Monday, July 18, 2011

1st Corps Hypaspist - WIP +1

Just need to add their shields and flock their bases. I used an old Veni Vidi Vici waterslide decal that was left over from some 1/72nd figures I had some time ago.
Since the command pack came with two leaders, I'll be able to use one in each unit of Hypaspists of 10 figures. I like using them as potent skirmishers.


  1. Great colours, quite vivid and really well done.

  2. Thanks, Gents.

    Angry - I always refer to the Osprey AtG illustrations for linothorax colors when painting Macedonian/Successors. Warm Regards, Dean

  3. Really nice work Dean, I hadn't realised that those particular figures were so well executed. That shade of purple you use is really very good.