Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dixon's Samurai Light Field Gun - WIP +1

Finished the crew; the sculpting where the lacing goes is raised so dry-brushing really sped things up.
The backs of these guys have holes for attaching sashimono; which I may add once I order some from Perry. Although I wonder if a gun crew would wear these with the type of duty they had to perform.
Here are a couple more photos from different angles. Not sure how many folks have seen Dixon Samurai in person, so maybe this will help assess how they look. I think their cartoonishly wide faces are the main drawback for them fitting in with other lines.
The Old Glory Mounted Samurai I won off of ebay arrived today too. Although the horses look really good, I think I'm going to go with the Dixon horse for Nagamasa. His wide faces makes the OG horses head look odd; the Dixon horse also has a fairly wide face!


  1. nice job,

    samurai are the hardest to paint IMO and take a lot of time to get correct, but when you are finished give a lot of satisfaction for a job well done!


  2. Great work yet again Dean on the artillery crew. Back banners would not look out of place IMHO.



  3. Very nicely painted and no easy task.


  4. Your skill is top notch they look so good i want to buy some