Saturday, July 23, 2011

OG Ashigaru Bowmen Based

Decided to mount these guys in fours on 40X40mm bases; with several singles for casualty removal.
Although arquebusiers can be in combined units with either spear or bow,
at least for now they'll be in three separate units of bow, spear, and arquebusiers. If the arquebusiers are in two formed ranks, they can fire every turn without movement - with the second rank suffering a -1 to Hit for changing ranks.

Unfortunately the Divine Wind supplement will likely never appear. However, there is nice Samurai army list, as well as an Imjin War "supplement" posted on the WAB Forum. It is very nicely done, IMO.


  1. Thanks for the comments, Gents. I can't wait to get the OG Ashigaru spearmen & teppo; as well as some Perry Samurai. Regards, Dean

  2. quite colorful, yet sober... Very good looking unit.

  3. They look a lean mean fighting machine Dean.

  4. Nice looking unit and all in a very quick time!


  5. Looking even better based my friend.