Thursday, July 28, 2011

Current Projects - 7/28/11

While still waiting for the OG Ashigaru Teppo and Spearmen to arrive from; another order came in today - this one from Architects of War. I just placed the order this past Sunday - outstanding service! The order included three Perry foot Samurai packs (SAM19, 20 & 22) and one mounted pack (SAM18). Here is what the mounted figures look like next to a painted OG model. They should fit in fine leading the OG Samurai; both rider and horses look about the same size. The pack is SAM 18.
Here are the three packs of foot Samurai; they are all spearmen. As with the mounted pack, each comes with a back banner, or sashimono; of which there are several variations. The spearmen packs come with spears - five regular bladed yari and one with cross-blades; I plan to replace them with brass rod.
All of the Perry Samurai are in modern-type armor; several in each pack come with unique helmet crests too.

I'm also morphing some of the Macedonian/Successor units into a Carthaginian army using the 2nd Punic War in Italy list from the WAB supplement. The Greek/Mercenary Hoplites will double as Trained Africans; Samnite light infantry and Tarentine cav as Campanians. The Gallic warband infantry and cavalry as is. Plan to add a unit of Spanish Scutarii.

These 1st Corps Imitation Legionaries came along with the 1st Corps Hypaspists that I won of off ebay a few weeks ago. They will be a unit of Veterans for the Carthaginian army. Plan to use the pila that came with them, although they probably should have regular looking throwing spears. They look too nice and I don't want to bang out more brass spears right now; I already prepared 30 for the Ashigaru.


  1. Perry's to me do the best samurai but I'm biased as I have hundreds of them painted.

  2. I agree - they look superb; the detail is amazing (yet par for the course for Perrys). Hope to get on them as soon as I finish up the Imitation Legion guys. Regards, Dean