Saturday, July 9, 2011

Old Glory Mounted Samurai

Painted these guys pretty quickly - a fews hours last night and a few today. I wanted to try to speed paint them using only basic colors and then a "dip" in Miniwax Tudor Stain. Well I had worked on their spears earlier - hammered some brass rod and then shaping the heads.
These aren't bad, but in no way as good as Perrys. However, I won these and some OG Ashigaru bowmen off a ebay for really cheap, so I'm content. In fact, I preferred OG as I didn't want to spend too much time painting them up; and I would feel guilty giving Perrys a Miniwax "dip." The sculpting of the armor allows for dry-brushing of the lacing; quite painless.
They can work for Sengoku period, but their armor looks old-fashioned; mostly o-yoroi type armor. I did drill holes in their back to accept sashimono though. I may add some later.
In fact, these could be used (without sashimono) alongside the TAG, 1st Corps and Curteys I already have which are for the earlier period. Alternatively, they could work well for the Onin War in 15th Century.
Here are shots of the samurai and horses before their "dip" in (actually brushed on) Miniwax:
You may notice bulbous knobs around the saddle area; I added some Green Stuff there to help the riders sit more securely - it worked.


  1. Fantastic looking unit Dean. I use AP for everything and find you get good results and it really speeds up getting units on the table.

  2. Thanks, Gents. Appreciate your approval and kind works.

    Cyrus: My game-plan now for building armies quickly and economically is the combination of OG and the "dip."

    Warm Regards, Dean

  3. Thanks for posting these! I have been dying to see painted OG Samurai to see if they would be worht the investment. I really like these figures and will be adding some to the collection.

  4. They look just great. I wish I could paint that fast and still get the same results you did.


  5. Great lookoing unit. And that in such short amount of time. Impressive. I need to investigate this dipping thing for my next project. Cheers, Michael