival of more from Litko to complete the KGL Hussars.
As normal for me, the figures are plopped onto the bases using acrylic caulking. I also need another Voltiguer figure to complete the last stand. They'll be used in units of 6-figures each . Thanks for stopping by and best wishes to all.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

An Actual Gaming Post At Long Last! Live From Enfilade! 2018

Posting this late Saturday night from Olympia, Washington - the second day of the flagship historical gaming convention here in the Pacific Northwest, Enfilade! I was happy to host four Lion Rampant games. Two First St Albans games on Friday (afternoon and evening periods); and two Tewkesbury games on Saturday (morning and afternoon period). Each game had six sign ups filled up before the convention started - I actually was honored to have a seventh player walk on for my last two games - Chris Ward from Cigar Box battle mats. I was even fortunate to get into the new TFL "What a Tanker" game on Saturday night. I liked the rules very much and may be picking up a copy. Without further adieu here are some pictures of just a few of the 124 listed games.
Alyssa Faden's amazing Teutoburg games using modified DBE. Incidentally, she's also the convention director for the first year and did an outstanding job. Check out the cool "Wicker Man" she painted in the distance.
My first First St Albans game on Friday afternoon. The Yorkist got into the town and captured King Henry in both games - but not after being well bloodied.
Longtime NHMGS member and former president, Kevin Smyth's Thunderboats game with his hand-painted boat based on actual race boats from Washington State. Description: Thunderboats is a hydroplane racing game. Players create their own driver and boat characteristics, and press those to the limit. Played with miniatures representing historic hydroplanes from the 1950's and 1960's.
Down the pike to Pottersville. Presented by Victor Pecka. Volley & Bayonet published by Test of Battle Games. Union forces are moving down the pike towards Pottersville where they run into a Confederate blocking force.
Team Yankee presented by Colin Wilson. Team Yankee-Flames of War. Americans stopping a Russian attack. Lots of tanks and helicopters will be involved in the play of this game.
Another shot of Alyssa's Teutoburg game which she ran in several periods and deservedly won Best of Show.
James Sagan's Alps Aflame! Saxon Trap game using modified Black Powder; the table was super long. From the event detail: Tyrolean Rebels under Andreas Hofer are fighting desperately for liberation from Napoleon's tyranny. French General Rouyer leads a Division made up of the armies of numerous small German duchies and principalities. Their mission is to clear the Brenner Pass of rebels. The game will utilize the superb figures from Eureka and Perry Miniatures played out on an extra-long board.
A fantastic Hot Wheels, HMGs, and Human Gangs games by Bruce Smith. Post Apocalyptic Gang Warfare using modified Hotwheels, 1/72 & 20mm miniatures and buildings. Choose one of the six gangs with its vehicles and men to destroy the opposing gangs and gain more control of the ruined city while being very careful to avoid all the other hazards which you may encounter on your quest to victory!!
Survive S-Mart Presented by Reviresco. Headshot Z published by James McEwan. Saturday after noon, Shopping at S-Mart. Look Zombies attacking! But wait this is S-Mart they have just about everything a hardcore zombie killer would ever need to make weapons. Time for you to run to the hardware section or maybe to sporting goods! But no matter what aisle you run to you will have to defend yourself!
Bronze Age Heroes game using 40mm figures by my buddy David (I Live With Cats blog). Advanced. Rules used: Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes
Bruce Meyer of Company B's Java 1942 game using Combat! (which I've never heard of before).
A Ratt and Some Mauses Presented by Greg Moore. Russians driving into Germany in 1945 encounter a very big surprise. All models 3D printed

Chrysler's Farm 1814 Presented by Ronald Oldham. British are Coming (modified)

Battle of Bagradas 253 BC – 10mm Miniatures Presented by Robert Knestrick. Command & Colors Ancients.
A very nice Fornovo game using The Pikeman's Lament rules by Spencer of Portland Little Wars blog.
Another shot of the Hot Wheels game.
Some pics from the Tewkesbury games on Saturday. The Yorkist barely won in both games.
The mounted unit on the right, with a bunch of "dignitaries" including deposed Queen Margaret, was classified as Mounted Yeomen and should've only had 6 figures. I was still a bit "battered" from the two games the day/night before that I didn't realize I had included an extra 2 figures. It was only after the unit received some casualties that the mistake was realized - I ended up removing a stand of 2 figures and all worked out well enough.
Battle of the Ford of the Biscuits presented by David Sullivan. The Pikeman's Lament published by Osprey. 1594 - English forces in Ireland marching to relieve the Blackwater Fort are ambushed by Irish rebel forces. 28mm skirmish game using The Pikeman's Lament rules

"Who Runs Barter Beach" Presented by Neil Marker. Pulp Alley published by Phipps & Daughter. In a post-apocalyptic world, rumors of newly unearthed Old World technology draws many would-be seekers.

Attack the Redoubt Presented by Dale Mickel. All Quiet on the Martian Front published by Ironclad Games. Spoiler attack on the Martian Redoubt. A mixed force of Canadian, British and United States troops attack a small Martian base in British Columbia. The human forces attempt to spoil an upcoming Martian offensive that is pointed at the Frazier Valley.
Start of my very first game of What A Tanker!
I ran a T-34 with exceptionally good dice rolls - nearly taking out a Stug, which was actually finished off by the IS-2.
Berlin Breakout using Bolt Action 2d Ed. It is early Spring of 1945, and the forces of Nazi Germany are all but beaten. As the Red Army closes in on Berlin, German troops make a desperate break to escape the Soviets and surrender to comparatively friendly Americans. Will the Germans escape to the West, or can the Soviets cut them off? Only you can decide in Berlin Breakout.
Battle For Henderson's Gulch - 6mm Homebrew Scenario presented by Andrew J. Knestrick. Classic Battletech published by Catalyst Game Labs. Description: Hungry and stranded on the arid planet of Ostara, a rag tag band of MechWarrior's defend a farming town from an onslaught of bandits seeking to plunder it for their own survival. Outnumbered and outgunned, can the MechWarrior's hope to save the town and their lives? | We'll be using 3D terrain with a little bit of homebrew rules to help speed the game along. 
The Other Great War. Presented by Greg Moore. World War Tesla published by Fat Dragon Games. Alternate history WWI battle with fantastic war machines inspired by Nikola Tesla. All models 3d printed.
Jackson's Night Attack 54mm presented by Nick Stern using The Men Who Would Be Kings.
Thar be pirates 'ere presented by Mark JoHahnson. Blood and Plunder rules.
Lost in Lemuria Again using In Her Majesty's Name. Many are the stories of the Temples of Lemuria, the jungles the natives, the Monster Apes, the uncountable Treasure, the natives.
"Vault of Terrors" Presented by Neil Marker. Pulp Alley published by Phipps & Daughter
Here are some Sunday morning games - I left soon after and there was also an afternoon period. The con has grown from no Sunday period, to a few tables for open gaming, to a few registered games and now two periods. This is very impressive and the afternoon traffic starts to get pretty heavy on Memorial Day Sunday - and we have folks traveling back home to British Columbia, Oregon and Eastern Washington (basically Idaho ways).
Greg Moore's Tesla-inspired game again.
Siege of Castle Miser. Presented by William Clark. Medieval Tactica Siege Rules published by Arty Conliffe.Castle Miser is back sitting on its hill waiting for those with the will to sack it. The rules are quick simple and bloody. Why assault? Your vassals' annual service time runs out today, come the dawn and you owe scutage. Assault now, scutage costs money, the dead cost nothing.
Casablanca, a Pulp Adventure. Presented by Ron Palma. Pulp Alley published by Dave Phipp and Daughter. The year is 1941 in Casablanca. The Vichy French are in control of the city, with the Germans poised to take over; refugees are trying to escape to friendlier territory, gun runners are smuggling guns to freedom fighters, thieves are looking for ancient artifacts to make their fortunes while avoiding artifact protectors. Can you guide your league through adventure and peril to escape Casablanca?
Forcing the Frazier. Presented by NHMGS President Sven Lugar. All Quiet on the Martian Front. This time the combined forces of the Canadians & USA stand forth to repel a large force of Martians sweeping down the Frazier river valley in the North. A train of civilians flees down the Trans-Canadian Rail Road towards Vancouver pursued by Tripods. Can the combined force stop them?
The Martian end of Sven's long table accommodating 10 players.
For whatever reason, I find that I enjoy hosting games more than playing in them. Especially at Enfilade! Maybe, it's because I plan for it so far out and look forward in anticipation to hosting it. Of course, it's always great to see folks I only see once or twice a year and have developed what I would consider a friendship with. Thank you very much for stopping by and best regards to all!