Friday, July 29, 2011

1st Corps Imitation Legion - WIP

Just need to finish their shields, as well as flocking the bases. Painted their standard with the symbol for Tanit since I plan to use them as Veterans in a Carthaginian army. Although they shouldn't have pila, they looked to nice to leave off.
Still looking for appropriate transfers/decals for their shields. As the shields could be formerly owned by Republican Romans, maybe something along those lines may work too. I'll likely add another pack of these guys, the ones throwing their pila, to bring the unit up to 20-figures.


  1. Thanks! These guys are pretty nice; I think they are even a bit nicer than their Hypaspists. The greaves on these guys look nicer - not as bulky as the Hypaspists' greaves. Although, that might be just an illusion. Anyway, happy with these guys - another nice set from 1st Corps. Dean

  2. Great work Dean. I like the idea of equipping them with "pre-owned" Roman shields and such. I've done the same with a few of my Dacian units and it makes the unit stand-out.

    As usual your paint work is fantastic

  3. These figures are looking great Dean, I will be looking forward to see what you'll do with the Numidians!

    Cheers Sander